BOAT LIFE: Living a Life Away from it All. Ep. 217

Join us for some exploration of some interesting caves and beautiful beaches. Riley attempts to find dinner with his spear gun and we go on a mission to find some diesel.

Thank you for all the kind messages of support from our last video. It was so nice to see that so many people could relate to how I was feeling – so nice to know.

Song Credits:
00:07 Ignored – Ead Wood
04:40 Cute Hand Touch In the Nutbowl – Zen Panda
09:12 Scars – Krijin Vos
13:01 Sailin’ – Jordan Merrick
17:23 The Good Life – Samuel Scott McCumber

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  1. Hello from New Zealand Christchurch,I been watching you from about the start ,,I though I like to do that but I do not have a boat and I get sea sick,,
    But I do have a Hot Rod T Bucket ,,I could do the same but In my T Bucket,,travel round canterbury to old pubs and places that I like ,,found a name ” Mac just a T ” got hp laptop 3 cameras and Dji gimbul,,
    I have been called Mac since 1973 ex Army
    I set up utube account with small video to start ,I will put links to you ,
    So thanks Rilely

  2. Smart move going North Riley through the Inter-coastal I suspect?. By now you have dodged Dorian but you still have about a month to watch out for storms. Elayna, I think it’s good to share your concerns to us watching. As a new mother you will always have some fears for the safety of Lenny, it’s just expected and goes with the job of raising a little one. As a dad I remember different times having the same feelings raising our daughter Marin. She now lives on her boat and is close to your age Elayna.

    There are always risks but you two are good partners and you communicate well with each other, that is a key to staying safe.

    Also, consider adding Paypal to your donation options. Many people like myself keep some funds available that are not part of our general household account. It’s easier for me to make a donation that way and not dip into money that goes for everyday use.

  3. Hi,
    I just got up to where Lenny is crawling and had to stop to write you now.
    I’m just concerned seriously that you guys may not have thought through or realised just how fast things can happen; for safety sake I think you should either attach a netting to your safety rail to stop Lenny crawling off your catamaran or have him in a harness with a lead attached that can to clipped or attached to different locations to prevent him from accidentally crawling off the side. You would still have to keep an eye on him.
    I know you guys are watchful and good parents, but I know from my own past events how quickly things do happen and in a split of a second. That’s all it takes, a split of a second that you are distracted from watching him.
    I hope that is never ever ever the case but if it did happen, and it does happen, it would be just so devastating and would haunt you for the rest of your days.
    Take good care and enjoy.

  4. Hey guys. You always inspire me to get on the water but I think you inspire me most to think about taking a few more chances in life. We only get one try. Dr Steve

  5. Hey Riley! Hey Elayna!

    Your vids are getting spectacular these days!

    What gear are you using right now?

    What drone, what replacement camera, do you use a gimbal?

    What software do you use to edit video — I need to know!

    Brad from Sydney!

  6. Hi from western Canada!
    Love watching you guys and your adventures! I think you’d love Young Living’s plant based cleaner for your boat- can be used for all things, super concentrated makes it possible to only need 1 cleaner for everything including glass! Also they have all toxic free baby products, and really great essential oils!! Ships anywhere!!
    Frankincense on the roof of your mouth for anxiety! Or Northern Lights Black Spruce in the diffuser! ?Copaiba for teething! ?? Young
    Would fit your lifestyle perfectly!!?My member # is 14543911

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