BOAT LIFE: Living from the Ocean [#305]

Join us back on Green Island. Catching fish by day and umming and ahhing about future life decisions by night. Lenny has gone on strike by refusing to take his shoes off. Or maybe he just really loves his shoes? What do you think? I’m not quite sure – haha!

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  1. Hey you sea lovers?⛵️, how’s Lenny when it comes to shoe protest and did he start around Fridays for Future like Greta Thunberg..!! Aaaah he is so in-tune with world affairs and going green!! Maybe there’s an idea for children’s books, that educate kids to think about sustainable ideas and reuse, recycle..?!! Love your videos and what you did for Greta.. You are so close to local fishing and communities that depend on fishing, the industrial might of China is what will destroy local fishing it’s that over consumption which will empty and kill ocean ecosystems… all this from ‘favourite shoes’.!! Stay safe, ?????⛵️?

  2. Hi all ! As a friendly reminder, please check rules and regulations regarding fishing and spearfishing in Antigua and Barbuda prior to post. As influencers, you can promote good practices to preserve marine life ….
    all the best

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