BOAT LIFE: Our First Overnight Sail, with a Baby!

Today we set off for our first overnight sail with a baby… wish us luck.
Love Elayna, Riley & Lenny

Song Credits:
00:00 Lagoon by J.A.K. (Into the Blue)
00:57 We’re All Waiting Lowland hum
04:28 Ridges – Sense
08:58 Travellin’ – Jordan Merrick
14:27 Black Balloon – James Forest and the East Road

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  1. Wow. The hard core adventures are showing signs of vulnerability ! Higher level of safety and awareness as parenthood takes over your instinctual drives to protect your young. However your going to give your child one of the most educational , spiritual , healthiest and emotionally mature level headed confidence person could ask for! Mean while u guys will get more cautious and start thinking about getting back on the grid for Lenny’s sake ( not Jap. Wine) (not sure what that word means anymore)

  2. My wife and I love your videos and if you are ever in Auckland please look us up as we have plenty of accommodation etc.

  3. Hello don’t know the time difference , but I guess you three are in the Bahamas. Still paying for my amtrak card trip to New Orleans. Talk about epic, If you don’t make the payments they hit you with 25% dont even know if that’s legal but it was so worth it. We actually marched with the skull and bones in treme. a two hundred year old Group also filmed the indians in full garb Lisa was crying! (She was so blown away! )They yell a lot We just drove though town and happened on it allI recommend for your viewing pleasures the H.B.O. series “Treme”.Thanks for the land lubber lessons! Peace and love always Stevie

  4. Congratulations Riley and Elayna, all the videos with Lenny are very good. You need to be very careful about new adventures with a baby on board. Beware of the conditions of the sea and the winds in this region subject to hurricanes. As soon as they can navigate to some more secure location. Lenny’s a bit too smart for his age. May God protect you from all the dangers of the sea. Love from Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  5. I think there’s not too much Lenny because he’s part of the crew now and it’s interesting to see how a family does on such an adventure. Having said that, I think you two have lost the “adventure” part of the adventure. There’s too much of just making meals, eating meals, dropping the anchor and putting up the sails and almost none of the showing your hiking along a trail to see some place. In other words, people are living their lives through your eyes and if all your eyes see is the same old drudgery day after day, it’s not much of an adventure. There are other similar couples such as “Sailing to Freedom” that are much like your videos used to be and that show more of the places they go to rather than just the same old tasks day after day.

  6. Your adventure has shifted a bit to ” how to care for a baby ( cutest ever!) and a 40 ft (?) catamaran” – I would say this is a more of an adventure BC Lennie ( I think he looks more like Elayna, don’t you think?)

    Remember the old maritime adage “Keep one hand for the boat, one hand for Lennie and one hand for yourself” ( According to my calculator, this you have 4 hands available)

    Happy Easter!

  7. You are brave and good parents. In response to Chan above, I do not believe “adventure” has been lost! We took our toddler boating for just a day at a local lake and sold the boat shortly thereafter! Love seeing Len-Godspeed to you all!

  8. Those 3 vids were fantastic, thank you so much for letting me into your family life. I wish I was young enough to do the same. please take care.

    Lots of love and best wishes


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