Our Top 5 Scariest Moments Sailing Around the World

Over the last 4 years we’ve been sailing around the world, we’ve managed to pull together our top 5 scariest moments at sea. Pirates, man overboard, spinal injuries and gale force winds.

Join us for a few scary stories onboard… Cheers, Elayna and Riles. ?

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  1. Battling massive swells off the coast of Colombia must be within the 5-10 ‘scariest moments’ listing!? 😉

  2. It is a pleasure to see an adventure as it is. Not overly dramatic, not a constant paradise but a well filmed, narrated and edited adventure. The disco ball demonstration has to be a highlight this week? oh and watching you guys change as the adventure continues!

  3. Love u guys……

    I was a single handed sailer for years, very stupid when I think back on it….buy also very magic..

    Moral of the neck story, “no crossings without an extra capable man on board”…. life on a moving object can cause injury….you never want to be stuck out at sea with Riley out of operation.

    PS there is nowhere to press any like button so I am commenting instead……stay safe


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