BOAT LIFE: Pulled over by the water police. Ep. 195

Riley was pulled over by the state water police. Lol. Was it because of the suspicious mostache? Or the “I’m clearly a foreigner” straw hat?

Song Credits:
00:00 The Magic Mountain – Owen Duff
02:47 Koresma – Liquid Lady
05:19 I’ll Be Home – Bruno Laucirica
06:20 Sky Jammer – Waiting on the Wind –
07:59 Imagine how we’re vibin – Adam Yoo
09:24 The Snake Charmer – The Fabric
09:58 Sailing La Vagabonde – Mikael Abramowitch

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  1. Where is the boat show and when? Ordered some t- shirts and stickers for the first time. I’m still waiting on there arrival but I can not wait to promote the La Vagabonde here in Nashville, TN.

  2. A. What is the date of the Annapolis boat show you are attending? I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

    1. Around here parents will get a ticket if the kids aren’t wearing a life jacket even if the boat is not moving.

      I’d encourage you to start giving Lenny swimming lessons. I did this with my babies in the first year. (six months is probably ideal) They instinctively hold their breath and in general float, but you can teach them to make swimming motions and to grab onto something so they can hold their head above the water. It could be a life saver.

      Having written that, I’m reflecting that my experience was in fresh water. I’m not sure how the child would react to salt water. I’m sure some of the other viewers will know and can comment.

  3. Glenn and Isaiah ( my first mate and grandson) Welcome to our world. We live in Florida. I really wish you guys would come up to Cape Canaveral someday! All 3 of you!! Seems like it doesn’t matter what your country requires, always what the host nation requires

    1. Dear Riley and Elayna
      My wife Renee and I have been following you for at least 3 maybe 4 years now. Baby Lenny is the bomb. Not only is he a blessing to you both but as viewers he brings a whole new wonderful dynamic to your channel and adventure. We live in Beaufort SC. Bummer we missed you when you were briefly here at our marina. You mentioned heading north for hurricane season. It would be our pleasure to help out in any way if you are in This area. Charleston-Beaufort – Hilton Head- Tybee island. Etc. If nothing else gladly treat you to dinner somewhere . please let us know. Again would be our pleasure. Blessings for now and safe travels

  4. Please say when you will be at the Annapolis boat show. Are you talking about the one next Fall? (5 or 6 months). I’d love to see you. Here is your “A”.

  5. A

    I live just 30 minutes east of Annapolis in Centreville MD ……….. and would like to meet up. You are welcome to spend time staying in my home while you are here if you want off the boat.

  6. Are you guys talking about the Annapolis spring sale boat show? The one that ended last weekend? Oops!

    FLL May be known as the Venice of Florida but then what about Venice Florida?! That’s where I’m docked 7 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. None of that crazy east coast for me.

  7. Can’t believe that little Lenny is entering teething period ?
    Wish I could join you at boat show…….we’re in Europe.,…please come to Mediterranean again!!!
    Lol ???⛵??

  8. A. Would love to join you at the boat show! Lenny is doing great on the boat and growing everyday.
    Katie Rountree

  9. What a great video – Lennie is a pure joy to watch – handsome lad – takes after his beautiful mother! 🙂

  10. NY and NJ, all children under the age of 12 years old must wear life jacket while under way. Won’t be surprised if that’s not a nation wide law. Big fine if caught without infant jacket, it must fit. Running at night without nav lights in the canals of Fort Lauderdale with a baby on board is shear insanity. Just saying!

  11. A – ? Looking forward to seeing you in Annapolis. Really enjoying your channel.
    Annapolis boat show is Oct 10-14. I will pass this along to our Marina.

  12. Hi
    you wouldn’t believe it where people watch you everywhere. I’m from the Czech Republic. near Brno. I can’t speak English, but I started to learn.
    I wish you much health and strength for a long time

  13. A. Our boat is moored 20 miles south of Annapolis. We will definitely want to meet up with you in Annapolis. We sailed past Lavagabond early April while chartering in the Abacos. We anchored overnight near Tahiti Beach on Elbow Cay. LaVaga looked quiet.


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