BOAT LIFE: Rainy Day at Sea. Tacking upwind to RHODE ISLAND! Ep. 232

Join us for a rainy day sailing to Rhode Island, tacking upwind in some less than ideal conditions. Somehow, it was the funnest day we’ve had out on the ocean in a while. We also show you some of Newport’s hidden gems. 

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Song Credits:
00:00 Eastlove – Sunday Afternoon (Instrumental)
01:45 Aviator Stash – Tyler the Beat
05:11 Blue Skies – Bedrooms
08:52 So Far – Matthew Pinder
10:41 Aeseaes – Two Knocks
12:57 Zach Winters – Buffalo
15:21 So Far – Matthew Pinder

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  1. Hello Riley and Elayna… and Lenny! If you were asked, where in your travels, would you like to go back to and spend a few months… where would that be? Love you guys!

  2. Lenny is so photogenic, very handsome little boy! He’s very entertaining to watch! I guess grass is a bit of a novelty for him. Thanks for sharing your life and this journey to Rhode Island. I always look forward to seeing what it’s like onshore in the places you visit. I was interested to see by how much your catamaran pitched on the wind as I am thinking of buying a cat and have previously owned monohulls. It seems they don’t get in the groove and keep their rails down as much as a monohull, or do you think there isn’t a lot of difference? Newport is a pretty place with a lot of yachting and america’s cup history. Regards Murray and Jean, Australia.

  3. Leny is beter everitime, but take care yhe seasis always dangerous eben in good wheter, Lovefrom Paulo Rio d Janeiro.

  4. This is the solution to seawater egress into your saildrive oil:

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  5. Hi Guys,
    I was curious what date you were in Fairhaven, Massachusetts ?
    Love your budding family.
    Ross Paasche
    New Bedford

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