BOAT LIFE: Scared, Stressed, Anxious.. Ep.216

Elayna opens up to you about something she’s been dealing with during her time living on the ocean.

Song Credits:
00:00 Dancing In The Sand – Demi Mitchell
02:24 Forget – Matias Malagardis
03:30 Cold Hearted – Ead Wood
06:17 THE WAIKIKIS – Blue Hawaii
09:44 Riley Pearce – Brave
14:06 Jason Lyle
16:56 Witness The Eucalyptus – Drop Legs

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  1. Been watching your channel for awhile, as a matter of fact it is usually what we watch before we go to sleep, especially on Mondays. The love and reality shared by you two from the beginning has been what attracted me at first to your channel and my wife is now hooked as well. We feel as if we know you, but obviously we know very little in reality. Lenny has been a wonderful and beautiful addition to your lives and having our own grandchildren makes us even more aware of the feelings that your own families as well as you Elayna must have on many occasions.

    There was an episode a few months ago where you stayed in a house for a little while with Lenny, and we still watched your channel. Yes you bring us along to many unbelievable places that in most likelihood we will never visit, and believe me when I say that just as many of your 1MM plus subscribers we are very grateful for you sharing your lives with all of us.

    Please do understand that even if you only sailed part of the year while also being “land lubbers” we would still watch your channel.

    The life you are leading is absolutely beautiful but I would imagine that as now Lenny is in your lives and a little bit in ours, that pure solitude is great, but being around others, most especially those that love you and cherish your company will also heal the soul.

    Good luck to you all and continued blessings and safe passages.

  2. Beautiful Elayna. You are not alone, things do build up overtime don’t they. Childbirth is another layer too – no one talks about that though. Both of our births were total opposites and both have left me feeling vulnerable, abused and at times pretty bloody broken…and our youngest in now 5.

    It’s not too late to talk with someone about whats going on hun. Sometimes we can only feel and heal ourselves so much before we need someone to help us with the next layer.

    We love what you do, but please follow your heart and if you need a break on land and offline for a while or forever, then we would fully support that.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  3. Oh love! I feel your pain. I also lost the braves after 6 years of living on a boat. It was when baby number 2 came along that I gave up. But omg I miss being out on the water. Hang in there lovely. Land sounds appealing and easy but it is ordinary.

  4. Elaina, your pregnancy and motherhood have influenced your feelings. It is natural. Your nesting nature is surfacing and I commend you for how you have dealt with those emotions. You and Riley are a joy to watch and I love your personalities. I can only imagine the stress and joy of having Lenny with you on board. I am a grandfather of 15 and father of 8. I understand

    I really appreciate you two and throughly enjoy sharing your lives through you tube. We are setting sail in two months for the sailing life. I am almost 70 yrs old and my wife is 61. We love to travel and have put over 100K miles on motorcycles and have traveled to many places. Now we want to see the world from the water

    Love you guys and your family. You are an inspiritation to us. Thank you

    We look forward to meeting you on the water or in port on the East coast or islands..

    May God continue to bless your family as you enjoy all that this world has to offer.

  5. Sweet Elayna, you ARE a courageous woman & Mother! There is no need to be afraid to show your vulnerabilities, it’s completely understandable given the circumstances. A young Mother has a tremendous amount of workload on her plate in any normal situation but yours is magnified with living / managing life on a boat. Meditate & pray…as with life, there are good days & bad, but you are not alone & have a fabulous partner by your side. Hugs & cherish the good days!

  6. I’ve had this method of teaching applied on me by my loving partner (your drone, my farm tools and loud machines). The trouble is, to the teacher, it feels like success – the drone didn’t flip into the water nor cut your hands. But for me, it feels like dominance, condescension, ridicule and disrespect. Sure it would be good to know how to do these things, but there are other ways of teaching. Someone else is deciding with superiority when and how you will be taught. It is not loving kindness, nor guidance in understanding the finer rationale for method. Bullying? Education style of the 19th century? It risks future submission and reticence. I know that it can be annoying living with someone who seems good at everything – fixing things, captaining a boat, navigation, holding his shit together – and it is great to profits from this knowledge. But feeling second rate to someone’s better encourages a comparative, competitive partnership. He may be good at this, but I make up for it by being good at that, and I’ll make sure he knows it. Not good.

  7. Hey Elayna, I am a mum on a wee island called Lewis in Scotland (my son Murray is 8 now) and I just wanted to say if you ever want to chat online hit me up! I remember those feelings of occasionally being overwhelmed and isolated.

    What you are doing is incredible; I was introduced to your channel by my boyfriend a while back and have loved to follow your adventures!
    Honestly I must say this, whether you choose to be on land, or remain a mermaid, you will get pangs of that mom guilt no matter what! So try to go easy on yourself. Riley is such a great support and you are a beautiful team ❤️ Little Lenny has wonderful folks!

    Thanks for showing us all the elements of your lives that you do. You can do this! ?. Us viewers are cheering you on guys! xx

  8. Hi Elayna,
    I know what you mean! I have a 6 month old boy, first time mum, just live by the sea, not on it. I started watching your videos from the beginning of your journey, each night, collapsed on the couch after putting the baby to bed before night shift started. It was a great escape until things got too close to home and you had a baby too damn it. Haha. Now it’s a great relief to see you get screamed at by your boy as much as I do, giving me a sense of mummy camaraderie, to survive tomorrow. I only wish I could return the feeling that you’re not alone! That being a mum has flipped my world on its head, and has turned me into more of an anxious peanut too. Thanks for sharing. Go easy on yourself and fly your mum over!

  9. Dear Elayna,

    My Children and I have been watching your videos for several months now. They are inspiring to say the least and the love within the three of you is pretty awesome to watch.

    I can tell you that what you are feeling at the moment is natural. When you become a parent you think different and I think you become more sensitive. And also life isn’t easier on land – things can go wrong there too. I know, I lost pretty much everything but at least I still have my kids and my dog.

    What you have is the ability to spend 100% of the time with your loved ones doing something you love. That is one of the most precious things ever.

    Be strong. Your videos rock!! And BTW love Geraldton – used to be a sponsored windsurfer 20 years ago and Coronation Beach was my favourite place! (yet I’m actually a POM living in Oz!)

  10. Elayna, you are a strong, brave, courageous woman and Mumma!
    What you are doing is amazing.
    Life, being a Mumma and all the things have ups downs and overwhelm from time to time. Feeling makes us human! Letting it out helps too!
    Be gracious with yourself! You are doing fantastically!

  11. Great heartfelt video. The grass is not always greener … also living on land has many inherit dangers. I think you guys are awesome!

  12. Hey Elayna .. when these “moments” happen, its always a process of ‘build-up and changes’ (David Bowey). Lennys arrival has quad-trippled your sense of mortality resulting in far greater awareness… so
    of preservation and the nebulous of ‘what ifs?’. We (out here in cyberspace) watching these three little beings get on with life, as they know it, know – the beer and skittles are equally weighted! Important to ‘ ‘let it out sweatheart’ (hence your last suggestion – phone call to a friend). Your post was heartfelt and timely. There will be many more changes – its life and you two are facing it evey day. SALAMIUTE’

  13. For so many of us who watch you guys it was bitter sweet hearing your struggles but appreciating getting to see you both a little deeper flaws and all. Remember to take care ofbyour selves. Just because youbare on a boat in paradise doesn’t mean life is a vacation. Take some time off-we will still be hear when you return. Thank you for shareing your lives with us all. You make our world a little smaller!

  14. Hi I sail and would like to get a drone I could photograph my boat with
    I was wondering what make and model you have
    Thanks Floyd

  15. Hi Elena, Thanks for the awesome movies! You look, act, and even laugh like our daughter who passed away a couple of years ago, so we have a special affinity for you and your videos :-). Your last video really hit a chord with me, since I remember what it’s like to be a new mother (30 years ago) and be scared to death of even small things. Just know, you are not alone. It’s a transition that some people call a depression, but in reality it’s just getting your head around all the new found responsibility. You would be having these anxieties and emotions regardless of your lifestyle. It’s just part of being a new mother. Hang in there, you’re doing a great job, and you will get used to your new lifestyle.
    Safe travels!

  16. You guys are absolutely beautiful people. You have a magical way of connecting with us from afar. I feel as if you are friends even though I have never met you in person and you don’t know me. You are only human, and I love that you felt brave enough to be vulnerable and share your struggles with us. Everyone has them, but social media can make it look like everyone has it better than you. So thank you for sharing, being real, and not having all the answers. You ARE brave! Brave is not the same as being tough or stoic or a rock (even if Riley is like a rock 🙂 Brave is allowing yourself to be vulnerable. And pushing yourself, when it is easier to not.
    I know you meditate and do yoga – all good for you and helps you more than you may know. Anxiety is a slippery slope. And can be so irrational at times. Then spirals as we tell ourselves this is so stupid to be anxious over something so small, making us more anxious. That is normal. And given what is going on in the world, I feel it has amped up in my life too and I have it pretty good! If you have never tried EFT, or “tapping”, I highly recommend it. It uses the energy meridians to help you psyche and change your thinking/wiring. It is something you can do in front of others, or go behind a closed door for some privacy. Check out this website to learn about it and what amazing help this can offer.
    I love our sailboat and love being on it. But I have never spent more than 2 weeks at a time on it, but can imagine it would feel very confining to me at times. I like getting away, and walking in nature. All by myself, when ever I need to. It is hard living on a boat with others as you do. I can imagine that your soul probably desires some more alone time that is hard to get in your situation (being a new mom especially). But I have confidence that you will, in time, find the balance that works for you. If it is part-time boat life rather than full, or whatever. Even those of us in a solid house that wont drag anchor, can question our life and how we are living. So give yourself some loving tenderness, know that you are indeed brave, and try tapping (and journal if you don’t already – great release of stubborn reoccurring anxious thoughts :-).
    I love you guys! You are all three absolutely beautiful beings and a blessing to this world!

  17. The moment you give birth to a child you also realize what it truly means to fear. All the dangers that used to be in your peripheral vision as just part of life now are front and center threats to your child. That is life for a good parent and it does not matter if you are on the water or on the land. If you think a house on land would be any safer in reality it is not in any real sense. Once you have a child the thousands things that can go wrong that you can do absolutely nothing about run through your head and can cripple you and steal your joy not only from your life but from how you feel about your child, mate and yourself. People telling you its normal and or irrational matters not, it is there and it saps your strength. Took me years to figure out how to deal with it, lost a lot of precious moments and in the end the answer found me and I am grateful for it.
    You do have a wonderful family and I enjoy watching you all, be gentle with yourselves.

  18. Despite all the joy and beauty, keeping constant vigilance on the high seas with a fussy baby on too little sleep must be so exhausting.. I’m glad you were able to open up and hope the anxiety resolves soon. Hang in there.

  19. Just watched the last episode where you shared how stressful and unsafe your world is. Wanted to share something with you and let you know that a normal land life is not without its day to day dangers as well. This past Friday my wife was shopping at 2:30 in the afternoon in a very busy parking lot in suburbia American where someone pulled a gun on her and asked for money. Happily, it ended without loss of anything and most importantly no harm to her. The last few days have been interesting for the both of us thinking about the what if scenario of the event. We have been hugging and holding hands a lot more since then. We have been married for almost 28 years and she is definitely my soul mate and best friend. I am sure comparisons to sea life to the land life vary greatly, but just to let you know things on either side of the fence are not always as they seem. Yes, we live a pretty normal and safe life but life itself has no guarantee and you should live life to its fullest (this is a work in progress for me). Just wanted to share and glad you shared about the real side of what your lives are like on the water.

  20. Above all, try not to feel you owe any of us an explanation nor do you need to feel like you have to keep turning out video after video to please your fan base. Life is hard enough to have to think about whether we are all happy with your content. Do what you need to for yourself and Lenny and Riley. Stay centered. Peace and love.

  21. Well done Alayna thank you for sharing what you have just shared happens to a lot of people but they are to worried what other people will think of them and it’s all to do with pride. “Bless you” and share again if you need too.

    Lots of Love and best wishes to you and your family


  22. Hi Elayna and Riley, thanks for sharing the downs as well as the ups, because that is life. Whether you are living on a boat, in a house, in a van or wherever there will always be dramas to deal with. As you say Elayna, you could give up your lifestyle but you do love it and it’s your home. You and Riley will know if the time is ever right for you to make a change, in the meantime work through the challenges and savour the great times. Being a new Mum is challenging, especially when you don’t have Grandmas, Aunts and girlfriends on hand to lean on, what you are feeling Elayna is very normal, it will get easier. You guys bring so much joy to people who watch your videos, thank you. Coincidentally, we are touring in our van and are spending the night in Cowell SA, we seem to remember Riley saying he is from here. We can see why Riley is so down to earth, Cowell is a gorgeous little town in a beautiful part of Oz.


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