BOAT LIFE: Spearfishing with a BABY ?? Grouper // FISH HEAD SOUP

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Join us for an escape on the glassy water! With pristine conditions, not a breath of wind, Riley is keen to make the most of it. We show you what it’s like trying to go spearfishing as a family – it proves to be not as simple as it once was. Nevertheless, it was a really enjoyable day on the water followed by a delicious fish head soup.

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Comments 6

  1. I love watching you two as parents. You’re still fun and carefree but so responsible. You’re finding out that nothing is ever going to be as easy as it was before Lenny. However, Lenny makes it and will always make it worth while. He is just so adorable.

  2. I love what you do and how you do it, love Lenny. Take care be safe. It’s fun exploring with you
    Brian Mercer London Canada

  3. One of the best videos in some time !! Love the family team work in catching and cooking dinner and sharing the time with Lenny. And the reflection time at the end of the day reminds us all of just what a remarkable journey you two are experiencing and the rest of us through you both !!

  4. HI so good to see you limin’ as they say in the Virgin Islands (Kickin back). I did hear you guys mention montauk hope you had a good adventure on the way up. Do check out the Montauk brewery, if you get a chance I love the watermelon and pumpkin beer. I recommend a tasting. We will be camping in hither hills state park there monday and tuesday. (september 9th and tenth.) Last hoorah before the big property tax deadline . I also recommend Gardiner Bay light house . God bless , Stevie

  5. Riley, Love the idea of using the whole fish and not wasting anything. Just wondering, do you clean any part of the fish head before putting it in the soup pot to boil? I would think you gut the fish before cooking it do you de-brain it? (if there is such a thing) Or do you just put the whole thing in? The soup looks wonderful. I make a lot of clam chowder up here in New England and make it with a clear broth instead of milk or tomato base. I think it’s so much better so I anxious to try your fish soup! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a lovely video! Love Elayna’s new make-up! Tying to figure out who Lennie looks like – maybe Elayna?

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