BOAT LIFE: The End of a Chapter.. Ep. 243

Join us on board La Vagabonde for our final leg of our sail down to Lagos, Portugal with our patron Andre, to meet the crew at the Sopromar Boat Yard who have kindly offered to help us out. We’re about to pack up and head to Australia for a few months!

Music Credit:
00:00 AUST – Croix d’Or –
02:59 Jack and the Weatherman – Closer –
06:11 Michael Dunstan – Smiling at Strangers –
07:45 BeeLiner – Phil and the Osophers –
09:28 HEEBLAY – Up All Night –
12:27 Ben Catley – Wildfire –
13:08 Fermin Spanish Guitar – Synco –

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  1. Elayna, Riley & Lenny,
    I’ve had the good fortune to be able to follow your adventures almost since the beginning, and I will miss your sunny perspective and warmth. I am really sorry you have to pack up for a while. Thanks for all the wonderful moments. Godspeed and keep safe.

  2. I am speechless. The world has changed dramatically and I sit here only holding on to the few precious items and people in my life. So very happy to have so many wonderful memories watching your channel and getting to met you two in Coconut Grove. Thank you Elayna and Riley. Please be safe and happy.

  3. Thank you for a great year again! What an adventure! It is time to gather, best done with family & friends. Add more songs from Alayna, Lenny will be getting more mobile & Riles will always be there for you & all of us! Oh, since we have been in these past weeks, we have watched a number of Australian TV shows & thanks to you, I can understand the accents very well even without my hearing aids! another plus from U! Luv’ya!

  4. Charlie Russell an western artist who painted in Montana, USA, his signature on all his painting always had a buffalo head below his signature. Google Charlie Russell in Montana, the state where I was raised. I mention this because of your buffalo skull.

  5. Will certainly miss you guys. Have a safe vacation. When you get back Lennie will be running around. Here at Pawleys Island, SC we are getting ready to do a little boating once the landings open up.

  6. Trades blew hard last night
    Ive been on this pacific island for a few months now far from home
    A strong gust
    the curtains fly to the ceiling
    the morning birds are speechless

    No reason to rise. No anchor to check.
    The anchor is different now. Subjective. Self imposed. We keep ourselves on a conceptual hook. For the health of humanity we remain in our respective safe harbors.
    I look out in the dawn light at the mango tree and wonder when I will see the sails again pulling steadily toward home

    Thank you Riley and Elayna for helping us all stay on course

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