BOAT LIFE: The Exhaustion sets in.. 5 Days at Sea. Ep. 223

The exhaustion has set in. I’ve started to lose track of the number of days we’ve been out at sea for now. All the days start to blur into one. That’s always a good feeling, I love it when that happens. But man.. having a little baby onboard to look after 24/7 whilst also cooking, cleaning and sailing to give Riley a bit of a break, is SERIOUSLY full on hahahaha.

Song Credits:
00:00 Kip Wild – Talk too Much – N/A
02:44 Hollow Coves – The Woods
05:05 Won’t Stop Me Now – PsySo
06:38 Home Made Apple Pie – Jamie Bathgate
08:03 Earthworm – Friends of the Bog
12:33 Ead Wood – Ignored

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  1. Look for a police issued flashlight…..can’t find one of those, the people who work at night on the freeways/highways, usually are Cal-Trans workers, some have flashlights that are weather proof/water proof and have batteries that last up to 7 years.

  2. With a viewership of this size, issues can have a critical impact.
    You are already living “as if a thousand eyes were watching you”, thus your conduct is transparant, and subject to scrutiny, however mindful you may be. Allowing your conscience to be your witness is your peace of mind.: :)) cheers

  3. Hey wat up crazy dudes. So Riley about flashlights , well me being an appliance technician, I find the same problem with flash lights. So my solution has been either to find dollar store batteries or rechargable batteries or mechanic’s rechargable magnetic square flashlights (plug-in snap-on brand much brighter and longer lasting). Elayna to keep from going bonkers I always grab the six string whenever I can get a second. That kid already has a classic sense of humor. My guess is he’s worth every breakdown.

  4. I’ve never commented to you before – I have so much to say! – I cherish my once a week time with you both and have been watching since day one. I just love you both and always wish you the very best! I laugh and cry right along with all of your shared experiences. Elayna dont listen to the naysayers, you are one fantastic mother, you both are doing what I think is quite difficult, new parents on a boat, and you are both excellent at parenting! You are going through the ups and downs and managing like a champ! Not only do you both inspire myself and my husband (we are looking to buy a cat upon retirement), but I was completely blown away with you taking Greta overseas. Wow! My heart goes out to her and of course to you both, and super cute Lenny, as always. Please dont ever stop doing what you’re doing! Good luck on your crossing!

  5. Just discovered you because of Greta! A fortuitous meeting and hopefully a synergistic and mutually beneficial partnership.
    You remind me just how exhausting and challenging, yet joyful life with a baby can be. It is a 24/7 job, and sleep deprivation can be a real issue. But now you have a teenager on board who can help babysit.
    Do you have plans for when Lenny gets more mobile? There are probably other families who have lived through life on a boat with a toddler and could offer advice. I am pulling for you! Wishing you calm seas and prosperous voyage!
    Julie from Washington state

  6. Such an AWESOME gesture to offer to take Greta across the Atlantic. You guys are AMAZING!
    Fair winds and following seas La Vagabonde !!!

  7. I found you guys months ago whilst searching for inspiration about boat life – you both definitely give me that. I’d taken a break from catching up on your travels and then I read that my eco-hero Greta is travelling with you. How fortuitous and totally wonderful that you’ve changed your plans to take this epic human being across an entire ocean. I’m so looking forward to the stories from your trip. I’m sure you can all give each other so much Safe travels.

  8. Guysss .. superamazing !!!

    I want a similar life too .. can you give me a ride all the way back to Aus ??!
    Pleeaase 😀


  9. God speed and safe travels. The sailing community knows what challenges ahead.
    Wishing you all the best

  10. I hope you are all safe in North Atlantic and conditions today. We have also done this transit in early November and it can be extreme. Bermuda stop is awesome!!! Keeping thoughts positive for you all. Fair winds.



    Juan Manuel

  12. Thank you for bringing Greta to Spain! Your videos are an inspiration. I hope to get the chance myself to cross the Atlantic one day!

  13. Hi guys – I remember having the ‘baby’ talk with you when we met up with you with Cam & Annie in Grenada, Pt Louis, about 4 yrs back. Pleased to see that worked out ? praying for you all to arrive safely – looks nasty out there. Be careful – the summit will wait for Greta. ?
    Be safe xx
    Venessa & Gary SV Neptune2

  14. Thank you for contributing in a positive way to Greta’s safety and the Common Sense way you demonstrate having adventures with the care of our planet in mind. When she was here in Vancouver BC, you all were so busy and had to be careful. We at BCA, were going to see about linking her up with any of our Blue Water Sailboats – out sailing around the globe. They are all quite well educated about living in , and maintaining a tiny home , called a Sailboat.
    Vagabond & Greta, if you see the blue-sunset burgee, you will find a welcome out there.

  15. Greetings from Sweden and thank you for facilitating Gretas mission for the climate! We follow your journey with great interest and are wishing you a safe sailing. We are very grateful!

  16. You have written, you were – ” without sailing experience”. When I charter a yacht , the yacht broker and the insurance require me to have an official Skipper’s Licence. How you dare (exp. from G.T) to sail ?

  17. Hate to be a non consumer. Such a bad example! At sea I have found that no matter what the cost of the flashlight (riley =torch) the damp salty air gets in! So use vaseline on a dollar or 100 dollar light. Smear contacts and first set batteries, smear bulb base and contacts, when new batts needed do it again… Sorry was i supposed to buy something!!? If contacts look corroded sand gently with fine paper, smear V, and use a small tightly folded tinfoil (sorry aloominum foil) square twixt batt and base. Hmmpf!!

  18. And, Im watching your progress daily, thoughts are with you (as I recall my only west east trip via azores) and the crew, dont forget to speak with Uncle Neptune and he will keep an eye out for you . I wish you all fair winds and safe harbor.

  19. I think you are very lucky to be living this life. What a wonderful experience for all of you but especially for your baby. I am wondering though what you would do if you were in the middle of the Atlantic and any one of you got really really sick? Especially your baby? Can you call for help way out there?

  20. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, I track your course on the Atlantic and wonder how you navigate the high/low pressure systems. Your presence in the internet is so inspiring and wonderful offering Greta a ride to Europe!
    You represent freedom of spirit and mind!

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