BOAT LIFE: The last of BABY PROOFING and Boat Maintenance (#260)

Beautiful Portugal continues to deliver, exploring Alcoutim and the Guadiana, a place with a rich history and a totally tranquil atmosphere. We welcome back some friends to La Vaga and we’re making the most of it. We go full-engineer mode on-board in preparation for our future westwards journeys and attempt the impossible task of proofing the boat for an increasingly mobile and active Lenny. We have no idea where he picks up his adventurous streak from — any guesses?

Song Credits:
00:13 Forever Son – How to Smile
04:13 Brother Mane – Vibin
09:21 Koresma – Snow Globe (feat. Axel Mansoor)
13:38 Belau – Natural Pool
18:06 Koresma – Snow Globe (feat. Axel Mansoor)
19:03 Koresma – Snow Globe (feat. Axel Mansoor)

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  1. I really enjoy your videos. I was just wondering why you just through your veggie waste over board? Is that a normal practice?

  2. When my children were young I installed netting on the lifelines too. I secured them with colored zip ties. Red on the port side, green on starboard.

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