BOAT LIFE: The Worst Weather and a Pie

With some poor weather, we decided to stay in doors. By Riley’s suggestion, he thought it was time to show the world what South Australia is known best for, it’s pie floater. Pretty sure it’s not meant to take as long to cook as it did but it gave us the chance to talk about one of the worst sailing conditions we’ve experienced. Hope you enjoy this change of style.

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Floating Baby – Adam Yoo

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  1. Hey Ya Riles and Elaina, well we can see what the young fella is going to be raised on, LOL. But mate ,, ??? I’ve got to let you know the first time I tried one of these was in Sydney!! Yes NSW… several yrs ago !! LOL Love the video and the cooking instruction ??

  2. I am a Chef and own a restaurant. I why Australia is not known for its authentic dishes. Haha I will not even say what Chef Gordon Ramsay said about Australian dishes like Meat Pie. But hey! I love the Australian people and may never want to leave when I get to visit someday. BTW try a Vegetable Pot Pie someday and I think you’ll see the similarity. I am sure it is good and just teasing you.

  3. Hi Riles
    Being an ex “South Aussie” now living in Tassie thought I should remind you that a true “Pie Floater” would of been a Balfours or Crowley’s “Beef pie” turned upside down floating in Pea soup. Not a vegetable pie, I’m guessing beef hard to find at sea so what you made looked great. Plus in fairness the boat was floating extra degree of difficulty.
    Anyway loved this episode, reminded me of home. Must try to have one next time I’m home.

  4. Thanks you guys for boat life. Really though it’s hard to wait a whole week sometimes. I could say I eat sardine salad for breakfast with arugula shredded carrots and radishes celery etc and moringa powder, cilantro, raw apple cider. I grind dried mushrooms in a coffee grinder, (reishi ,chaga, lions mane twice a month put them in jars labeled. My routine is boil water, get out the french press add 4 tsp of sumatra coffee 1 tsp powdered reishi 1 tsp powdered chaga, 1 tsp maca 1 tsp astragalus . The salad for breakfast thing is something I heard Riley doing once. I noticed it helped me if I start to get a gut, also the mushroom coffee was from an episode you guys aired so your not the only nuts in the tree. So thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Great Pie Riley. Nice retrospective video. Taking Elayna’s POV, whenever I have followed a recipe involving filo pastry, you take about 6 sheets and paint each with melted butter. Fiddly but yummy. Difficult though sometimes to separate the individual sheets from how they’re packaged, especially if they’ve been frozen. PS. I’m an ex Tasmanian living in South Australia and I have never stomached a pie floater. They used to be sold from a street caravan late a night, to combat the drink, I think.

  6. That pie is far too posh, and not in keeping with time honoured tradition.
    The correct approach is to get drunk in Adelaide, stagger to the pie cart at about 3am and get a Balfours pie dumped on mushy peas, smother it with tomato sauce, then sit on the gutter and eat it. When it comes back up (which it invariably does), I always wonder where the carrots came from !
    Honestly, I just can’t see how it could taste the same in a tropical paradise when you’re stone cold sober – sacrilege

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