BOAT LIFE: They BOTH got sea sick!

Well this was an interesting first sail.. I thought babies couldn’t get sea sick this young? But Lennys crossed eyes, unfamiliar cries and more than usual vomiting makes me suspicious. What are your thoughts?? He was okay after about 2 hours thankfully and he hasn’t done that since.. so I think he’s used to the motion now? Join us for another 6 videos this week, one a day!! See you tomorrow.

Song Credits:
00:00 Michael Dunstan – Two Minds
02:15 Nadine – Leo the Eskimo
Damn Good – Brandon Hoogenboom
07:38 Camarano – Somebody Else
10:41 Grenan Dawley – Quiet Place

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  1. You two are legends. I have been following you for years. Its going to be a kick seeing how you adapt to your new addition. Children are a great blessing, but can be taxing. I’m not 100% sure its for everyone, but once you go that route there is no turning back. Best of luck, fair winds and following seas.

  2. Hello young family!

    As a medical doctor I can tell you, that babies rarely get seasick, no worries…

    Best, Maha

  3. R / E / wee L,

    My son Jay, his wife Christine, and two grandsons, Lincoln 5, and Giddy 3, live in Albury NSW …

    Our little grandsons flip between Aussie and American accents all in one sentence …

    Fair winds (and Lenny is sooo cute). You are lucky souls, but of course we make our own luck, don’t we?


    PS my little Cape Dory 27 going in the the water just a few days ago, Bullocks Cove, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, USA

  4. Hope ya’ll liked Charleston. My home port! I noticed your spice rack. do you like it? Can you tell me where you got it and where I might find one? In South Carolina it’s to may toes, not to mot toes. 🙂
    Yup, tough going out Charleston and going back in at Edisto River. Grand total of bout 20 miles south!! Fair winds. ryan morris

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