BOAT LIFE: we catch fresh FISH for LUNCH! ? Dog Snapper.

Join us for another episode of Boat Life for some spearfishing adventures. We try out a new recipe and I have to say, it turned out better than expected. Hard to get it wrong when the fish is so fresh though right? It’s a pretty cruisey vid this one.

Song Credits:
00:00 Somebody Else – Camarano
00:48 Franz by Tomas Herudek (8 Haters) – Song selected from Artlist
00:58 Greg – Grenan Dawley
04:37 James Abberly – Into The Sun
08:11 Ballad of Bear and Boo (Boobie) – Leo The Eskimo

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  1. I lost my mother 5 years ago my dad has had cancer removed 3 times he has to inject 4 times a day so he is in the red zone I wasn’t knowing what to do with my life emotionally dying until I saw you guys and you set a spark off off inside of me I am now looking to buy my first yacht thanks to you guys very inspired by the both of you can you have the most awesome baby that would put a smile on anybody’s face

  2. Really lovely video guys. Little Lenny is gorgeous….don’t know who he takes after??? ???. Keep ‘em coming, these videos of your lifestyle make me wish I’d done something more interesting with my own. However, in those days, the opportunities were few and far between. Love to you all. ???

  3. Your are awesome guys 🙂 . I love your videos and good messages you give to people who see your videos.
    Wish you the best! Hope you will come back to visit Ionian coast in Al.

  4. Watching Riley carrying Lenney free hand on deck during open sea was terrifying. So glad to see the body holster for Lenney now.! Cheers mates! You rock the world. Gently shift the winds.!

  5. Hey guys, I really love following your adventures and watching your family grow.
    Elayna, you should really do a recipe book! ☺
    Riley, no more shore diving! ?
    Safe travels,

  6. Love you guys so much still looking for a sailing bout dont wont to rush and make a mistake because its going to be my very first guys

  7. I loved the action opening, thump, whump, zip, bang…boat motor. Timing was perfect. Nicely done!

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