BOAT LIFE – What we do when there’s nothing to do

Welcome onboard La Vagabonde this fine afternoon. It was bound to be a pretty eventless day, so we decided to make this video for you guys instead. Here’s what we do when there’s nothing to do… ?
Congratulations to our patrons: Charles Cooper and Alice Hermanns. We’d love to meet you and thank you for your continued support, by showing you a great time here on the water! Lots of love x

Thanks to LG for donating the projector:

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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What equipment do we use?



What software do we use?
Video Editing: Adobe Premier Pro
Weather Forecasts: Predict Wind

Comments 4

  1. You do capture to life on the sea very well. We will catch up to in Time Warp someday.
    Love all your vids

  2. Great eps. my question is info on what you feel about laVagabonde 1 compared to 2 in aspects of sailing both, as well as anything you in your minds compare 1 to 2, other than fancy electronics, well unless that’s important to your love of one or the other?? Thanks, much for your hard work at sharing, we do love it so much?

  3. So I guess the conjunctivitis has settled fairly quickly, without treatment?

    I’d like to know more about the boring paperwork stuff, like your legal and fiscal status in Australia if you’re mostly absent and not working there but still having an income, all sorts of insurance cover worldwide including medical, copyright and music in your footage, etcetera.

    Also, as you’ve both become very experienced sailors now, most of your ability is intuitive, but it would be great if you could explain more into detail, almost scientifically, the tiniest decisions you make while manoeuvring in an anchorage or harbour or making small adjustments under sail.

    Many thanks for the extra videos. It is always a pleasant surprise not having to wait until the following monday. Keep ’em coming!

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