BOAT LIFE: Why I Love My Job

Filming, Editing and sourcing music is a large part of the actual work that we do that you might already know about. There are also plenty of other things that we consider our job that go on in the background (and other bonus’s that come with what we do) that we really enjoy. These things were about to share with you now,  you don’t see or hear much about in the videos and I thought it was about time you did. We were feeling pretty grateful for our jobs today and therefor this video was made out of inspiration, so I hope you like it.

Song Credits:
00:12 Woods – A Chior of Ghosts
01:21 Wait Outside – Get Go Getter
03:23 Sam Carmody – Rachael
07:48 The Sea Has Risen – Sam Carmody
10:25 Shivas Eyes – Jason Lyle

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Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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  1. Hey guys,

    I’ve sailed for many years but at one time had a captain position on the Kon Tiki in St Thomas USVI, a 400 passenger party raft. While taking cruise ship passengers to Lindberg Bay Beach passing close to a rocky cliff face, a lady passenger came into the wheel house with her 151 proof rum punch says “Wow that is amazing!” I reply “nice isn’t it” she says “it looks so real..” .. excuse me? She reply’s “that..” pointing at the rock.. I sad “it is real..” “No!” she says.. “at Disney World they have stuff that looks just like that…” ?

  2. Ok, something with nothing to do with sailing!
    I’m now a retired farmer and against my better judgement I’ll share a little episode from nearly 20 years ago.
    I was feeding grain to my sheep in a hilly paddock which necessitated me putting the Ute in low range, climbing on the back of the Ute and pouring out a trail of grain from bags on the back. I always chose to go straight up a ridge so that the Ute tracked straight. Well, this morning, just as I’m tipping out the last bag, the tyres bump into a small rock and the Ute jumps out of gear… Slightly off track, we quickly gain momentum and I slip over on the spilt grain… I clamber to my feet, rush to the front of the tray, begin clambering back into the drivers seat only to realise that the 4m deep gully is too close. I throw myself backwards from the Ute and after rolling several times, manage to see my Ute disappear into the gully, thinking, well, that’s a write off!
    The suspension did an amazing job and imagine my surprise and relief that the Ute bounced out the other side of the gully.
    Relief, however, soon turned to panic as somehow, the Ute has jolted back into gear and was now heading straight for a farm dam!
    Still somewhat dazed, I managed to ru the 100 or so metres and reached the Ute as it was going into the dam and turned the engine off with the water only 1 inch below the air intake…,thus saving the engine!
    Then go and get tractor and extract Ute from dam.
    All the while, my wife had organised a “pony club rally” at our farm for that morning…, I arrived back at the house and get loudly abused for my lack of help, asking “and where the hell have you been?!?!”
    My reply…. “Washing the Ute!!”

  3. O.k. I haven’n seen this episode yet. I’m saving it for tomorrow morning, But I thought I might leave a comment about art and inspiration. Art being anything that inspires us to create or be creative. Like music or painting or making film and how sometimes it’s not about being better or perfect, but just starting the process and having fun. I have come to the conclusion that art has it’s own reasons for being beyond it’s creator. P.S check out this cat from St. croix just for a kick his name is Kurt Briggs schindler and shine on you three crazy diamonds.

  4. I design boats for boat manufacturers so there are 100,000+ boats of my design on the water. It typically takes me 300 hours to complete a design and the manufacturer may build a few or several thousand boats of that design. Every once in awhile I will ask an owner what he/she thinks of their boat and I have now promised myself not to do this anymore – ‘never ask a question if you don’t already know the answer’. Sometimes it is a great ego boost hearing how great a time they have using something I had a hand in creating. Other times I hear they like it pretty well but it’s the wrong color blue. Then there are the ones where I should have sat quietly and watched it go by.

  5. Elayna & Riley,

    I was a stay-at-home father/homemaker for 12 years, 1993-2005. My wife had a career, so she was happy at work while I took care of the house and provided support, structure and supervision for our son and daughter. I also handled the family’s investments that paid for college, cars, and other things that allowed my wife to retire before her 57th birthday. Son has a Masters in Statistics and is employed as a senior statistician for a global corporation. Daughter is a PhD in Clinical Psychology. I’m telling you this about my kids because it is wonderful for my wife and I not to have to worry about our children! So you can imagine how our children felt what we told them this… and then added “now its your turn to worry about us.” Yeah, children worrying about parents!

    Elayna and Riley, as stay-at-home parents being with your children 24/7, you’ve made a great career choice. Add parenting to your list of jobs around the boat. Consider the concept of “Family Capital”: it has been generally acknowledged that about 25% to 30% of the variation in children’s educational achievement comes from their experience in school and 70% to 75% comes from other experiences, especially their families, the culture they live in (the media, etc.) and their peers. Families that support learning, advance their children’s educational achievement: those that do not or that hinder or disrupt learning, impede their children’s educational achievement. The leverage that families apply to their children’s learning, “family capital”.

    Lenny and your other children-to-be can be nurtured to also choose the lifestyle that you two currently have. Or not. But you will be more than willing to teach them every thing you know about sailing. So, when in 25 years your kids have Captain Licenses and you don’t – you will be overwhelmed with satisfaction – but you will still want to go for a sail. :¬)

    One other thing about your job as stay-at-home parents on a blue-water sailing vessel – be prepared for when the kids will ask you for the keys to the tender and not the keys to the car. Then it will truly be time for you to worry about them, especially when they ask you for the keys to La Vaga for them to take a solo sail without you!

    Any questions about being stay-at-home parents – do not hesitate to use your common sense, or to ask around. Don’t be shy.


    Webhead USA

  6. I love my job because I am teaching on Zoom in the pandemic and there is a mute button for ALLLL the kids.

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