Campfires and Kangaroos!

Jimmys broken car left us stuck in a tiny little fishing town in Shark Bay – Denham (top marker). Not the worst of places to be stuck in! Speaking of stuck, I (Elayna) actually had to do most of the work on the car at the mechanic when we were fixing the air bag suspension, as the dudes that ran the joint were so large neither of them could fit under the car and one ACTUALLY got stuck. This is no joke. I would have got the camera out to film the situation, but I think that would have been quite rude and I didn’t want to embarrass either of them as they were really nice guys.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.46.54 PM

So I had to climb under there, find serial numbers and describe car parts, what they looked like (they all looked the same and smelt like oil) but eventually we found the problem. Upon our 4WD’ing adventures on the sand, we hit a few bumps a little too hard and because the car had been extended and altered, this bump knocked a leaver that shouldn’t be able to be knocked. Anyway, it deflated the air bag suspension. They had to jack up the car, do a few things, fix the leaver and sh-banga-bang, the bag inflated again and we could be off.

In the meantime, we stayed a few days in our cute little purple shack. Made the most of the pub down the street (mostly Riley), watched a few AFL (Australian football league) games and made the most of being ‘stuck’.

We headed back down south towards Perth, stopping at the ‘Ocean Park Aquarium’ on our way out of Shark Bay to checkout some sea life… as the temperature of the ocean was too dam cold to see any sea life for ourselves. Stopped at the ‘Greenough Wildlife Park’, just outside Geraldton (my hometown). My parents used to take my siblings and I to this place when we were little. My aunty Debbie and Uncle Pete take us in for the night in Dongara. Cheers for that you two! A combination of that nice long shower, Petes garlic prawns for dinner and the new guest room bed were to die for. We also checked out the ‘Pinnacles’. Strange lookin things they are.

We get back to Perth and return Jimmys car. Start packing our things and get ready to head back to the other side of the world to La Vagabonde in Grenada. Yeeehaaa!

Hope you guys liked seeing a little of Western Australia through our eyes. I do love this place, and I’m very proud to call it home. It will always be ‘home’. But for now, La Vagabonde holds my home and heart!

Love Elay

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Love love love.


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  1. Nice video again!! I confirm you ” VINO TINTO ” is in spanish!!Awaiting your new video!best from Barcelona!

  2. hey guys !! another nice video, thank you !!
    can you tell me dueing what time of the year you have done this trip along the coast north of Perth? i’m planning a trip there as well, but ideally when the water is a bit warmer to swim and dive in the ocean? thankxx guys !
    (tinto is for red wine in portuguese as well (vinho tinto))

  3. Great stuff from my favorite couple the rocks video was so funny.
    Elayna darn I’m so sorry you hurt your sweet little finger. I’ll pray it heals very quickly. I always hated when I would do that to one of my fingers. I’ll also pray for your safety as you travel on your adventures.
    You two are my favorites on u tube. When ever you can afford it you need a quad copter with a camera. I also watch the Delois sail boat crew and they take some beautiful shots with there drone. They have some pretty girls but none can compare with Elayna’s beauty, your gourgous and sing like a star. If you and Riley don’t get married I would like to give it a go because I kinda have a crush on you and will I love ya ha ha. Riley don’t get mad I’m old but young at heart and still dream of beauty’s like yours.
    OK for now God bless you with happiness and safety. Riley give Elayna a kiss for me, make it one she want forget.

    Dale Cook
    North Carolina

  4. Great refreshing ofte My memory. Drove in 2009 from Darwin to Sydney (through the gib, sharks Bay, stop in Geraldton, Monkey Mia, Pinacles ect. Ect. down to Perth. Love WA ?

    Have a safe trip.

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