Can you Cook Eggs on an Engine? And We’re SELLING LA VAGABONDE! [#283]

We’re getting physics-al out on the open water. We’re pondering some of Isaac Newton’s thoughts, talking you through some quick wind-sail-rudder calibration mathematics and using the laws of thermodynamics to try circumvent busted stoves. And when all else fails, sometimes you have to go full Rocky when you’ve only got uncookable eggs left. Join us for 4 days sailing back across the Atlantic to our new destination of Madeira, where we’re so keen to stretch our legs and explore.

Plus: we’re ready for a new adventure and a new kind of vessel. La Vagabonde II is up for sale. Sign up for more information when it becomes available here

Song Credits:
00:05 Daniel Deuschle – What Do You See
01:03 Chelou – Real
03:23 Jordan Merrick – Untitled #1
05:44 Amarante – Brave (Instrumental)
07:00 Young Robin – Tropical Punch
11:05 John March – Riley’s Night Shift Blues
11:21 RRAREBEAR – AM Japan
14:17 Jennifer Perryman – Shake It Off
14:57 Cooking Background Music
15:24 Jennifer Perryman – Shake It Off
17:41 Chris Shards – Flightmode
17:54 042943653-knockout-
19:15 Tatono – Near

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  1. Hi Riley, have you seen or been watching the America’s cup series,amazing AC75s, 75 foot foiling monohulls capable of 50+ knots.You need to see this should have sailed down to NZ

  2. I just love you guys I have been watching this from the very beginning your story could be a beautiful movie a love story on the open seas!! I live in Santa Monica California maybe you can dock down here for a day or two when this virus is gone gone gone

  3. Looking forward to Spielberg’s “The adventures of La Vaga” in 3D. Casting it would be great fun too.

    Have loved watching you develop and expand our horizons (and into a great family), over the years and now onto even more exciting chapters.

    Sail free, sail fast mighty Vagabonde.

    1. Was supposed to say “your horizons”, silly autocorrect… but still holds very true!

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