Caribbean dreaming.. this is BOAT LIFE in tropical Antigua! [Ep. 147]

La Vagabonde is anchored in beautiful Falmouth Harbour waiting on spare boat parts. Although it’s never a nice thing having your sailing plans based around logistics, Antigua is certainly not a bad place to be stuck for a while. We get salty with some freediving and hangout with you onboard. Enjoy! Videos made with love. Please give it a like and share if you like turtles ? Elayna xo

Song Credits:
00:01 Elysian Fields – Gotam Sen
01:09 Alon Barak – Free Man
03:09 Good Boy – Gotam Sen
04:58 Rory Laye – Revolution Still Lives
06:40 The Beatles – Paperback Writer
08:01 Handmade Moments – Night & Day
12:22 Back to Peru – Ownowl & Luciole Langevine
19:00 On Se Retrouvera – Les Frangines


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Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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Comments 7

  1. Just found you on YouTube. Watching about 7 episodes a night . Upto 89 where you get the Cat. Love you guys. Mark , Natalie and Estelle xx

  2. As always most enjoyable watch and listen . All you would want from lovely Elyna to crafty Riley..
    From flesh , sail and the real Antigua . Thanks all once again.

  3. Great video … looks much better there than rainy Nashville!? Antigua is great. Remind us when the Miami meet and great is scheduled? Dr J

  4. Another great video… Life on the “GO”.. all of us also going through daily “stuff”… just depends on “HOW” you flow with it…
    Love the snippets of all types of life on The CAT… different aspects and pics…EXCELLENT…
    Local color and flavor as well…how the other half…LIVE…and who’s really the RICH and who’s really the “POOR” in life…
    people here having heart attacks in their 40’s n 50’s… almost all divorced…Kids Directionless…but there…
    gorgeous weather …
    simple life…Food tastes amazing on the Tramp … and an Ice cool beer with a Great friend on a picnic table… moon squeaking behind the clouds…
    Does it get any better than “THAT”
    will be joining you all soon..’ with our CAT…
    keep the videos coming…and send me an e addy so I can drop ship some stuff to you all…
    SELAH n mark

  5. I’ve watched every single video……from the “first LVB. I don’t know why, but this is my favorite. Arg-g-hh! Maybe because of your authenticity? Your laughter? I also watch the competition sailing videos. Or, I should say I TRY to watch them. You guys are in a special class: THE BEST! Always authentic and fun to watch. I remember our sailing days in Antigua as some of the best memories of our lives. Thanks so much for what you’re doing. Captain Bill & First Mate, Laurie Miggins. We have scuba dived just about every island throughout the Caribbean and now, through you, we are remembering how much fun we had sailing during our lives. We watch you from our wilderness island on the Canadian border on Rainy Lake, Minnesota and from our winter home on Mustang Island, TX. (Bill Miggins on FB) Wanna visit?

  6. Thanks for another great video of life onboard, overboard, and ashore. Love the snippets of you two taking potshots at each other ?

    Cheers and safe sailing,


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