Catch and Cook: Spearfishing CARIBBEAN FISH, Fire on the Beach!

Join us for a catch and cook here in the Caribbean. We found a shipwreck and I was lucky enough to spear a Permit, which are pretty good eating. We’re doing a thing where we’re trying to live off the land for a while. We still have to buy groceries but have been able to get it down to basically just beans and veggies. If I can start swapping fish for potatoes we are seriously in business.

– Riley

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  1. I know that White House in the video and the pole spear tells me Bahamas…. enjoy Bimini! But it’s the tip of the iceberg of how amazing the Bahamas can be. My fiancé and I just got our offer accepted on our future house in the abacos today!

    Great shot on the permit, one of my favorite fish to shoot!

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  2. Hey Riley and Elayna! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Wishing you both the very best! I’m a spearo and I love your videos, especially the ones with freediving / spearing / catch and cook. As you eluded to, people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I guess some people just aren’t comfortable seeing where real food comes from. Spearing your own fish helps keep your cost of living down, it’s healthy environmentally sustainable and tastes delicious!

    I know I’m preaching to the converted but if anyone has a problem with spearfishing, I would encourage them to actually do some research and engage their brain rather than jump to conclusions.

    Anyway guys keep it up! Your videos are the best on you tube and I don’t miss one of them! I guess in a public forum such as you tube you’ll never escape the people who think they know better. Don’t let them get you down!!

    Again, love the videos and pretty much always wishing I was there too!! That permit was an awesome fish! Jealous as! Take care!

  3. Riley, I have been keeping up, somewhat, with the bad news of the collapse of Venezuela. It is so bad that it is producing MANY pirates who are killing and stealing along its Caribbean coast; up to 40 miles out to sea. Trinidad is very bad too. These people have no hesitation to kill their victims. If you are lucky they let you jump into the water. Please do not go near Venezuela or Trinidad. Also, this economic collapse (and evil pirating) is spilling over into Nicaragua and Honduras.
    I love you two and fear for your safety in this area. Do not be casual about this. These are the same kinds of desperate people that serve drug cartels out of economic desperation and hatred for people who have a better life.
    Sorry to sound like a bad squall, but I worry about you two beautiful people. I would love to meet you one day.

  4. You guys are awesome. Dont let the nay sayers get you down. It must be hard to ignore but know lots of us are in awe of you and your adventures.

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