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    1. You guys are both really clever. If I may ask, what system are you editing on? And does Elayna do most of the editing? You guys have a real knack for it. And I’m a TV producer/editor. Kudos!

    2. Riley and Elayna,
      We have been following you since day one. What an inspiring adventure! My husband and I rush home everyday to watch your adventures. We are SO sorry about Riley’s injury! It made me cry too! I wish we could go there to help you.

  1. Did you guys looked at the adventures of Trautman brothers Brain and Brady on SV Delos?
    Also great footage and wunderful stories.

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for posting the excellent videos! Have been a big fan of the show since I got into sailing last year. Is it possible to check out the boat and meet the crew in real life? I’m in the Northeast US area.

  3. Hey!

    I love it to follow your trips! Thanks for all the footage.

    But… please be careful. An experienced couple of my country (The Netherlands) drowned last week in a mysterious way in the caribian.

  4. I feel pretty fortunate to have encountered your entire webpage and look forward to plenty of more amazing times reading here. Thanks a lot again for a lot of things.

  5. Love the videos guys! True inspiration and motivation for us to follow in your footsteps.
    Dave & Kathy

  6. Hy Riley / Elayna!
    I am following you guy´s from the first episode until now.
    Well, trying to help i did a research and found some dangerous places around the globe for Piracy activities.
    Be careful, stay safe, good winds and all the very best!!!

    10 Maritime Piracy Affected Areas around the World

    1. Malacca Straits: Located in the Indian Ocean, the Strait of Malacca has been a very prominent area affected by marine piracy. Since the Strait forms a commercial getaway for the Suez Canal, Egypt and Europe, in addition to being one of the most important Indo-Sino marine navigation routes; the area is susceptible to high incidences of maritime piracy.

    However collaborated efforts amongst the Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean authorities are being carried out to reduce the piracy incidents in this part of the world.

    2. South China Sea: Mostly Malaysians or Indonesians, the marine pirates in the South China Sea are regarded to be amongst the most dangerous pirates who ply their nefarious activities. The South China Sea piracy occurs in the Malaysian water area leading to a cause of concern for authorities in the country.

    3. Gulf of Aden: The entrance to the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden is another affected piracy sea area. The Gulf forms an important trading route leading into the Suez Canal and geographically well-positioned with the anarchic Somalia.

    The Somali sea pirates wreck havoc in this navigational route causing a lot of problems for authorities and shipping conglomerates across the world.

    4. Gulf of Guinea: An emerging area of piracy activities, the Gulf of Guinea spans a major portion of North-Western and Southern Africa (Angola). It is a very important trade route for crude oil tankers to the European and American continents, making it an appropriate target for the wrongdoers.

    As per the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) statistics, so far there have been reported 27 attacks, though in the absence of a proper definition of the term ‘piracy’, it has been speculated that many attacks may gone unreported.

    5. Benin: Benin in Africa is yet another geographic area infested with marine pirates. The area has been listed as one of the high risk areas in terms of marine shipping. The IMO has taken various steps to counter maritime piracy in this piracy affected area, though positive results are yet to be seen.

    6. Nigeria: Nigeria in the Western part of Africa is regarded to be a hive of piracy activities. The threat of piracy is so high in the region that it has been rated as being one of the most risky areas for marine cargo transportation. The factor of the security cover provided by the Nigerian naval authorities is also lacking, leading to increase in sea piracy in this area.

    It has also been reported that due to extensive piracy threat, shipping through the entire marine belt of West Africa requires a heavy high insurance cover for the goods thus being transported.

    One of the major points of distinction between the incidents of marine piracy occurring in the Western part of Africa and the Somalia is that the pirates operating in West-Africa operate at a much lower level when compared to their Somali counter-parts.

    7. Somalia: The main reason for marine piracy occurring at mammoth proportions in Somalia is because of extreme poverty in the region caused due to civil war, government ineffectuality and vast dumps of marine wastes – toxic in nature – existing in the Somali sea-waters. Because of piracy, there have been other problems in the form of fast-increasing premium rates for insurance policies.

    Maritime piracy in Somalia is a cause of international concern as the people of the country have come to believe that piracy is the only option available to them to ward off poverty and other constraints plaguing them.

    8. Indonesia: Indonesia is also amongst the highly affected piracy areas in the world. Some of the areas that are targeted by the sea pirates are the Anambas, Natuna and the Merundung Islands, where pirates have been reported to attack ships during night-time as opposed to in the daylight. The Indonesian authorities’ punitive response to the captured pirates in the country is also very lackadaisical raising major concerns across the world.

    9. Arabian Sea: The Gulf of Oman is one of the areas in the Arabian Sea which has been targeted repeatedly by the sea pirates. However, international organisations and authorities have downplayed the extent of security cover to be provided by them in these areas, as compared to the ones offered in piracy infected areas like the Gulf of Aden and the Somali coasts.

    This is mainly because of limitation in the available naval resources to act as an effective cover and because of the position of the area geographically.

    10. Indian Ocean: The waters of the Indian Ocean are also falling prey to the acts of sea pirates. These pirates hail from the ravaged nation of Somalia and have been causing problems to Indian as well as ships hailing from other countries. The Indian Ocean is an unavoidable marine navigation route, thereby highlighting the nature of the problem far more starkly.

    Marine piracy is a crime that needs to be addressed to without any delay. The international maritime committees and organisations are doing their share of shouldering the responsibility, but in the absence of a positive and responsible internal government, executing justice becomes quite difficult. This leads to a greater spread of piracy sea activities. In the best interests of not just the trading community but also of the lives involved – both the crew as well as the circumstance-turned-pirates – proactive action needs to be taken.



  8. From where do you have the courage. The sea can be a rough place to be – giant waves etc. You must be very skilled. We have here a chief of staff that was killed from giant waves .
    Australian are known for their marine skills.

  9. National geografic should learn from this couple . Discovery allso .
    So sad it is only 15 min per chapter. Make it 30 min and we are happy 🙂

  10. Love your vlog. Happy I stumbled onto it. I used to sail in Lake Ontario out of Toronto. Miss living by big water. Now I live in the middle of the Canadian Prairies. Want to move to Vancouver Island and buy another boat.
    Cheers and safe travels.

  11. Hey guys!

    Really inspired by what you two are doing! Keep it up! Does SLV happen to have an instagram?
    Safe Travels.


  12. You both are a breath of fresh air to the Youtube community. Absolutely love your videos!!!

    1. I agree. They are living my dream and by watching on YouTube I can kind of experience their life vicariously.

  13. Just viewed a couple of your postings. You guys look like a couple of cute kids, and have had fairly good luck on your journeys. I wish to ask a small favor from you. Will you invest in a self inflating life vest, and wear them. Especially during night watch when someone is alone. New vests are small and easy to wear. My wife and my heart would be broken if any preventable accidents came your way; because, we have come to think of you as part of an extended family.

  14. When will you guys get to Brisbane or the Gold Coast?
    Hi Riley & Elayna,
    My daughter son and myself have been following your adventure from the start of Ep 1, When will you be in Brisbane or the Gold Coast?, You have sailed around the world, BUT would you two like to do the Opti Challenge?
    Whats the Opti Challenge?
    –>You Tube (JEY Sailing 5) to see what sailing dingy’s we are talking about, Our idea is to have the Girls Vs the boys, Elayna will team up with Jasmin Elle Young and Riley will team up with Kyle Lucas Young for a team relay around a small course either in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, we have the boats and would love to meet you guys, we have spread the word to other friends who are now also enjoying your adventures, Hope to here from you guys soon, we are members of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Brisbane but we live at the Gold Coast.
    Adam, Jasmin, Kyle Young

    Adam, Jasmin, Kyle Young
    Keep Sailing
    Adam, Jasmin & Kyle Young

  15. kia ora im from NZ you guys are cool do you guys ever do biscuiting i watched all your youtube videos there mint

  16. Hi, my name is Scott Allan. I currently live in Temecula Ca. US. I was brought up on a small Columbia 22 from the age of 8 to 11 years of age then my dad sold it and went into business for himself which took all of his time for years until he passed at the age of 64. Back then we would live on board on the island of Catalina moored in Avalon bay. My dad would leave us with mom and fly back and forth to Mattel Toy Corporation on a sea plane. It was the best time of my life. I’m 56 now and live with these wonderful memories of anchoring at all of the different little coves, snorkeling, fishing and hiking the island. To be honest I have no idea how I found your YouTube channel. I’ve viewed all of your videos with my wife and think you two are great together. Elayna you have a beautiful voice and if I could figure out how to get your CD I’ll get it for my wife’s Bday. Your videos have been a very moving and spiritual experience for me and I wanted to thank you for sharing your lives with us. I’m entering retirement age and we are looking for ways to keep ourselves busy during our twilight years. Your videos have inspired me to take sailing lessons at Camp Pendleton Ca. I’m putting ourselves on a waiting list to get a slip in the marina so cheers on ya! I’m very excited and just wanted to thank you both. We’ll be watching! Stay safe.

  17. great documentary, i watch wishing I could sail the seas, maybe someday. Thank you for the video. Reading the blog ,not a fast reader so its taking alot longer then 35 min……….(not much sailing in Colorado) allthoght – I have completely rebuilt an old 21 foot power fiberglass boat-along with my many other skills. I would be one hell of a ship hand…… Just saying

  18. Yo! I’m impressed. Hope to meet you guys in person. You’re very inspiring. Wish you a good luck and calm water.

    Just a small question: Riley, how did you learn how to sail the boat? What books, videos, blogs etc did you use?

      1. Elayna, Riles. I have sent you EP3 attachments of my music more than once in the last 6 months and I never got a reply whether you heard it or not. I realize you have a go-between on shore that forwards messages to you and that being at sea isn’t the most reliable internet connection but I sent my music in the most basic format for you to enjoy, it wasn’t ment to be add to your video edits, (as the automatic reply stated). It was ment to be added to your regular listening collection as something new that you haven’t heard before. I would greatly like a reply. Your Patreon, James.

  19. Please make one chapter on fish baits and hooks you use and how you use them ( colors , time of day… etc).
    What kind of fish you catch… etc…
    Love the episides .

  20. Just downloaded Elay’s music. Riley…fucking awesome! Lay can you re-do a fellow Youtubeer, Jon Pardi’s Head over Boots? It is done in mostly G chord I think. It sounds like a song for you guys.

  21. hi guys. love what your doing and i have been a 40$ patron for some time. Riley, a little while back, you asked for feedback about showing the “bad times/tough times” on video as your fellow sailors advised that its not all easy sailing. here are my thoughts – show all that you think is relevant, good times, tough times, funny moments- all videos should continue to be original and shown through your eyes. thats the beauty, it has felt like the story and videos came from your hearts. don’t do anything influenced by outsiders, do it your way, its been awesome! by the way, i would imagine most people are like me, they watch the videos to escape the daily grind, so just make it fun, adventurous, good, bad, ugly, – keep giving us your story, your way.

    anyway, i am proposing that you throw a party/gathering somewhere in the US to get your Patrons together to celebrate the circumnavigation. im guessing you have a fair number of patrons in the US? if not, pick a place and lets celebrate…..let me know, ill be there.

    take care guys, i’ve really enjoyed helping to support your adventure


  22. Great video the best one yet, Riley man i take me hat of to ya, living the dream or what. Elayna best tune ever.
    Question how many sailors have you met that are colour blind only I have it bad which stops me getting a boat.
    Keep cruising guys we wish you our best.
    Tim & Dee

  23. Hi Guys
    Funny…I am Planning to retire and do what you do in four years. I am musician and electronics engineer. I drove from Venice to Rovinj Croatia to see a Beneteau 440. I am hooked on sailing and got my bareboat liveabord cruising certificate from US Sailing and plan to get boat similar to yours soon. Signts are set on a Bavaria 46 cause I like the breakfast nook. My cruise certificate was done on a Morgan Catalina like you visited in Galaticos Is. for dinna. However that boat is way out of my price range but the breakfast nook is just after the campanion way steps and is best location when under way somyou keep your balance when making a vegemite sandwich. I am a resident of St Petersbug Florida. Love your vids.

  24. Whats the name of that book you guys are always reeding that helps you find Anchorage and gives brief historyhistory of the port

  25. Hi,

    Lessons Learned is a great book. Also, the information about living on a boat was insightful.

    Thank you,

  26. Hey Riley and Elayna,

    If you decide to head to Noumea, New Caledonia, I’d be happy to show you around town. I’m an Aussie and been here for 20 years. Great spear fishing here. World’s largest lagoon. And the sailing is fantastic.


  27. Hi,
    I follow your v-log. Very good! Keep Upp! I love It. Specialy when you show technical chalanges that you overcome while sailing. On a sailboat your al alone whit what you have onboard. Keep up!


  29. A must tool on my yacht is the Spyderco aqua salt from H1 steel.
    The only real rust proof boat and allso and Spyderco pacific salt knife from H2 steel. Fishing /diving and eating on sea with Zero rust. A magic.

  30. A must have tool on every yacht and fishing and diving is the Spyderco pacific salt knife or Spyderco aqua salt knife. Both are made from an H1 steel wich is the only steel that is 100% rust proof . Even titanium rusts. From sheere experience on my yacht it works like a magic. Non biased just an excellent tip for you there on la vagabonde. Best knife for your free diving. ?

  31. Congratulations on hitting 200,000 subscribers on YouTube guys! I’m really happy for you. Imagine how many people like me you’ve inspired to buy a boat and sail off into the sunset!

  32. FIRST again – for RIELY and ELAYNA. We love you here. We think you are a sweet couple . It is by far the best sailing episodes on YOUTUBE.
    ONE request only – when one of you is free diving it is best that the other one will be awake and on the deck . Second in the night or rainy day / non calm day or night it is best putting lifeguard vests on you and it is even cooler looking too 🙂
    You are the best.
    I am not from the U.S.A but it will be cool to see you arrive at New York with the yacht .
    We wish you alot of enjoyment and always stay safe.
    Love you 🙂

  33. Really loved your whole deal at first, but I have to be honest, I am starting to feel like Elayna is becoming star struck. Ever since the spa episode, where she’s off on her own, I just don’t feel the love any more. Too much ego and coy weirdness. Not sure how to describe the attitude I’m picking up on now, but I can’t un-see it. Humble is always better, I’m amazing isn’t! Unfortunately I’m gonna have to unsubscribe since I just can’t watch any more… bummer! Great concept and awesome travels tho, hope you all have fun!

    1. Elayna made that vidio before ever going with Riley on boat, at least that is what I picked up through lots of reading and browwsing. Think she just grouped it in with boat stuff. She was making vidios before she met him. She hasnt changed a bit except taken on much more responsibilitys than any other 22 year old Ive ever met.

  34. Hi guys, enjoyed watching your travels and I see you are on the way to the Cook Islands, I believe one of the most beautiful places in the world. Be sure to read about Tom Neil’s adventure living alone on suwarrow island, visit Atutaki lagoon and check out the fruits of Rarotonga for a toasted sandwich. It would be a dream to sail there, enjoy. One day I hope to too!

  35. Hi,
    love to watch you on YouTube! thanks for let us be with you on your journey 🙂
    I wonder what for snorkeling mask you wear … for deep free diving? can I use it for normal snorkeling too? I always have problems with masks 🙂 hope to find a good one! thanks for that 🙂
    I also love your voice and your songs Elayna … beautiful.
    How much longer will you be sailing? just around the world?
    Have fun a keep save!
    anja :o)

  36. Hi R and E!

    I’m one of the crew from SV Huzzah. We met you at Hiva Oa, then crossed paths again at Tahuata and Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas. We really enjoyed the time you joined us for happy hour on Huzzah. Reilly will recall getting rather enamored with Huzzah’s lithium battery bank. We lost track of you after we left Nuku Hiva on May 1 for the Tuamotus which we reached a couple of weeks before you (we visited Fakarava, Apataki and Rangiroa). From there we visited the Lewards in the Societies (we really liked Huahine), then the Windwards. Maybe you came across Huzzah again somewhere in the Societies after I left the boat July 1. I’m back home in Washington State, USA now after ten months and 6000 nautical miles helping get the boat from here to Tahiti. My offshore cruising days are done at least for now but I will enjoy yours as you progress through the Pacific.

    Your videos really do a great job of capturing the essence (good and bad) of offshore sailing and the islands, ports and anchorages you visit. It is obvious that your viewers really enjoy your adventures vicariously and many seem to be motivated to try offshore cruising themselves sooner or later. I can only imagine the time and effort required to shoot edit and post high quality videos. I’m not sure everyone appreciates how difficult it is to get stuff posted online from the places you visit.

    Best wishes as you continue your circumnavigation. Do be safe.

  37. I stumbled to your videos on YouTube and really liked the way you have documented your journey. Keep enjoying the freedom of sailing life.

  38. J.K.: who for the fun of it sometimes call himself Steve has the problem that patron is the same as bullit in danish,- cause i hate any kind af violence. Maybe Patreon is better,- I thought that was the way it is spelled.

  39. Great marketing . According to Analists Lavagabonde Stars have an accumilated fortune of 17 milion US dolars. That is amazing.
    Truely there are a nice couple they desreve to be reach.
    Being reach is not about education anymore . It is about original thinking. And Lavagabonde have naild it for sure. BBC ,CNN and FOX should all learn from this couple. Fuck the Broadcasting networks. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to make our own TV shows and get reach. Fuck all the mediators. If labagabonde would have been broadcasted on CNN then certainly most of the $$$ would go to CNN.
    Brilliant thinking from the Larvagabonde couples. 4 milion dollars katamaran – cheers.

  40. Whahoo!! you two. What a fantastic story, over the moon for you – and the new adventures to begin Feb ’17 on the spanking OUTREMER !!
    In the meantime keep the vids coming – for me and mine, it makes getting up on a Monday worthwhile.

  41. Hey Guys

    You are living the dream of many of us.

    An idea for a stop over is Vanuatu if you are still in the area around Fiji etc. There is some great diving to be had at a place called Million Dollar Point and the SS President Coolidge.

    Although you are in the Southern Hemisphere wikk you planning to maybe sail in the new Catamaran in the Northern Hemisphere you could have some good adventures up round the Fjords of Norway or maybe into the
    Baltic Sea.

    Good sailing


  42. I’m so happy for you guys!!! Your new boat is amazing and so well deserved. I have been watching your videos for a while and see all the effort you put in and how you lined up this opportunity; don’t let anyone tell you it was luck! You built the opportunity for the sponsorship and locked the deal in.

    Congratulations to you super smart, brave couple.

  43. Hey guys! Been watching your videos regularly and we’re always happy to see a new one appear in our feed. As for the new Cat, we watched the most recent video twice but didn’t really understand how you came by it. Would you consider doing a more detailed post here explaining the deal you were able to put together for the Cat. Just curious really. Thanks so much and safe travels!

  44. We have watched your adventures from the very first episode… and enjoyed all the adventures and that you seemed like really genuine people… but now you went to commercialize your followers and didn’t reveal any of this to anyone until you sealed the deal for your million dollar yacht that you claimed you “worked so hard for every day”… seriously… so everything you did was to commercialize you selves for a catamaran? Think hard about why you did this trip in the first place and re-watch your video when you went back to Oz with little money to make some to pursue your dreams… now you’ve sold your souls and feel proud about that… it is sad. Good luck with your new “commercial” lives…

    1. Hey James, sorry to hear you feel this way. If you check our patreon account, you will find we have been honest and upfront with everyone all the way through. In terms of commercialising ourselves, I think you might be jumping the gun a little. So far, all we’ve told you is that we’re getting a catamaran.

  45. Good luck in fish infested shrimps trapped waters of the globe.
    Always prefect success. Just got stitches pulled today(9-21-16) and hungry for many
    Mcdonalds fish fillet(lingcod)burgers. Heres good cookie recipe for 60.cookies.batch/per half pound butter>>
    Navy seals dutch oven cookie recipe I Guess 375F
    Seven Cookies(3morning-2noon-2before bed) a day recipe:
    1.5 cups white sugar
    2 sticks unsalted butter thats halffg pound
    3 eggs
    add 3.25cups flour
    rasins and walnuts..ect
    bake375F for 13-15minHOTrrrrrrhar

  46. I don’t know how long I’ve been watching but since I have gotten attached to these people because of how awesome and just free spirited they are. It is nice to see them just follow their dreams and have support and a community built around them. It is also very exciting to see them get a new boat and what amazing new adventures they will be able to sail to. Best of luck to the both of you!

  47. OMG! Watched 64 episodes in 2 days… I think that I can taste sea water and feel the breeze. .. u are absolutely amazing couple- patience, respect and creativity is out of this century! Admire every single bit of you both!

  48. Just found that a channel is lifting your vids as if they were their own.
    if you know this channel disregard, but I did report this channel. Fare use did not apply and this channel seems to be made up for click bait and such. If you make any ££$$ off your Youtube channel this channel is cutting into your wallet. Cheers and happy sailing. I will keep an eye out.

  49. Aloha,
    I like the adventures the both of you are taking, My wife and I bought a sailboat with no experience in sailing, so I turned to YouTube to learn and found your wonderful life. It’s our goal to set sail and see the world I’ve come to realize that the hardest thing to do is untie and go. I was wondering if you are traveling to the Hawaiian Islands? We are located on the island of Oahu at Keehi Marine Center it’s where we are docked. If you decide to come in what would it take to have a day sail adventure with you?

    Best regards

  50. Please give me a chance to sail with u. I’m a master mechanic raced a 34′ on Lake Michigan for years. Need cruising experience!!!!!48 retired and financially self sufficient

  51. Riley: So sorry to hear about your outboard. By now I guess you know to check the shear pin just behind the cone shaped locking nut on the prop. If that is not the problem, make sure the engine is off and shift the gear box into forward and hand turn the prop. If it is locked and will not turn that is good, if it clicks and turns then the forward gear is sheared off. Do the same for the reverse gear.
    Happy sailing!

  52. Congrats on the new yacht deal! Just wanted to say thanks for all the videos! Really inspiring stuff and I hope to find you guys on the water someday!

  53. Hi Guys,
    Well done and keep it up!!
    Love what you are doing and the way you do it!!
    Riley, I watched you change the alternator belt on the engine with a deep concern. From what I could see on the vid’ you had the alternator adjustment backed off as far as you could, but the belt was still too tight….it must be the wrong belt (too short) and if it is too tight it may overload the bearings on the water pump or alternator……bad news I am sure you agree. You haven’t mentioned any servicing either…..fuel filters are a must change, especially as some of the fuel you get seems to come from a dodgy source!
    I hope you don’t mind the input, I am sure get fed up with people who seem to know best. (Qualified mechanic on Porsche/Ferrrari/Merc’/BMW. Boat/aircraft restorer).
    Regarding the outboard prop’. If you nick a blade it can be filed back to make the leading edge smooth again, it is preferable to do all blades the same so it remains balanced. If you can find a good alloy welder they can be welded and built up to recondition them. If you haven’t chucked the old prop’ it would be worth keeping as an emergency spare.
    I installed B&G kit to our yacht (36ft Hunter Legend Bilge Keel) including the forward looking sonar. We use the boat for “creek crawling”, and have found the Forward Scan to be unreliable in shallow waters (just when you need it!) so beware. B&G are working on a “fix”. Great kit otherwise.
    Looking forward to the next Vid’.
    Are you hoping to get back to Oz for Christmas?
    When do you plan to get the Cat’?
    I guess the Cat’ will be collected from France…….what are your plans?
    Good luck, all the very best wishes from the UK.
    Wishing you “Health, Wealth (in all things) and Happiness.
    Neil & Veda

  54. Finally got you off some good lures to drag…behind your sailboat now….

    Expect them in a week or two….

    I made a couple of them……They should catch fish!!

    Hope you catch some Mahi…and Tuna with them….!!!

    Always enjoy your vids…


  55. Thank you guys for expressing such positive and exciting videos. You two are living the dream and it inspires me to do the same 🙂

  56. Welcome to NZ. Turned on the tv for the news tonite and here was Riley and Elayna just arrived in NZ, if you are in Nelson during your time here I would love to buy you both a beer, drop me a text 0284047972 if you do come here.

  57. Elayna & Riley:
    La Vagabonde Deux will be beautiful, even a large boat can become small if you don’t keep everything tidy. The best advice that I ever received was to keep the settees clear at all times as well as the galley. After all, one will start to hallucinate after 36 hours at the helm and you will need some place to crash quickly when you need sleep.

    Best of luck always,
    Captain Mike

  58. Congratulations! Your work is outstanding in terms of quality and honesty, compared with similar stuff I searched for on youtube. Thank you! You give so much and make people happy all around the globe. You have become STARS. Please stay cool about it and keep being the team of La Vagabonde. Fame, also a four letter word, fame might be the most difficult weather condition you have to deal with. But I am sure, if you stick together, you will make it! OK, I thank you again and wish you a merry xmas!

  59. Guys I love your videos and wish I could live your life for a month but that would be it lmao ..
    I would love to join you guys but the only boat I can sail on is a cruise ship haha .. I watch your videos with the beautiful colors so vivid and alive and you trick me into thinking I could go diving but then I start too hear the theme song to jaws …..
    We had similar surgery on our neck I have 5 inch titanium plate with 6 screws and then I see you running around and moving your head like nothing happened and I don’t know if I’m jelous or just pissed lol but then I figite it’s your life that makes you feel better but please tell me do you feel the weather change in your neck back from all the metal like me ???

    Well guys keep up the good work you make my days a little better knowing two good people are living there dreams ..
    Well if you ever want a 45 year man with a very very strong NY accent to hangout with and make you laugh with crazy stories that’s scared crap of the water I’m your man and maybe just maybe you can get me diving in crystal clear water …

  60. Since you guys are in New Zealand then if you come to Tauranga we’ll take you out to dinner. My wife and I love your Youtube channel…

  61. Hello from friggin cold Ontario Canada!
    Stumbled onto your videos this week. Enjoying your adventure! It brings the ocean warmth to our cold existance here ?It is minus 20 celcius here. Your living our dream. Keep making your awesome videos they are better than whats on T.V these days. You two are smart, living your dream so young. We only talk about doing this stuff.
    Be safe and best wishes into the next year.

  62. Hi have been trying to download your “FREE Simple Guide to Living On a Sailboat” however just keeps taking me round in circles or tels me that ‘pre-orders’ of your Album? have now closed. How do I get this booklet please?

  63. Hi Elena and Riley,
    Congrats on the new boat! We have been following you for some time. We are about to take off cruising ourselves and your videos help keep up our motivation when things feel overwhelming. With 6 months to go before we set sail that happens quite often! I was wondering what video software you guys use? I would love to document our trip with some video for family, friends and future memories. I made a video in I Movie but it seems to be laking in editing funktions and most of all precision. Thanks for all your work it’s been very inspiring and is beautifully done.


  64. I am a old working stiff and been a small boat racer and sailor for over 55 years. Wish I had the where with all to have done what your doing. Great adventure really enjoy your videos.

  65. Mj and i love you 2 nice to see someone else with life and light in there souls 😉 mj says you have to make a fue a your own songs your much better than you think 😉 if you even need advice on electrical or fixin stuff give me a shout. best wishes and fair seas B.C. Canada

  66. maybe better late than never and sorry if this was mentioned in the previous 3500+ replys.

    Re: safety from pirates I’d suggest:
    1; Radar with a 12 to 20 NM proximity alarm so you don’t get surprised with them to close.
    2; a red 12 gauge “flare” gun with a small # of magnesium parachute flares, in addition to regulation “distress” flares, and stored in your “ditch” bag. If approached at night then illuminating the entire area improves your visibility and removes the element-of-surprise. A line launching attachment is also available, as well as a very large assortment of other types of projectiles for what is effectively a sawed off shot gun that will pass most customs inspections as part of your “safety” kit.
    3; At bear spray canister for everyone or every cabin aboard.
    4; A regular practice session, in a suitable location, for use of each of the above, so that you are familiar with each possible response you might wish to take.

  67. Hi Guys,
    Have been following you from the start and glad to see you’re closer to home. I assume after that you’ll be hitting Asia and possibly the Andaman Islands next?
    Also, found La Vagabonde on AIS, and according to them it’s Norwegian flagged …… a stuff up in the AIS registration maybe??
    Fair winds and smooth seas to you both

  68. Hi all,
    Just a question re merchandise, any idea on shipping time to Melbourne aus?
    Also might have been a little helpful to know I was purchasing in USD when looking through the shop!
    Keep the inspirations coming, they’re fantastic,

  69. Hiya guys, what an amazing life you two are living. Both Insta accounts have the most beautiful pics I’ve seen.
    How did you two meet? I ask only because it isn’t mentioned in either account. Two beautiful souls bouncing around the world only to end up in Greece ( I think) at the same time. I love meet-up stories and am sure all of your followers would like to know as well. Can’t get enough of the vids and the commentary has me in stitches. also, why and how did you choose La Vagabonde as the name and the same question for the new yacht? As always, keep up the good work and keep grinding, as it is surely and inspiration to me and and others wanting to cut the ties to the land for a bit.


  70. Hi there Salty’s!
    Nello and I (Fiona), have followed you from the beginning.
    In fact we had also bought our Beneteau Oceanis 411 (second hand yr. 2001)
    More or less at the same time you two took sail..
    You can imagine how we we’re full of dreams watching you guys, and asking our selves
    Can we or should we take off and do the same?
    We bothed worked full time, I was made redundant just before Xmas last year,
    No worries am so happy to be out of such an awful existence, I now am training in Natural Health
    And waiting for my “Bello” to contemplate kicking the bucket.
    We experienced a month sailing last summer in the Mediterranean, first night passage,
    Experiencing broken ribs, twisted ankle, and not to mention the bruising….to an exceptional closing
    Chapter ……. Nello fished his first Big fish…. A MARLIN….. 5 miles out of our home port.
    After a 17 hour crossing from Corsica.

    An exceptional introduction to an adventure aboard our s/ v Nefi.

    I feel this has been the most emotional moment of my life. Unfortunately not as young as you guys
    But my spirit is like a kid!!!?
    We were hoping to come to le Grand Motte, although we have things to do on Nefi…

    We hope to finalize our dream by sailing off too, would be fantastic to follow you with your new
    Baby…although you will be faster!!!!!

    Thanks for inspiring all of those who have a fantastic dream,
    Nothing better than a sailing adventure.

    Take care, and if you find yourselves near Monaco or in Italy near to Marina Degli Aregai
    Please let me know!!!!!!⛵?
    Nello and Fiona

  71. We have a Bene 381, sailed from the UK 3 years ago, in Gibraltar now till May, then should we turn right or left? Love your movies. Just for info I am a diesel engine man, write for Practical Boat Owner as the resident engine expert. If you have any probs, give us a shout.
    Stu and Laura

  72. Hello,

    Åland Island’s in between Finland and Sweden calling …

    W’re a sailing family like yourselfs x6 , year’s ago we sailed the same waters when the kids were still – not grownups. We enjoy following your adventures, as can be noted on our family social sites.

    Two comment’s:

    Please tell your lovely media assistant to be social and herself in front of the camera – but be absolutely quiet behind the camera.

    Add the logo of Le Vagabonde on both tiller seats, on your new Outremer 45.


  73. G’day from Thailand. I have been following you on youtube. You inspire me to take the sailing course and to sail with my old friend in Brisbane. Thanks for the great video.

  74. Hi there Elyna and Riley,

    Thanks for your kind reply, great to hear from you!
    So next weekend you should be in Grand Motte, in France…..
    If we turned up last minute…..think any chance of saying hi or getting to dinner?
    Otherwise….. will you come our way, Monaco or near our marina?

    Looking forward to seeing you aboard La Vagabond II…….but I would imagine sad to leave the first
    Vagabond after all you lived thru on aboard ….?

    Well watching out for you!
    Lol Fiona!

  75. I was wondering how do you travel to all these places? Like when you arrive do you guys need to have your passports and visa or no? Like what documents do you need to travel to all these places?

  76. Going to be sailing around ibiza etc this summer, where will you guys be June and July? Also, seeing as you’re close at the moment can you do a meet and greet in London? Cheers!!

  77. You should do some sailing round the fjords of Norway also you should pop into London and sail up the Thames. Liking the new boat by the way. May she take you to all the locations you desire.

    Safe winds


  78. Ahoy Elayna and Riley !

    what`s with ” La Vagabonde I ” ?
    Is it sold or available yet at NZ and what`s your asking price ?

    Always strong wind and seawater under your keel.

    Toi, toi,toi !


  79. enjoy watching your videos on you tube. just wounder if your going to share that magical SSI number so we can all track where you are??

  80. downloaded lesson learned PDF, and was good read. Wish I could hear more stories you’ve encountered on the sea. Will expect on YT.

  81. You are such an inspiration!! I’m lucky to live by the Great Lakes in North America. I have been sailing a dozen or so times and your videos keep my dream alive.

  82. Hi, any chance of doing a “using predictwind with Iridium GO! review/advice” rant?

  83. Hello,
    At the risk of sounding really ignorant, I would like to ask a question. As I have watched your videos (currently on 87) I often wonder why you have to go without sleep so often. If you’re in open ocean and you have gps can’t you just drop the sails and drift while you sleep and then get your bearings when you wake up?

  84. I think I might have been one of the first to get your 3andme DNA test. I already did the Ancestry one but 23andme gives you a lot more like the medical, mother and father and famous people you are related to etc. I love your book. How do you have such great pics etc for so little money? THANKS!

    *** Question ***
    Do you ever read your YouTube video comments or answer them or is it not worth us commenting there?

    1. Hi Mark, sounds interesting.
      I can’t say we read ALL of the YouTube comments but we read a lot especially within the first 24-48 hours to get feedback on the episode 🙂

  85. hi guys just wondering where you plan to be 24 Sept- 5 Oct If your still around Lefkas would be great to say high will be there on a sailing holidays flotiller from Nidri

  86. Hi sailers of La vagabond. Sail the west cost of Norway and exsperiens the fjords, and mountains My wife and I can show you the cost and the mountains all over Norway. It is a beutyfull country.
    If you are heding this way, i can promis you a experians for life.

  87. Hey guys, I’m a professional cinematographer and a sailor and I just watched your live feed. I had a weird feeling your informations about the gulf stream are not 100% right. Pls recheck or check in with me, I’ll be more than happy to discuss that with you … best A.

  88. I’ve looked all over your site trying to find out information on you nice Cat that does 22+. Can we get an update on what it is?

  89. Riley and Elayna,

    I wonder if your plan to sail to the Arctic Circle is a good idea. I love to watch your warm water sailing videos and feel like I am there with you. But the north Atlantic is cold. You will be in cold water for weeks and not able to swim or dive. I for one, would like to see you continue in warm water and warm weather. I hope you think hard about whether going into the north Atlantic is a good idea.

    Loren McCann

  90. Amazing crossing to Corsica, I know how Elyna was feeling 😉 The speed certainly must of shortened your time from Poquerol Islands, pity you could of sailed to the Lerins Isles just off Cannes, and shortened the crossing. All the same well done…. I’ve always wondered how Catamaran take to a bouncy sea. Lucky wind coming from behind.👍
    You will love Corsica, the west coast is the best, Calvi charming, Bonefaccio, all the rest is amazing. The Island is top!!!
    Wish we were near to you,… am busy making plans to move on board our s/v Nefi, as we hope to sail off in the near future 😉 So our funds, are going on for Nefi…. 😉 Hope to set up our blog or web page soon!!
    Unfortunately, I doubt we could follow all the way to the North Pole….😔 Do take care.
    Chat soon, keep posting and enspiring!!😊 Lol Fiona & Nello s/v Nefi

    Ps, you ever feel nauseous with those crazy mistral winds?

  91. Hi Riley & Elayna,

    Love your channel, have been watching on and off for quite awhile. I was just wondering if you guys might consider trying to get the word out about some of the hurricane relief efforts & fundraising for the caribbean islands devastated by Irma.

    Here’s a description of Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, BVI via my dad from a local, Jason, who lives there:
    “He says that funds are needed for the basics of food and water. Many residents have lost their income due to restaurants and places being closed down. It’s unclear how and if anyone would be paid for cleanup efforts. He said a helicopter landed in the bay this morning and it was mobbed by locals for the food and water they disbursed. Funds are needed to give to locals so they can buy food and water also. Currently no electricity or running water in CGB. People have cleared many of the main roads so cars that have gas can travel around somewhat. Jason lost one of his vans, it just blew away over the hill.”

    Here’s some footage of the destruction on Tortola:
    There are similar stories for many of the islands in that area.

    And Myett’s in Cane Garden Bay has a gofundme. I’m sure there are many other similar stories & fundraisers for the islands hit:

    Anyway, just thought I’d suggest it. Hope your travels are treating you well!

  92. I love your Youtube channel. I watched your video about safety. Some remarks to that.

    In order to set foot on land in Spitsbergen/Svalbard, I think you are required to have a gun on board. That’s to fend of the ice bears. A powerful and intelligent hunter who has humans as a starter. As far as I know they rent out guns in the most northerly University town in Europe, Tromso, Norway for this purpose. I’ve been to Tromso and the Lofoten Islands all well above the polar circle. In nice weather it’s fantastic.

    Concerning the harness: In the last Clipper around the world race a woman was washed out of the cockpit and never found again. She’s pressumed dead. Unlike her other crew mates she wasn’t clipped in.

    Now concerning the life jacket: When you go overboard unconscious at least a good vest will turn you over, so your face is out of the water. If nobody is coming back for you you will die of hypothermia anyway. Yes, even in the med. That’s what is killing those boat refugees coming from Libiya.

    During a channel crossing to the UK I got badly tossed around in the cabin. I, by chance avoided to hit my head severly. I now carry a bicycle helmet. Those seem to be pretty popular in the America’s Cup.

    I’m sailing solo on a mono hull. My biggest fear is to see my yacht sail away while lying in the middle of some big expense of water with no boats to be seen.

    I also heard stories of yachts picking up people fallen from other yachts. The crew was not aware that someone was missing. The life jacket just helped those people keep afloat long after they lost their capability to climb out of the water by them selves.

    Stay safe and maybe read the book about the Sydney to Hobart of 1998, Fatal Storm by Rob Mundle.

  93. I have been keeping up with Riley and Elayna since November 2015.

    I started out watching the first few videos they had done…camera shaking, Riley’s inquisitive looks at the blasted camera, Elayna falling across the first LaVaga while trying to cook…it’s been a trip!

    Had a bottle of Cab while watching their videos one night…

    Laughed out loud several times…

    Talked to them, out loud about thinking they could fight off pirates with can goods! Actually fussed at Riley, expecting him to be more prepared…

    Poor Elayna when she had the tooth ache and Riley with the ear infection…

    I even noticed how the two of them had to work really hard to “keep it real” and together, when they first got the Cat.

    Then, all those days, and nights, that I have NOT been sitting in front of my computer or looking at my smartphone, but, still just thought about those two kids…

    Sometimes, I’ll be working through my morning and wondering where they are having a meal or a drink, knowing they are 6 or 7 hours ahead of me in the same day. (Hope they sometimes have a toast to all of us, “us”, just thinking of their well being and toasting to their success.)

    True adventure seekers, sailors to the bone, with salt water in their veins.

    They have sailed the world and continue to amaze me with their enthusiasm and clear gratitude for what they are experiencing.

    Keep sailing, singing and playing the guitar. Diving, and fishing and cooking whatever is in the galley.

    May you never stop laughing and loving and chasing the horizon.

  94. Hello, I will like to place orders for some of your products, I will like to know if i can place orders with my credit card and if i can arrange pick up from your store/warehouse by a private freight company. I will be looking forward to your quick response soon. Thanks Larry Ventures

  95. I watched as you had gotten your anchor lines fouled with the power boat. I used to find it helpful to tie a small line to the anchor and the other end to a small dish soap plastic bottle/ usually bright yellow(that floats). This way when other boats entered the harbor they can see where my anchor is; and I could see if I was dragging.

  96. Hi ,
    Have you ever thought about using the St Lawrence Seaway from Newfoundland to Quebec City and Montreal, then the Great Lakes to Toronto, Niagara Falls to Detroit and on to Chicago. Finally taking the Mississippi River to Memphis and New Orleans. It’s all interconnected. This would be a great trip on your way back from Iceland with lots of great cities and sites along the way. A good way to get more people following you and your travels.


  97. Hello Riley & Elayna from Dominica the nature island

    I know you all where just in Antigua and thats very close to Dominica. Me and my boyfriend thought we saw your boat when we look out on the ocean in Dominica. Well we hope you guys do stop here in dominica and we thought is would be super cool to meet you guys.

  98. Hello Riley & Elayna from Dominica the nature island

    I know you all where just in Antigua and thats very close to Dominica. Me and my boyfriend thought we saw your boat when we look out on the ocean in Dominica. Well we hope you guys do stop here in dominica and we thought is would be super cool to meet you guys.

  99. Hello Riley & Elayna from Dominica the nature island

    I know you all where just in Antigua and thats very close to Dominica. Me and my boyfriend thought we saw your boat when we look out on the ocean in Dominica. Well we hope you guys do stop here in dominica and we thought is would be super cool to meet you guys.

  100. Hello Riley nice to meet you guys realy love to follow you around and see want you do… i realy hope to do the same in a year or to. im looking at a
    Ipanema 58 to start my big sail in.. hope to do it but my better half is not in to sailing so dont know wath to do… becouse need to do this.. Do you guys know what i need to do or something like that,,,
    Hope you guys have a super trip and keep loving it.
    Best Regards Johnny Andersen


  101. I just recently came across your youtube videos and I’m so impressed with the quality and high level of entertainment you pack into your videos (I’m going back to watch from the start)…….that being said, you two look like you’re having the time of your lives out there. You guys have a chemistry going on that’s magic…….I wish you fair winds.

  102. Dear Elyna &Riley,
    I hope this email finds you feeling a lot better. By looking on the map it looks like you have continued your passage
    To the Carribbean. That looks positive, and hope you are coping and the Ocean is treating you well.
    Take care and please observe security and calm relations….. something I understand is quite difficult between a couple at sea!!!😉😁
    I’m passing my days aboard our S/v Nefi (a Beneteau Oceans 411), where I hope one day with my companion we shall cast away our lines to make our way to Greece.
    For I’m playing the patients game😅
    Looking forward to hearing back that all is ok.
    Cheers Foggi.

  103. Hey Riley, I just watched your most recent YouTube video where you suffered your neck injury. I couldn’t help but think back to 2015, when I also injured my neck, had ACDF surgery, anterior,cervical dystectomy fusion, and where they screwed the titanium H shaped clamp to my vertebrae, sounds like similar surgery. I also have a paralyzed vocal chord as a result of the surgery, and I am to.d that it will never recover. Anyways I had the surgery Feb 2/15 and on Feb 20/15, I was sailing on a catamaran in the Virgin Islands and as I was climbing out of the cockpit to get on to the top of the port Hull I banged the top of my head on the canopy hardtop. It hurt like hell, damn near knocked me out, and scared the crap out of me. I felt a sharp pain, arm when numb, but low and behold, everything seemed fine after theinitial shock went away. I was hoping I could find my X-ray to show it to you, the clamp looks cool. Anyways, all seems well now, I continue to sail, mostly on Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada, but have also done some ocean sailing with a friend of mine on his st Francis 50, a great catamaran. Just thought I would share this storey, because some of these coincidences were uncanny. Continued fair sailing, hope to meet up some day.
    Henry Verbakel

  104. Dear Elayna,

    I can show you some reflexology spots, that will help immediatly to release tension from Rileys neck and nerves. Please contact me, if this is a help.


  105. Hi Riley

    Liveaboards in Denmark. Have just installed 2 X 12″ B&G Zeuss Plotters. I can see on your videos that you get boat drift and a lot of extra stuff of water information that I dont get.

    What kind of transducer do you have installed? Airmar dx900?

    Going on the hard on May 1st so I am looking to upgrade my transducer. Presently I have a BV744, however I am not getting “speed through water” information, which sucks.

    PS, hope your neck is getting better….

    Brgds from Denmark

  106. Hi Riley & Elayna
    I’m very envious,,, I was instrumental in building a 54 foot “Hartley Tahatian”, way back when i was in my early teens( i’m 63 now and have never realized my dream of a circumnavigation .
    I vividly remember at age 17 sitting on the rear deck of the completed yacht with the owner. We were a week from launch,the owner said ” You helped me build it,,, you better come help me sail it around the world”
    It burned to a shell that weekend.

    Riley you asked for tips etc in one of your movies in about the EP55-EP60 area.
    Ive been a sailor for more than 35 yrs and a fisherman for 50yrs, and would like to offer these observations.

    Don’t use your game reel as a winch , it is not designed for such work , use the rod to put pressure on the fish and unload the line when retrieving( pump and wind ). Its more fun and easier on your gear.

    I have not noticed if you use your traveller to create twist in your main when reaching. A very useful technique that produces more power in the right direction and less angle of lean . In a nutshell: traveller up to windward and ease the mainsheet till you achieve a shape that suits your apparent wind and sea conditions and you are happy with how the helm feels.
    how far you adjust each of the controls is up to the particular boat and conditions.

    I only offer you these thoughts in response to your request for info .You have achieved my lifelong dream and i think you are both awesome .
    There are certainly much better sailors out there than me, so if you are across these techniques my apologies, it is hard to tell your sail setup on the videos.

    I managed 25 years ago to buy a Holman & Pye UFO34. Its a 3/4 ton design very similiar to the boat that Jesse Martin sailed around single handed. I had hoped to one day sail “Sfida” off into the sunset but alas that never happened.
    She now sits in my backyard waiting for me to finally find a way.
    Anyway I stumbled across your movies three weeks ago and i am trying to catch up to your current postings
    Thank you so much for the wonderful videos and the inspiration to once more imagine that i can make it happen.
    Kind regards
    Robert Anderson

  107. Hey Riley and Elayna–You two are wonderful. To Riley I have been watching your saga of your neck-back. Your are experiencing the same thing I go thru often. I broke my back (T8) sometime in 2008. Ruptured two disc in my neck in 2009 (I am an artist) I was on a photo shoot in Mexico. To make this a shorter tale I now have 12 bulging disc, 4 compressed disc, all in my thoracic back, a bi-level fusion in my neck, and 5 bad facet joints all in my upper back and neck. I have been in pain since 2007. So I feel for you and the situation. Yes I to have to seem to explain ” oh I no my back is the same I am trying to be happy today”. When I have permission to double up on meds to go and play a round of golf. I am planning a trip to I India next year. You hit on one of the most frustrating situations of living with pain people do not understand you go on with your life. So Riley you are understood. I would not maybe go diving til you have the ok from the doc. But other than that if it will not increase the pain I say live the way you want to live. It seems to me you are holding your neck and moving with caution. The one thing you might try although by now you have probably seen the doctor the only thing I see that could help is icing and heating in alternation no more than 10 mins a flip and total no more than 30 minutes. Other than that I am looking forward to see what the doc says. Sending you healing energy. To Elanya you are doing a great job and yes I also have insomnia and it can be debilitating. I wish I had some wisdom about this too but I don’t I have tried everything. The only thing that helps is turning off all computers an hour before sleep drink some chamomile tea. Wish you both the best sincerely Sue Cooper

  108. Riley,

    I too broke my neck. I re injured my neck and felt as if I pulled the screws out, very painful. Over time the disc will cause impingement on the nerve causing pain. I use traction when the pain is severe to gain space between the discs relieving the nerve pain. Fusion of the neck might cause the disc below the fusion to be compressed over time causing discomfort. Talk with a Dr. and ask if this may help you.


  109. Riley and Elayna,
    It is true, many of us live vicariously through your adventures.
    You should have reached Antigua…. estimated when your last video (ep 138) posted on April 23rd?
    Would love to hear some good news about your neuro eval and both of you getting some sleep!
    Hoping all is well…

  110. I’ve got a compressed limbo-sacral disk, an overall twist in my spine and an odd finger of bone growing out of one of my vertebrae that looks really weird on an x-ray but doesn’t raise any eyebrows among the professionals. My guess would be that Riley will always have a vulnerability there because of the trauma and the metal bit, as I will always have lower back issues and be fighting that tendency to twist. But god knows he’s whacked his head around enough with no apparent consequences. Just exercise it and keep it strong and supple and yer good to go.

  111. Have watched your videos from the beginning…very well done. I have a question…it is now May 26th and you are in Barbuda ..what are you going to do regarding your hull insurance and being so far North for the hurricane season? Do you plan to go on the hard or continue Sailing. You are obviously in the “zone” as Barbuda got wiped out. I was just in the BVIs and St Thomas and they are still recovering….just curious as Delos is out of the water in Grenada for the season.
    Fair Winds,

  112. Hi Guys
    Have been watching your channel from the beginning.
    Well done
    Just watched your episode regarding plastic.

    At the risk of really shocking you, have a watch of the below link to an episode of the Australian ABC program “Catalyst” and the research carried out by Australian CSRIO regarding Micro Plastics in our oceans.

    It would seem that probably the biggest concern that we have for Micro plastics in our oceans is from washing machines grinding up textile products like Nylon and Rayon from our clothing and such.
    The local governments around the world filter sewerage for bugs and harmful bodies before they reach release waste water to the ocean, but they do not filter for micro plastics produced in what you would think are huge quantities from every household and industry across the entire world.

    This program absolutely upset me when I watched it and I have no idea what to do with this information, except spread the word to everyone I know.
    From what I can determine, the depressing part is, that massive damage has been already done and it continues.
    As they state in the episode, the micro plastics don’t breakdown and get past up the entire food chain straight to us.
    I wonder if a lot of the abnormal increases in sickness we have in out communities (like Cancer) is being caused by this form of pollution.

    Sorry if this disturbs you in the same way it did for me, but you have a large platform in order to make a difference. I hope by sending this to you, that I have done a small part also.

    PS: We live in Noosa QLD. If you are ever in the neighbourhood – please look us up. We would be happy to put you up for a couple of days and show you around our beautiful part of the world .

  113. Suggest, if sailing while pregnant, take on a patreon or visitor who is a trained nurse.

  114. Congrats on the pending birth of your child. I just watched your followup message about your tentative plans to have the baby born in Florida, etc.
    All good.
    Some thoughts from a 60 yr. old man married for 38 years, we have two grown sons and 4 grandchildren. We like to explore and camp in the mountains and deserts of the western U.S. and when our first son was born, some 34 years ago, we decided early on that people telling us we “couldn’t do this or that” with him…well…we ignored them. A child will change your life in ways you cannot imagine, but your bring the baby into your world, and while there will be some changes, the whole point of starting and having a family is to bring them into your world, to show them all life has to offer, and all that you love, and hope they will come to love.
    Our first born son spent his first night camping on the beach, in a camper shell on the back of a pickup truck, at 3 months old. You show them the world, and the people in it, and teach them the difference between right and wrong, and how to think critically, and before you know it they are grown and gone…and you spend the rest of your life praying for them.
    You are two smart young people who have quite literally impacted thousands of lives with your work. Yes, many come to your you tube strictly for the sailing stuff, but more come because of you, and who you are, and how you share your world with us…
    Of course the videos will change. Everything is going to change…but your lives, and the life of your child, will go on. The baby will grow into a toddler, the toddler into a young kid, and before you know it he will be a young man. Enjoy every moment of this…remember every little step of this process…the one thing that will change in the videos is that they will now become an incredible record of the young one’s arrival, and subsequent growth.
    If anything, you need to be aware of that as you record…don’t make public the stuff that will embarrass him, or her.
    I wish you two all the best. At this stage in my life I can say that the greatest gifts my children have given me are a new level of love, an indescribable love that only parents get to experience. They gave me a new set of eyes to see the world through, and…way down the road, the greatest gift of them all… grandchildren.
    Yes, in the middle, between the time from child to adult…all of the other stuff…the stuff my mom used to watch them do and laugh as I got mad, saying, “oh my he is just like you were”.
    I wish you two all the best in the world. Extract every ounce of joy you can from the coming months, and prepare yourselves for the greatest journey you have ever been on…a youngster, looking up at you and calling you “Mommy ” and “Daddy.
    Scary, yes…they don’t come with owners manuals, and they will scare you….but they will bring the most incredible sense of joy….really…

    He spent his first night under the stars on our home in the sticks at 18 months.

  115. He Guys

    I’m a family father with four kids, living in switzerland. I’m following your youtube chanel for quiet a while and i LOVE, what you are doing. I’m a bit jealous on the courage you two have taken when you started this journey (or was it the simple haerted live that brought you two this experience?) but it brings me bake to my dreams and wishes when i see you. If i would have the opportunity to start the journey i’m dreaming of, i would buy me a bermudian cutter, take my family and would leave tomorrow, but for the moment i enjoy to dream it through your eyes. Thanks a lot for that.

    We have friends who have started a journey on a sailboat one and a half years ago with two little kids. The plan was to start before getting kids but, live has it own rules. So after the first kid, they started to reconsider there plans, and before they came to an end… so now with to kids on the boat. They started at Kiel (Germany) and at the moment the boat lies somewhere in Brazil. They came bake for work but will continue there journey around october. By all the beautifull stories the told us, they have this thing in the video that makes them a bit reflective. On this theme has already been called attention on in this block, but i think, we can not remember the people enough. Especially when you travell with kids and try to show them the world. so thanks for sharing this video and all the best to all three of you. This next experience will make this journey even richer and more adorable as it already is!!

  116. I love watching your videos. Living on the open sea would be at the top of my greatest fears. Well done to you. Elayna please share your meal plans. Riley looks way healthier than when you started out, it has to be your healthy meals. Please share. Congratulations on the pregnancy.

  117. Hey guys,
    Been following you since day one 😉
    Love your vids & blogs, inspired by your lifestyle and saving up for a 40ft cat.

    I saw this video which I reckon you’ll love, from a Florida brewery producing edible six-pack ring for fish and turtles!
    ” Most of these plastic six-pack rings end up in our oceans and pose a serious threat to wildlife. Together with Saltwater Brewery, a small craft beer brand in Florida whose primary target are surfers fishermen and people who love the sea, we decided to tackle the issue head on and make a statement for the whole beer industry to follow. We ideated, designed, prototyped and manufactured Edible Six Pack Rings. A six-pack packaging design that instead of killing animals, feeds them. ”
    Well worth spreading the word to the cruiser community, and other human sea-going activity lovers…


    PS: I have no involvement with this company, neither financial or other.

  118. Dear Riley and Elayna,

    Hope you are doing well. I have watched you both online for quite awhile now and will continue to do so. You asked where you should visit in the US while here, I would suggest you check out the Great American Loop. I don’t know just how hard it would be to take the mast down on the new boat which would need to happen in your current boat to complete the 5000+ mile trip due to bridge heights. I would love to be out there on the water living the dream like you two do now, but the funds are just not there for me on a fixed income. Be safe and have fun.

  119. Hey there..Love you the channel. My son and I freedive spearfish as well and we just wanted to say how great it is that you
    bring your spearing adventures to the channel. Please keep it up! Most importantly I just wanted to bring something to your attention incase you
    did not have knowledge of it.

    I know you guys are really busy on the boat and many times you dont get a good nights sleep.
    Well, if that happens and youre freediving at or beyound your limits, it can lead to some complications. “Shallow water black out”.

    I know you are a responsible guy and you have a dive buddy etc. but im going to give you this info just in case.
    I really do care and me sending this is all out of love. Also you never know what people have knowledge of unless you ask. Keep bringing us
    these advantures. Its very inspiring!

    some links:

    a device that keeps you from drowning from black out:

  120. Hey Elayna,
    What’s it like to be expecting a baby while on a boat in a remote place? An episode on this topic would be very interesting to a lot of folks.

  121. the smart tools at ytube just gave me the first 8 la vagabonde vids on a channel (NuBlu…). the channel is small and the vid I looked at had only about 350 views. don’t know if this is something you guys want to chase down, but blood sucking vermin always get my negative vote. no reply expected or wanted…and take this down after reading if you like….p.s. loved the channel from the start

    1. Hi Glenn! Thanks for the message. We know the guys at NuBlu, they’re a production company. We gave them permission to re-upload. Thanks for thinking of us though!

  122. Congratulations on the baby! I think you’ll find a depth of love that’s hard to describe when you hold that little sailor for the first time.

    I just watched ‘Catch and Cook.’ Outstanding job as always, especially the part about glass houses. You guys live your lives with a freedom purchased by fearlessness, hard work, and adversity. It’s the height of hypocrisy on a dozen levels for someone sitting on their couch in front of a 55″ TV to tell you guys anything! And certainly not about feeding your family with a fish that you had to swim 50′ down to get while holding your breath!

    If we ever cross paths in some remote anchorage…I’m cooking you guys a steak! Keep it up, you’ve got nothing to apologize for.

  123. Hey Scott,

    My name is Tim Horton and I’m the advertising partnerships manager at JvPartnersNow.

    We would like to advertise some of our Family & Lifestyle related clients on your blog.

    Can you please let me know which Advertising options you offer ?

    Thanks in advance for the Details !

    Take care,

    Tim Horton

  124. Hi Guys,

    I’ve been following you two for a couple of years now and given up with the others. I’m doing a similar thing, but without the social media stuff.

    Quick question… I have exactly the same problem with my B&G wind direction (1.5 years old). I assume the factory reset didn’t work. If not what was the problem and how did you fix it? If you have fixed it…

    Currently in Sardinia, on my way from Corfu to St Vincent.



    S/Y FreeCloud

  125. Hey you guys!

    You are such an inspiration. Congrats on the pregnancy. When are you guys going to be in Florida?
    I live in Louisiana. I would love to learn to sail and go spear fishing. Right now I’m a scuba diver, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to free dive, as well. I just got back from a trip to the Bahamas to go diving with black tip reef sharks. They were amazing.

    You guys are great! I hope you enjoy the US.

    Johnny B

  126. Hi guys, love your channel!

    What is your software you use to make videos? What is your camera setup?



  127. Elayna, please check out “ pregnancy free diving “ on internet. On the side of caution most diving organizations including DAN, advise against anything except snorkeling with a limit of 10 feet max. As you dive, they say, all gases in the body compress and this may be harmful to the fetus especially in the first trimester. I know it’s a bummer, but we all want both of you to be safe. Chuck

  128. Hi,

    Love watching your adventures, you guys are inspirational. Do you have any plans to come up the east coast of Florida?

    Mark and Samantha

  129. Riley and Elayna,

    Enjoy very much watching and listening to you both. We have property on Lynyard Cay in Abaco, Bahamas if you want a place to hang out for awhile let us know. The property is pretty private and safe anchorage right in front of our dock. We have visited Australia and dove on the Great Barrier Reef on a live aboard dive board some years back, loved every minute of it. Thank you both for sharing your life stories, you both are an inspiration and remind us about how we live our lives and goals as individuals and as a couple.

    Pam and Kent

  130. Hi, My name is Shaun from Easy Fix on Youtube. May I use a song from your 2015 album for a 10-20 second introduction moniker for my youtube channel? How would I go about doing that?


  131. Aloha Mates,

    What a thrill it is … no, theres a better superlative … awesome has been used. Glorious! Yes thats it!
    GLORIOUS! Oh Yeah! (as only Elay can say it!) GLORIOUS! Jeff (patreon guest/ supporter) said it it back in E38 (?) when he jumped in the water. He also said, that the way you manage the boat was just the best (or something like that) and I’d have to agree with him. The way the two of you attend to the boat and the activities you engage in (Anchoring [first of the instructional vids I’ve watched] spear fishing, diving, trip planning, bringing guests on board, etc., all get done with a smoothness that shows a great amount of attention to details. This is work. Hard work that is very clear in the quality of the product (vids) you put out. And that Work, is only a part of what it is that you are doing (vids) that SO MANY people enjoy immensely. I believe, like so many others, that you deserve the beautiful boat and life that you are enjoying. You HAVE worked for it and I’m sure that your beautiful souls are very much right where they belong. Keep up with doing exactly what your doing. Love it! And now, I have to read some of my new SLV Sail guide. I have ONLY, 2-3 yrs to learn everything (yeah, right!) before I want to have my own boat to practice with.


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