Crossing Borders on a Sail Boat

We go through this kind of stuff all the time. Today though things were a little more extreme. Having to schedule an appointment in with the embassy months prior, printing pages and pages of information basically about the numbers we have previously been assigned, flying to Barbados, its all a bit of a headache really.

Song Credits:
00:00 Sky Harbor – Jet Belly
00:56 Angel – Mika
01:41 Legendary Love – Jordan Prince
03:14 Shivas Eyes – Jason Lyle
04:05 Gotam Sen – Colours

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  1. Awesome video guys. I’ve always wanted to see Barbados. Good luck on your voyage to The Bahamas!! I’m always impressed with Alayna’s food prep with so little ingredients! Dr Steve

  2. Glad you all sailed through the beaurocracy that we call the USA!
    Getting your visas can be an ordeal.
    Appreciated finding this post as I somehow managed to miss several episodes (probably due to my expertise at using a touchscreen pad)
    Great to see you again, hope your visit to the US is way better than your introductory experience. Once you are here, maybe it will be clear why so many are attempting to arrive. Or not, each person will have to see for themselves. It is a great place for many things.

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