CRUISE SHIPS. 7 Reasons why NOT to go!

7 Reasons why NOT to go on a cruise ship. Just do, anything else. We could think of a dozen more reasons why not to go on a cruise ship but we thought we’d try and keep it short (plus it was about 10000 degrees inside La Vagabonde with no air conditioning… maybe that’s ONE plus to going on a cruise ship ?). We feel really lucky to not have to have leaned towards the dark side in representing a cruise ship line, which is the opposite of what we’re about. So a big thanks to our patrons for helping us stay independent and to each and every one of you for the support. *It should be noted that there is a time and place for cruise ships and if you prefer to travel with ease and comfort, do it. Each to their own. This is just our opinion on the whole matter.*
We hope you like this one…

Love Elayna and Riley.

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  1. Hi Riley & Elayna. Love your videos and commentary. Disagree with some of your thoughts on cruise ships however. We’ve done Alaska, the Baltic (and Russia) as well as the Panama Canal and South America. The line we have used is amazingly organized. So while there are certainly lots of people aboard, the restaurants, entertainment and facilities have not been crowded. I hate crowds and that certainly was a concern before our first cruise.

    For most of us still working a conventional job with a 40 hour week, cruises are a great way to sample a part of the world. True, it isn’t a cultural immersion like you experience with your lifestyle, but I’ve been able to see things I never would have in any other way. Our recent 2 day stay in St. Petersburg, Russia was stunning! We also saw the Vasa museum in Stockholm and climbed the medieval walls of Tallinn, Estonia.

    We took the all-inclusive tour in St. Petersburg which included phenomenal palaces, museums and food…amazing. We never could have worked out the logistics of seeing all the things we saw in the time we had available. We heard horror-stories from those who tried that city on their own. By contrast, most of the other cities we have toured were on our own. We pick a museum or site we want to visit and then walk or hire a local cab.

    Like anything else, there are “ugly” cruise ship passengers but there are also those who just want to sample other cultures in the time we have available. True, we could have done the ever-so cliche “Lumberjack show” in Alaska, but instead we hiked into the backcountry, kayaked a lake and took a sightseeing seaplane over the glaciers. We try to find “off-the-beaten-path” tours that give us a glimpse of “real” people.

    Anyway, like most of life, anything we do has an impact, some of which is negative. Keep the videos coming and you’re to be commended for your environmental awareness. I’m using reusable grocery bags and bring water from home instead of buying plastic bottled water.

    P.S.: I’m pretty sure you won’t be bothered with any more sponsorship offers from cruise lines…hahaha.

  2. Well done Guys.. my new boat now complete in March next year. I hope to catch up sometime? Been sponsoring you for quite a while now and happy for you.
    Steve Haines

  3. I really couldn’t disagree more. I have been on many cruises and really enjoyed them. To each his own and you have every right to dislike cruise ships, but please know that many of us really enjoyed them and look forward to our next cruise.

    I honestly don’t understand why you are taking on cruise ships when there are so many people who have a great time on them. I think you are way out of line here, your worst video by far. What are you trying to gain from this? SMH

    By the way I hope you had a great time in my city, Miami.

    Disclaimer: I have absolutely no connections to the cruise ship industry except to have been a paying passenger.

  4. Egotistical Guys! It would be a nightmare if all those people on cruise ships went cruising like you and I. I have seen much of the same small scale pollution from cruising yachts with my own eyes, just imagine if all the people on cruise ships turned up at your anchorage in their own boats, peeing and pooing all around you. I have been in place with turds and loo paper floating around our yacht, not to mention food scraps, plastic and other junk!
    I think cruise ships have their place and give a great opportunity for a wide range of people the opportunity to see places they could never see.

  5. Love your videos, but couldn’t disagree more with your cruise ship video. Most people don’t have the time to engage in the culture on their two week vacation once per year. Cruise ships give you a small introduction to a location and you can then decide if you would like to come back and spend your two weeks the following year. I have booked many activities through local businesses while in port, I use local taxis, and eat at local restaurants. Cruise ships bring a lot of money into a local economy. I also would argue that many babies are conceived on cruise ships, therefore, cruise ships create more lives than they destroy! Have fun and keep the videos coming,

  6. So very honorable of you not to accept money from these cruise companies. While there is a place for the cruise ships (perhaps Alaska, Baltic, etc), I get amazed at the fake ports that are created just for the ships. Last time we were in St. Maarten, they almost built a small city for the ships which was folded up as soon as the last passenger left the island. I recently heard that the cruise lines were demanding the “dolphin prison” be rebuilt in Tortolla before they would revisit the island. Granted, we have our own catamaran in the Caribbean so I understand the comments for those that have no choice. Having said that, $2500 for a cabin on a bareboat for 7 nights probably beats most cruise fares and provides the guests a much better experience.

  7. When I WAS married my ex dragged me on, I think, three cruises (cruise ships). I was so bored all I could think of was the day I got off those merry-go-rounds. The “social director” is nothing more than a marketing person who’s job is to inundate you with “opportunities” to spend more money. There was no let up, no break, no peace. I told one of them this and they gave me the “deer in the headlights” stare. The entire plan by the cruise company is how to separate you from your money and make you feel like you are having a good time, sort of like Las Vegas casinos. The atmosphere is hectic due to the marketing pressure and the dense crowds.
    My next “cruise” is going to be on a catamaran out of the BVI.
    Love your videos and your ethical standards.

  8. Riley, Elayna you are correct in the problem with Cruise ships but it don’t stop there.
    As I work with the exhaust gas cleaning techniques for both ships like this and power plants I know about the problem. But as everywhere else, no company or not many private persons bothered about the environment.
    Not even with all the hurricanes we have nowadays which we had more rare before…maybe every 10 years if we look back about 15 years.
    The biggest problem in my point of view is that everyone wants a Rolls Royce but only wants to pay for a Fiat. No one understands what and why a product cost money. Not even when their jobs move to China or India…..
    Maybe people should pay what it cost and on the same time stop with the buy and throw away society. For example a tv work more than 1 year….OR.

  9. Miguel, Kimberly and Barry.
    Please give them a brake. It is E & R’s point of view and for that sake I have the same point of view.
    As we live in a free world I do hope it’s allowed to have your own points of view on different things and tell this without be needing to apologize OR.
    If you guys not bother…. that’s up to you and if you’re not interested to give a better world to the next generation (maybe your kids)….that is tragic but up to you. If number one for you is your two weeks holiday a year… honestly I start to worry.

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