Discovering New Music! (Episode 104, 105 & The Budget Advice Vlog)

Hello Vagabonds and welcome to another Sailing La Vagabonde Music blog. This week we cover the music from episode 104, the bonus travel advice episode and episode 105. These episodes are definitely worth a look! Featuring some very cool dive footage from France, advice for anyone considering a sailing adventure of their own and some very gnarly footage from an epic sail trip reaching speeds of 22 knots. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can check them out below.

Episode 104

8 Ways to See the World on a Budget

Episode 105

This weeks playlist on SoundCloud is absolutely jam packed full of goodies! Seeing as we’re fitting in the music from three episodes, you’ve got plenty to listen to. Please follow the links to out featured musicians and show them some social media love. The whole reason for this blog is to help expose these excellent artists to the world, so we’re asking for your help, show your family, share on Facebook, have a listen in the car – or whenever you can. The newest playlist is available for you right here, followed by some extra information on all of the last couple of weeks featured artists. Enjoy 🙂


Richard Walters –

Hailing from England, Richard Walters is a solo act who writes and performs his own music that has been featured on several mainstream television shows including Grey’s Anatomy, CSI Miami, Bones, Criminal Minds, Revenge and now Sailing La Vagabonde! Richard has collaborated with several musicians and producers through the years, lending to his polished and well produced sound. His latest offering is a limited edition EP called ‘Lightship’. Having only pressed 100 copies this is a rare chance to listen to a live session recorded in London this year. Follow the links for more…





Mark Badinson

Badinson creates a nostalgic vibe with his home produced low-fi sound. Haunting guitar fills some of the background sound as a drum beat pulses inconspicuously along side, not as a mention, merely to keep the song at the correct tempo it seems. Mark’s reverb laden vocals – although relatively indistinguishable – only add to the charm of the production. Worth a listen for some very laid-back vibes, check out his band camp and spotify page for more.




Adam Yoo

Hailing from Canada, Adam Yoo creates a vibe that will mellow you out and melt you into your couch. His low-key chill out music seductively floats around the room, luring anyone within an earshot into eargasm. His SoundCloud page sits with thousands of listens and comments from his active and ever growing fan-base.

In 2016 he released his debut EP, DReAMS, available on BandCamp for purchase. The title track taking you to the beach, seagulls and waves crashing in the background while Adam nonchalantly slaps his guitar.



Land of Trees –

Land of Trees are an indie-folk band from Sweden drawing inspiration from mother nature and artists the likes of Ben Howard, Passenger and Mumford and Sons. The softly spoken three piece consists of Marcus, Daniel and Pontus who write enjoyable and melodic songs using stalwart folk instruments like the acoustic guitar, banjo and harmonica. Have a listen in the embedded SoundCloud player and don’t forget to follow these guys for more sweet original music.





MaJLo’s striking vocal harmonies and multi-instrumental mastery make for an effortlessly enjoyable musical experience. Originally trained as a jazz musician, MaJLo successfully combines genres such as pop, indie and electronic sounds to meld into his own fascinating mixture of ear candy. At times sparse, at other times dense, at all times interesting, MaJLo is fast becoming a favourite of mine to chill out with.





The Natterjacks

The Natterjacks are a duo hailing from Chesterfield in Derbyshire consisting of good friends and brilliant musical team Freddie Bingham and Mark Evans. Producing an upbeat and earthy sound with the guitar, a banjo, kick drum and tambourine, the guys create a sound the likes of Mumford and Sons, Ben Howard and The Avett Brothers to name a few. Be sure to check out their great latest offering, ‘White Peak’.





Blissful Red

Blissful Red is Dream Pop at its best, melancholy set against the strumming of a looped guitar, solos effortlessly laced on track, if you want easy listening say no more, well actually say Blissful Red. He has been likened to musicians such as Beck, Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead. Although there’s only one song on his Soundcloud, he has an EP out on iTunes (follow the links) and a new EP “tentatively set” for summer 2017.





Thanks a bunch Vagabonds, it’s good to see you again. Please let us know what you think of the music, we would love to hear your feedback and have a chat. When do you listen to the Sailing La Vagabonde playlists? For me its while I’m drawing, I find the SLV featured artists inspire some of my best pictures. A massive thank you to all our featured artists, please keep in touch and keep making great music, it really sets the tone for our videos.

Until next time,



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  1. LOVED IT !!! Elayne there is nothing wrong with nowing what your vessel WILL do. If the boat was built to float , float it will. Long after the crew has had enough. To be a good Captain at times, one must make a split second decision. This decision affects the boat as well as the crew. Heavy decision. A hasty weighty decision is more quickly ,and more accurately made if one knows the strengths , and capabilities of his vessel. I know you know it better than I. I’ve been binging on the new videos. I’ve been reclaiming a timber sale in Utah since 7/14. So I’m so happy you guys are sailing again. I’m looking forward to spending the winter on my sailboat in the keys this winter. What a different world that will be for SunShine . It should feel probably like some African village by then. So devastated they are. I enjoy your videos , I will be a Patreon soon, enjoy, Gregory

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