Discovering Towns by Boat! This is Annapolis. Ep. 239

Join us for a tour of Annapolis to explore what this great sailing town has to offer! For anyone interested to learn more about Annapolis, you can check it out here

Song Credits:
00:05 Ben Catley – RUN
02:51 Wylder – Ghosts
04:36 Amarante – Brave (Instrumental)
06:04 Get Go Getter – Hopes
09:15 The Fabric – Cold Shoulder
11:22 Michael Triscari – Calm Like The Seagrass

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  1. I live in St Louis, Missouri and have often found your videos and your adventure to be……intriguing. However…, having discovered that you’ve bought in to the “Greta” nonsense…., I’m done. I will never watch another video. Hmmmm.., I’ve also discovered, upon checking out this webpage, that the two of you understand the viability of “revenue enhancement through marketing” . I’m beginning to think this is just a hoax, and there is an elaborate infrastructure and support team that assembles all of the exotic storylines but today, since you mentioned the word “Greta”, I will say GOODBYE!

    1. Bye bye Mike Williams! A lot of followers are new now BECAUSE of Greta – including me! 😉 I don’t know you – but I’m guessing you’re 50+, white, and you vote for Trump, right?

    2. Your views here are not needed on this fun feel-good YouTube channel. Greta is an empowered young woman who is fixing the destruction people like you have created. She is not destructive in any way (unlike the trump supporters) and will clean up the world after people like you get out of the way.
      “Revenue enhancing through marketing”, to be honest I am not sure you understand the costs of full time travel. They have done exceedingly well to get to this point and maybe next time Mr Williams perhaps voice your concerns somewhere different.

    3. What is wrong with Greta…
      some young woman at least trying to make the world a better place ?
      Just like another reply posted
      below…I figure that you are
      one of those misguided
      Trump supporters.

  2. Many thanks. You bring us a wonderful breath of fresh air, a joyful escape in our confined days. Love from France.

  3. Why did you reference Corona beer in you latest video, was it innocent or were you trying to make a statement ? Some who are being affected by illness and death because of the Virus spreading across the world may find it offensive.

    1. They’ve been working with the company for some time now and they hooked up because of a campaign where corona beer was cleaning up oceans and beaches.

  4. The closeup slow-mo shot of Elayna sipping her coctail is poster material. I’ll buy a few!

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