Discovering Underwater Caves of France! [Ep. 104]

We sail along the east coast of France, and discover a hidden underwater cave along the way. The colour of the delicious blue water in contrast with the red rocks was quite a nice sight to see. What a way to start the morning! We visit two magical anchorages, Calanque De Sormiou and Île de Porquerolles. Both of which are to die for. Heck yes France!

Song Credits:
00:18 Land of Trees – Get Rid of Your Ghosts
02:31 July Bones – Richard Walters
06:20 Like Layla – Blissful Red
10:01 Get Down – MaJlo
13:32 So It Seems – The Natterjacks

Videos made by Elayna & Daniel

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What software do we use?
Adobe Premier Pro
Predict Wind

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  1. Crossing from St Tropez to Calvi as we speak 🙂 ….. but no wind today….. so motoring it is….. Nice views of Porquerolles on this video….

    Erik / SKYLIGHT

  2. Thanks for the views. I look forward to all of your videos. Us, well we are once again bracing for a Hurricane. What ya going to do? Hey I’d like to hear from Riles someday about his most excellent naviguessing skills. Just curious, what do you use for backup when you hit those zones” do you use a sextant at all? We can’t wait for the next video clip!!!

  3. I’m an “old” lady that only discovered how wonderful sailing is just a few years ago. After taking many classes I accompany my “expert” husband on sailing adventures in the Carribean whenever we can get away. All this to say ; I love your videos and sit back and dream each week that I watch ; you guys are enjoying life with such an infectious passion. It is such a treat to live a bit vicariously through your adventures. I especially appreciate how you two are so respectful of each other, curious and responsible (that’s my Mom coming out); truly a pleasure—-Thank you so much!

    1. Post

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