Ditching our Boat for THIS! Our European Romance Novel Villa

We were very fortunate to get a break from the marina for 10 days after receiving an invite to a vacant airbnb. This place reminded me of a Romance Novel, “a house of artists”, it was the perfect getaway to inspire some new creative thinking.

Song credits:
00:00 Koresma – Free (Marley Carroll Remix)
04:26 sugar water – Heeblay
09:44 Satchmode – State of Mind
10:49 Brother Mane – Vibin
13:48 Jordan Merrick – The Toll
18:03 sugar water – Heeblay

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  1. Hey guys.

    I’ve been trying to get in touch via email/ insta messages etc. My friend is a spear fisherman and diving instructor near you in Portugal. He would love to take you out in his boat to show you all the best places local.

    Send me a message and I’ll introduce you x

  2. So you haven’t resorted to jigsaws yet??!! But hey, at least you’ve got all your boat jobs done. BIG TICK IN THE BOX! Our boat is stuck in Corfu and we are stuck in the UK!!!!
    Love your weekly updates. Keep ‘em coming!

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