Diving with just short of a Billion MAN EATING SHARKS (Sailing La Vagabonde Ep. 53)

Join us on the beautiful island of Fakarava – Tuamotus. We get salty for a week straight, diving the North Pass where hundreds of sharks lurk beneath the surface and we get some much needed veggies!! 🙂 We absolutely love this place. Never leaving!

Love Elayna & Riley

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Song Credits:
01:24 Encircled Circle – Tatono Music
03:07 Finding Yellow – Fool Man
07:10 Johnny Had a Water Gun – Adam Yoo
09:42 Fine – Rye
12:23 Catherine – Rye (you’re amazing)

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  1. Mom, clear blue waters and plenty of veggies. Can you eat shark? We had some black tip off Galveston. Love you two, wish you were my kids.

  2. I have added this amazing place to my must see list!As always you guys make even the rough times look like fun,Elayna coming out of the water was super cool!!!!!! Thanks again. Jay

  3. Amazing place, take care with the sharks. Love you both. Cheers from Paulo in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

  4. Just a heads up when freediving / spearing with the grey reef sharks. Riley, I would advise against performing the maneuver against the grey that you did with the speargun on that last clip in the pass. They will generally leave you alone except if they feel threatened and that grey definitely was threatened. You can see immediately the change in its body language, pectoral fins down, exaggerated swimming movement and arched back. One of two things will happen at that point, it will leave and hopefully not return or it will attack. It sucks if it attacks. Ask me how I know. Just want to see you safe out there. If I didn’t have my gun in hand I would no longer be a lefty and would hence forth been known as “three finger Jack…ass”. Keep it up. love what you guys are doing.

  5. Great bit of rock-walking Elayna. Well done! Certainly looks like a beautiful place and warm as well!
    Too bad about all that screen-watching and all for nothing. Shows how we landlubbers take it all for granted! Keep safe. TTFN

  6. Love you guys. I watch your videos every single day. You guys have moved into my number one slot for sailing videos. I can’t wait to see more adventures!

  7. There is another advantage in daring to know me: If I was on board your boat, I could probably pay for all the food and other smal stuff you need so it would or could be a vakation from all the difficulties of having to photograf all things that you do to finance your journey. Furthermore: in one of your clips you have The crasy jazz- guitarists. You could make a clip of the real diagnosted crasy Guitarplayer Jon. And then hear the most beautifull live sound-track on board La vagabonde ever recorded. And Riley no, no You dont have to instal a boat-heater for visiting. Denmark you just have to come in the period between marts to oktober best in the three months in the middle and some warm clothes. and again i nearly know that youre handling especially your spinnaker totally wrong and I think it is strange course i consider both of you as genious/superkids.- and I am sad/proud to say ( we mustn`t say that in denmark course some idiotic and neurotic author in denmark called Aksel Sandemose have written a book called “Janteloven”) I am too, And thats one of many reasons for really loving and liking you two and i have by far never seen anything ore anyone on the internet i feel i can connect to and understand,- even in real life I have never experienced better people than you two,- I thought such people didn`t exist in reality.
    The deepest respect; Jon Kallenbach,- I´m one of the good people and please don`t be afraid of me course of my diagnose i”m not a mass-murderer I´m a person who could nearly kill myself if necessary to keep you two alive (especially elayna course i`m heterosexual and because it have always been us mens fucking Job through the evolution,- hope you understand and sorry my spelling im too lazy to make the corrections

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