Dodging Coral Heads across the Exuma Bank like.. Ep.161

Join us on the ocean, as we cross the Exuma Bank and continue island hopping our way west. We’re in a little bit of a hurry to get to Florida to meet our Patrons, so let’s hope these coral heads remain at least .2m beneath the rudders! Looks like the coral heads weren’t all we had to look out for… there was also a close call with a low bridge as well ?

Song Credits:
00:07 Blue Eyes – Jordy
00:42 Jack and the Weatherman – Being Me
01:27 Escape – New Towns
02:25 Home – Andrew Rothschild
03:48 Crimson – Andrew Rothschild
05:41 River Winding Through Your Hands – Cat LeBlanc
15:06 Roll the Bones – Cover by Elayna C

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Comments 7

  1. Hey Mates – wonderful video!

    To convert feet into meters, and vice versa, there are loads of engineering units converters to be found on the internet.

    When do we start cogitating about baby names?

    Take care,

  2. 1 m = 3.2808399 ft (Divide meters by this number to get feet)

    1 ft = 0.3048 m (multiple feet times this number to get meters)

    Happy trails

  3. Hey you two,

    I’ve been watching you for years now, was a patron for a bit, until my credit card number changed.
    Now I’m left watching you weeks behind.

    But this is not about me, is about you, Riely and Elaina.(sp)

    I want to make a significant one time contribution. Use it for med bills, Elaina’s pre baby health, what ever.

    I’m in Florida, can travel our mail.

    Contact me, I’d like to assist.

    Dave Vaughan
    Fort Walton Beach, Fl

  4. Hi Elayna! I just bought your recipe book. (soo happy to find out that exists). And I’m just curious…it seems so crazy that you might be able to make any of those meals while out at sea, especially with such a tiny kitchen, and having to find the ingredients internationally! Is it more realistic that you just kind of throw together whatever you can with what you have? Or are you super organized and able to plan out all the meals & ingredients needed? It seems like you’re always making something super yummy regardless, I don’t know how you do it! Honestly you inspire me (though I’m sure you hear that all the time)

  5. More then likely your cell phone under calculator will have a converter (might look like a small ruler or something. or if there’s a search option on your phone just search unit converter. hope this helps 🙂 cheers

  6. Hey guys!! Dr Steve here. Enjoyed the video !! As a pediatrician I agree with Pierre! Time to start thinking about names?? Stay safe !! Wish I was in fla to say hi in person ! Duncan Shiek music would be a good choice for video intro. “Barely Breathing”.

  7. When are you going to be in Miami. Im at Dinner Key Marina stop by if your around. Im on pier 7 Cabo Rico 38.

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