Dodging STORMS with Greta Thunberg // 60 knot winds & 7m waves on the Horizon!! Ep.2

We’re dodging storms, on our way sailing across the North Atlantic Ocean with Greta Thunberg. We have 60 knot winds and 7m waves only 24 hours away from us and if we don’t sail far enough, we could be hit with these devastating conditions… If you missed the first episode with Greta click here to catch up! Atlantic Crossing Playlist

Song Credits:
00:00 The Dwelling Light – Autumn
02:49 Luis Trindade – The Sinner
04:57 Samuel Scott McCumber – North Temple
06:41 Honey Hounds – I Got What You Need
08:56 Isaac Balson – Helium
11:32 Layup – Every Mile (MusicBed) – Music sourced from
15:22 Jordan Merrick – Low Country

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  1. Hi Guys
    I have been a big fan for the last 4 years … however you lost me when you took the decision to go political with your support of GT.

    I am not by any chance a climate sceptic (in fact I am a scientist with two science degrees etc)…

    I just hate Bullshit … and GT is that …

    Good luck

    1. “I’m not a climate skeptic but…”

      We just don’t need to hear what you think about Greta. We already know who she is. She’s an amazing, inspiring young woman. The real deal: sincere, well-informed and determined to bring about change.

    1. Great job, as a fellow Aussie so proud of you both for stepping up and taking Greta across the Atlantic. We only have one planet. David Attenborough praises Greta’s work, that says it all. Good Vlog BTW

      1. Great job, as a fellow Aussie so proud of you both for stepping up and taking Greta across the Atlantic. We only have one planet. David Attenborough praises Greta’s work, that says it all. Good Vlog BTW

        Oops, sorry Jeff, meant to be my comment, not addressed to you. Apologies. Personal opinions should be respected. Again sorry.

  2. So this is how you save the planet?
    Crossing the ocean in months…defying death.

    I’ve had enough of the liberal bs.


  3. so cool of you to offer GT a ride back to Europe! Great filming, great soundtrack. Keep up the good work and don’t mind the trolls and their opinions, they’re like a**holes—everyone’s got one!

  4. You all are the best! So happy to see you associate with a pending Nobel Laureate. Greta, you have the best dad. Lenny needs a drumset, I’ll send one off right away.

  5. I love you guys!! Thank you for stepping up and supporting people that care about the planet’s future. The rest of the self centered bigots will eventually die off- when they don’t get any attention or someone stops paying them to post crap.. You never needed any of them anyway.

  6. Beautiful record of a wonderful, crazy but noble adventure! No dramatist or novelist could have assembled such a fascinating mixed crew of adorable people. Unforgettable.

  7. Glad you all made it in the end. For what it’s worth, as a professional yacht delivery skipper of many years experience worldwide, would I set out for an Atlantic crossing with only one other competent crew member, taking along my seasick wife and infant son, as well as a tired Swedish hippy and his frankly bewildered daughter – would I f**k! The cause is certainly right, however the means was all wrong and could so easily have been tragic. Sorry, but there’s a point where no environmental campaign, however worthy, justifies the risk of a bleak news headline: ‘Catamaran and crew believed lost in severe North Atlantic storm’. Remember, catamarans don’t right themselves – that’s why they belong in the Caribbean …
    Stay lucky but think clearly – give Lenny the chance of being a rebellious teenager with a cause of his own!

  8. First Alan and Jeff
    My god you must be the biggest clowns ever ?.
    For me you guys sounds like 100% deniers and that have nothing to do with politics really. Its more about using your brain and maybe see that something is happening with our world and climate. In the end this have nothing to do with Greta she only have bigger balls than most of us and trying to do something.

    I like what you guys onboard are doing and that your thinking longer than your nose.

    You should be proud of what your doing and please go on doing what you’re doing.

    Kind regards
    Patrik and Diana

  9. David Attenborough is not a scientist but a one time game show host. The original host was a scientist but was more factual about the planet. Did not fit in the narrative. Bull crap is bull crab.

  10. Let’s look at some statistics. I was born in 1950 and the population of planet earth was about 2.5 billion. Seventy years later in 2020 the population of planet earth is over 7.7 billion. The global population has more than tripled in my lifetime. We are currently adding roughly 82 million people to the planet each year.
    Perhaps population control such as China’s former one child policy needs to be one means of addressing climate change.
    Just a thought.

  11. Any news on how they’re handling Storm Dennis – possibly stronges in N. Atlantic history? Can they avoid it?

  12. Love you guys !!! Keep doing what u r doing being kind ,humble and most important making sure that passion is passion and love is love !!!!Love u Greta as well ….

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