Double BIRTHDAY Celebrations in the Azores (BEST Weekend Ever..) Ep.268

#268 Hello, yeah, look, we blew up the quadbike. Or it blew up on us. And it wasted our day. And it gave out in the middle of a highway and we nearly melted in the sun. And yet, yet, this is the Azores. And being the Azores, nothing can actually go that far wrong, because pretty much wherever you are, wherever you look, it’s beautiful and green and peaceful. Keep an eye out for the only tea plantation in Europe, with some of the best tea you can get. Turns out I’ve been having my tea wrong all my life and there’s this one weird old trick…. Otherwise we’re setting up shop on Sao Miguel. We’ll be staying on land for a while because we know we’re gonna have to spend some serious time here and it’s going to be near impossible to leave. But yeah, consider this a long-winded way of saying you’re formally invited to our weekend birthday celebrations, come hang out!

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Song Credits:
00:00 J Alan Schneider – Lyra
01:22 Jimmy Pinch – Big Daddy
03:42 Wylder – Ready to Break
04:10 Matt Storm – We Went Our Own Ways
06:49 King Ibis – Backseat Drivers
10:23 Desmond Cheese – Polyfizzal Drizzal
12:46 Destination Space Station – Nature Gets Its Way
15:37 The Dwelling Light – Ataraxia
16:55 Thels – Do What You Want

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  1. I have been following you guys for a couple of months now and really enjoy the videos. In the one video where Raleigh was tuning up a winch and he was listening for a certain sound, reminded me of the scene from The Good the Bad and the Ugly, where Tuko was building a gun by cannibalizing other guns for their specific parts and he knew he had achieved his goal , when rotating the cylinder and listening for the specific click.

  2. E and R, there’s so much Good in this video. As the bike shop guy said- Happens All the Time! . Lenny is Blessed by Love. Your travels along the Littoral shore of life continue to enrich us all with expert cinematography, a super soundtrack and Beautiful experiences. All captured with your Ahhh-mazing authenticity Love everything!

    A Long time viewer & sailor

  3. You guys, I love reading the comments that viewers of your videos leave, they are insightful and capture so much better than I could, conjure up all those prose on my own. I guess there is something to be said regarding “Crowd-Sourcing”.

    There are many people on YouTube doing similar things as you, especially sailing and I follow a few but I have to say you by being your authentic selves bring the best of what YouTube should be, a way of sharing your adventures in places that many of us will never regretfully visit.

    You do this with love and care and always in good spirit.

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