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What We've Included:

  • Transitioning to Life at Sea (Elayna)

    All the comforts of living in a house on land are either thrown away upon moving on board and forgotten about, or compressed into a tiny appliance suitable for a boat. Making the transition from living life on land to a boat isn’t as hard as you might think! We love the simple things. Here is some info on how we made that change.

  • Eating & Showering (Elayna)

    Everyone loves a good shower (I know I do, or I used too). But girls (and boys), forget about those hot, half an hour showers and baths. Would you be willing to give up the comfort of a nice long shower and trade it for stepping off the back of your boat and into the ocean?  This is what it’s like to shower on board a boat. Also a list of what we eat and where to find cheap, fresh produce!

  • Music We Bring Onboard to Listen to (Elayna)

    Music is a necessity in everyones day to day life. Driving to work, doing exercise, meditation and for helping you focus on study etc. Especially on board a yacht! It can lift your spirits and change your mood when something goes wrong and make an awesome sail even more awesome. We love music. Here is a list of what we listen to whilst sailing and on anchor.

  • What Size and Type of Boat to Buy (Riley)

    People ask me if I had my time again, what boat would I purchase? Having sailed thousands of miles in La Vagabonde we have learnt her ways and we are constantly finding things we wish we could change or things we could upgrade. Apparently there is no ‘perfect boat’ out there on the market. But here is what I would have done having my time again in boat hunting!

  • Boat Maintenance (Riley)

    Sailing is the easy part. There are a list of things on board that we are constantly cleaning, fixing and monitoring. When I first purchased La Vagabonde, she was like a dark room with lots of hidden, unfamiliar parts around the gally. Slowly, as I have discovered these areas and been forced to learn the anatomy of her when things go wrong, these dark spots have been lit up and I feel a lot more comfortable. Here is some info on how we maintain La Vagabonde.

  • Sailing! (Riley)

    You’ve got to start somewhere. Many people get sailing lessons before setting sail around the world, or even buying a yacht for that matter. But don’t be afraid of the unknown. We did it. Here is a bit about getting started with sailing and what you should do to begin living your life on the ocean.

  • Instruments (Riley)

    All that stuff we use that makes sailing in the 20th century a breeze. You don’t need thousands of dollars worth of equipment to get you from A to B. We have the very basics and we get around just fine. Here is a list of a few things we use and take into account whilst sailing that make life all the more easier.
  • Weather (Riley)

    Signs of bad weather and what to look out for whilst on the water. Websites we use to check the weather before setting sail. The ocean is very unpredictable as we have learnt. Spotting a cloud in the distance and knowing what to expect from it is something that came in time for us. Here are a few things you should read and check before heading out.

  • Anchoring (Riley)

    Everyone wants to go to sleep on there yacht feeling safe and confident you will still be in the same spot when you wake up. I have written down the steps we take in anchoring to make sure La Vagabonde doesn’t make a runner!

  • Books (Riley)

    Indeed, I do like to read. There are a list of Instructional books on sailing that have helped me out a lot in the past and continue to. And of course those novels that gave me inspiration, encouragement and ideas. Here are a few of my favourites of things you should read.

  • Hints, Tips, and Tricks (Riley)

    A list of hints and tips I wish someone had of told me before setting sail. I’ve torn my hair out, cursed and stamped my feet learning some of these things the hard way. Your welcome.

  • Resources (Riley)

Your Authors:

Riley Whitelum

Riley here. 31 years of age from Adelaide South Australia. Like I said I am no expert on sailing as I am only new to the hobby/lifestyle. But I hope you enjoy the little book we have put together and you've learnt something from it. Maybe you have something you do or would do differently and you'd like to tell me! Open to suggestions and any other questions. Be sure to leave your comments here for me.

Elayna C.

Elayna, 22 years of age from Geraldton, Western Australia. I hope you guys like the book! We had fun coming up with it and want to share all we can of what we have learnt ourselves over the past year. "You can never cross an ocean, until you have the courage to lose sight of shore" - Christopher Columbus. 

Who knows, maybe we'll see you
out sailing someday?

823 responses to “download”

  1. Kevin (from France) says:

    Hello guys,
    I have to thank you for your trip and your movies !! It makes me dream.. to do the same thing of you !!
    I will be really happy to sail with u.

    Talk to you soon

  2. Jorge del villar says:

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I really love to be able to follow you guys.
    I just downloaded the book and believe me, I manage to delete the email. How can I get it again.


    Thanks Jorge

  3. Bo Hedegaard says:

    Thanks mate!

  4. Nick Smith says:

    Hi Guys, really a nice surprise to get this update and finally answers the question of “Why would you choose a smaller boat?”! My search has been modified accordingly. Can you re-post the album link on FB or Patreon?

  5. JasonR says:

    I’m in land locked Idaho USA, but grew up in Florida sailing the ICW. I’ve got sailing on my brain lately, especially no thanks to excellent videos from you and your crew. Keep it up!

  6. Tom says:

    Thanks guys, been watching you since the beginning and will be with you till…

    Can’t wait to listen to you playlist.

    You’re the most courageous couple I know!


  7. Paul says:

    This is great! Just the kind of stuff I would want to talk about if we ran into each other (in person).

  8. Greg says:

    Enjoyed reading the short book. You might think your not an expert, but with your experience, you know more than 99% of the population. That makes you an expert. Looking forward to the album. Keep the post coming. Enjoying watch you enjoy yourselves out in the big blue ocean !!

  9. Markoos says:

    This book has clearly been written by a pair of very astute and quick learning sailors. They even remembered to leave gaps on the pages in order to incorporate newfound knowledge as it is discovered! (It could be that these gaps may be for forthcoming illustrations to support the articles…) Perhaps Riley might like to do a piece on welding – ie, how long a job might take so non welders don’t pay too much for a small job. As it stands, a very interesting publication giving insight into the sort of life we’d all love to undertake.

  10. Mike says:

    I really enjoyed the Lessons Learned document. I am a 5 year fishing/power boat owner but only a 1 year sailor. The document gave some great information on actually being on board for long periods of time and the planning and real life in that space. I keep thinking I need to go to larger boats but your experience and insight on that is great. Love the music Elayna!!! I appreciate all your insight and keep those movies coming!!!

  11. Paco says:

    Great job. What you’re both great at is that even if the work isn’t the most polished, it’s always the most entertaining. That’s what counts.

    The book is great, informative and just as fun as the videos. I’m getting Storm Tactics from the public library today and I would second your recommendation of Old Man and The Sea. A classic in every sense.

    Thanks so much for doing the book.

    And the website is looking really good too.

    Keep on keeping on.

  12. Iñigo says:

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the info! It’s quite hard to do what you’re doing but found the guide very helpful! Maybe one day… 🙂

    Keep on sailing and making us sail with you! Many colleagues here in Spain are also following you!



  13. JC says:

    Your guide was very helpful. I’m thinking about buying a boat and this guide definitely gave me an insight. I’d like to do what you guys are doing for next summer. Im planning on volunteering as a crew member on a sailboat delivery to the Carribean to learn a trick or two. Maybe you guys will still be doing this and we can meet for a beer or two. Cheers and good luck!

  14. Jeff Prince says:

    This was an awesome read! Thanks so much for sharing this. You guys ROCK!

  15. Joey says:

    Lovin your work guys. Starting my adventure… joined a sailing club to get some experience. Next get a boat… Thank you for inspiring me. Hope to see you out there ?

  16. Karl says:

    Nice little read fella keep up the good work

  17. Brandon says:

    You guys are awesome. I plan to do the same thing in August of 2016 so your book is super helpful. Keep up the good times.

  18. Ted says:

    Really good guys. Very helpful.

  19. Ralph Holiman says:

    Good job! I enjoyed reading your sailing tips essay. I’ve been sailing 40 plus years and you added a few tips to my tip box.

  20. Mike & Angie says:

    Thank you for the book! We start our sailing adventure in a few months, so I know the information will be helpful. Out boat is named Reverie, so be looking for her in the months to come on YouTube.

    Fair Winds,

    Mike and Angie

  21. Dino says:

    Honestly I love the book, when I read I feel like friend explaining me about sailing and lifestyle. I like what u said about buying boat, I was always thinking the bigger is better bu what u said it make sense.i did little a bit of sailing back home in Croatia but I live in Canada now so I never go sailing, I don’t really have expirance so I find great information in your book and I wish if it’s longe, trust me I’ll be first one to buy it. Just make it. U guys are really great, I wish u all the best!

  22. Scott says:

    Thanks guys. I enjoyed your lessons learned. Would love to hear more about the procedures when approaching a new island country. How you check in with customs, what the fees are, etc. Thanks for the videos. I look forward to seeing them and light up when I see a new on posted!

    Fair winds and following seas!

  23. Nick Wilson says:

    Hi Riley and Elayna,
    Thanks for sharing and being so candid. Overall outstanding !!! Great advice about Anchoring, Buying a production boat verses a one off orphan and size of boat.
    We are definitely on the same page. You have made it short and simple where people can go from there and do their own homework…. so you haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel but give some insight – well done !! TWO THUMBS UP FRO ME !!

  24. Tony Page says:

    Excellent stuff Riley and Elayna. You both have addressed so many of the “simple” issues that very few of the experts touch on, but that can make or break a voyage.
    Well done to both of you.
    I look forward to each of your videos, they keep me focused on my plans.

  25. Josiah says:

    Legend!! You both are an inspiration. Thanks for putting all the work into this. Love your funny/informative videos!

  26. Jørn says:

    Just read your guide. I found it usefull and intertaining. I now travel around in 25ftr, and I am looking to upgrade. For me the question about how big to go has mostly been about what i can handle sefely, but you make some good arguments for not overdooing it.

  27. Petar Maksimovic says:

    Thanks for great reading, put a smile back on my face while looking at cloudy morning over Malta (quite strange for august).

    If you need any help with marine electronics onboard La vagabonde, I can try to help as this is my field of work.

    Greetings from Malta!
    …and keep inspiring us…

  28. Doug Brand says:

    You guys make it look easy. Now I’m looking forward to retiring. I can’t wait to set sail. Love your adventures.

  29. sam says:

    Thanks for the book Riley and Elayna.
    Great little read.
    I’m living through you guys until I can get the money together and get to Europe to get me a dream machine of my own.
    I found the boat size section and anchor ratio to be of great help.
    I’ve pre ordered Elayna album.
    Everyone get onto it……
    any hits on what covers your doing or are you taking requests..

  30. Andreas says:

    Hi Riley and Elayna,

    Thank you so much for this, I highly enjoyed it and the day I go cruising I will be taking the advice to heart.

    Fair winds!

  31. Mark says:

    Hi guys
    Love your work. Please do not loose sight of your dream and get bogged down in the crap stuff going on here in Oz at present. Get back out there as soon as you can and fill our dull lives with your exciting real life adventure stories. Watching the videos, I can imagine myself right there with you, you make it all so real. Looking forward to the new season, and the journey across the Pacific.

  32. Kleon says:

    Thank you guys! Right now im planning to finish my studies but i have decided to folloow your footsteps when im done! Your videos and your guide help me to keep my dream alive 🙂

  33. Julien says:

    Hi guys,

    I have to say I have followed you since you started, enjoying watching your episodes at my lunch break at work. And believe me, your sunset, fishing, sand and sea pictures and video helped a lot to go through the worse summer since decades in Scotland. Being French I still need to acclimate I suppose… Anyway I have since about a year ago the project to do the Mediterranean sea tour with my girlfriend and your wee guide is definitely a good source of information !
    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and to show that anything is possible !

    All the best,
    I am looking forward to meeting you one day !


  34. adam says:

    awsome stuff

  35. Mike says:

    Love watching you guys, loved the book, great info, I look forward to all your new stuff!!

  36. Matt says:

    Great tips! Some pictures would have made the read that much more entertaining. Just a suggestion.

    Love what you guys are doing…keep it up!!

  37. Maxi says:

    Great present, i just begun to read it. Whe you say you listen to “Rodriguez” you mean “Los Rodriguez” the spanish band?

  38. Jörgen says:

    Good idea to create a sailing recipies book ?
    One remark: when there is wind, no need to drive the boat back during the anchorage maneuver. Let the wind do the favor. When the chain tightens then start to use the engine slowly bringing the rpm up. Once happy slowly reduce rpm again – not that the boat snaps forward too fast and (worst case) brakes the anchor loose. Time of manuever: one can of beer ?

  39. Kevin says:

    Thanks Riley, a great read, really enjoyed it. My favourite quote :- “There is an entire book on Collision Regulations but I just try not to hit anyone”. That’s brill !
    Keep the updates coming!

    • Newman Mallon says:

      Don’t argue or try to beat other boats, just stear behind them so it’s difficult to broadside you:) Passing in front is an invitation….

  40. Kim says:

    Sweet, tnx for the book 🙂

  41. Mike Hand says:

    Love the videos and the tips in the “book” style. Great Read and thanks. Love to see more like this too and even video versions of “how to” stuff. More about the daily grid on the boat or the diving and spearfishing too. Plus what’s your trick for diving with a mustache for instance? Keep the fun but go ahead and add more educational type videos like the info from the book. Keep it going, no matter what. We enjoy them all. Cheers, Mike.

  42. James says:

    You guys are so great to compile this little book and gift it to all of us. We appreciate all the videos and you allowing us into your life so much. We all dream of what your doing and for you to share is so special. Thank you so much!!

  43. Kallapryy says:

    So I follow a few sailing channels on Youtube, so my first piece of feedback would be “Thanks!”. The thought that you would offer up even more knowledge for the sake of sharing knowledge it great! I can say that if I was just starting out, I would be grateful for the information you have shared. Love watching the videos and getting to share a bit of travels with you both! The wife and kids and I wish you all the luck in the world and thanks for giving us a bit of salt air when we are landlocked between weekends!

  44. Tom says:

    Hey yall,

    Obviously love the videos since I’m here commenting, so awesome seeing people do what I’ve wanted to do and have been saving for for a while, ya beat me to it!

    One of the most interesting parts of sailing the world are the stories I hear of the people you meet. You two met by chance, I’ve heard of other people picking up random passengers and sailing around with them for a while, etc.

    How often does this happen? Are there people around a lot of the ports just hanging out waiting for a boat to get on? It seems like you see a lot of the same people/boats at ports a lot, is this the case? Would love to hear more about the social aspect of what otherwise seems like a rather lonely venture.

    Thanks and can’t wait to see more, and of course your album!

    ps maybe riley should have to provide the vocals to at least one song 😉

  45. Megan & Martin (The Netherlands) says:


    We love the book and your videos, its a great way of actually seeing how life can be at sea.

    I hope we will meet each other at the sea one day! and keep up with the oooowesome stuff!

    xx Megan and Martin

  46. Andrew says:

    You guys rock! Thank you for all the great info! Love the videos, keep them coming!

  47. Lake Bound says:

    Great stuff guy and gal.

    I must live vicariously through your adventures as I am lake bound in Grapevine Texas aboard my 25 ft Catalina. Keep the films and writings coming. I greatly enjoy them.

  48. David says:

    Great stuff guys, keep it you’re a great inspiration.

  49. Owen says:

    Great document….no matter your experience level, it’s always good to read learn other peoples perspective on things. Keep living the dream!

  50. Michael says:

    A reader sees pride in your accomplishment. I liked the brevity of the lessons learned. Where is Riley’s music list? Next writing (I hope)… please share what inspired both of you to make the journey. Your dreams and planning must have started at an early age/or, perhaps it didn’t. Well done! Thank you for sharing!

  51. Chiheb (From Montréal, Canada) says:

    Thank you guys for this precious handbook! I did enjoy reading it and I really see it as a living document. I would strongly recommend that you keep adding content to it, as you go. I wish you all the best for the next leg of your journey together.

  52. Renauldon says:

    The same good spirit is in the book as in the videos.
    The focus on feelings and fun which appears in everything you share on internet is what makes it interesting.
    About the “sailing techniques” everything has already been said and written, serious people are boring so please keep spreading your joy of sailing : you do it in a really cool way.

  53. Riles and Elayna: I think I emailed you already about your sailing tips etc.. In general, great advice.

  54. Christopher Rodacy says:

    Really like the guide. Nice piece of work. I appreciate the personalized touch to it far more than a long winded comment answer.

    If there’s a version 2.0, or perhaps a master book after the adventure, would love to see some diagrams of the boat. Particularly the sailing hardware and names for everything. That way I could follow along with the sailing lingo and see exactly what it entails when you say “this breaks”, or “replacing this”, or “Do this so X will happen”. (Coming from someone landlocked who hasn’t gotten my feet wet in sailing… yet).

  55. Puterdoctor says:

    Your whole adventure is inspiring!

  56. Eric says:

    Thank so much for sharing this info. I have been loving the videos and appreciate all the great info from what you have learned so far. I am saving up to be able to buy a boat in the future and sail. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to Elayna’s album!

  57. Tomislav says:

    I follow you from the first episode, love to watch your adventure.
    I’m very interested which bait you use for longline fising as you sail?
    Can you give me some pictures of bait?
    Perhaps to write something about it.
    I also sail, for two weeks during the holidays in Croatia (I’m from Croatia). I love to sail with friends.
    Overall guide to sail is great, and thanks for it

  58. Patrick says:

    Hi Guys
    Thanks so much for all the info regarding what you have learnt while teaching yourself to sail. I really liked the fact it isn’t all technical, just plain speak. You two have inspired me so much. I have had the dream for years to get a boat and just do some short cruses with my family.
    It is so easy to loose sight of a goal when life happens. Over the last seven months I have been mostly stuck in bed so have had heaps of time to watch your videos over and over. You guys are amazing and really are living life. Thanks so much for letting us share your adventure. The videos are excellent, with some amazing sights and comments.
    Hope to see you out on the water one day.

  59. Martin says:

    I`ve learned some new things.
    It would be great if you would add some informations about checking in in imigration office, quarantenee and paperwork 🙂

  60. Tom Vandebergh says:

    Awesome guide with a unique inside view of your lives and experiences boating. Lots of usefull hints and tips!

    Good job, well done!

  61. Daniel Hirsch says:

    As a sailor with 5,000 miles under my belt, I found the advice given by Riles and Elayna to be excellent and well worth noting for new Skippers. I love watching all of videos! It is fun to live vicariously through the two of you. Keep up the excellent work. You guys are great

  62. Albert Turner says:

    Hello you two! Im a boat captain from Austin Texas now living in south west florida. I am really enjoying your videos, so thanks for the entertainment and the inspiration. Riley thank you for your advice on what size boat to purchase! Looking to sail the bahamas next year

  63. Benjamin Todhunter says:

    Hi Homeslices. being kid finishing school in a minute, this path you are on is pretty much bang on what i want to do once finnished with this boring education thing, I found your present super usefull answering question i had and ones i wouldnt of realised would of been quite important, being on my own the references were super helpful and the music selection was on point to my taste 🙂 Hopefully soon I might see you out there in the world somewhere, after all it isn’t that big hey
    I wish you two happy sailing, not so motoring 😛
    A fellow Spearo in NSW.

  64. Andrej says:

    You guys are terrific! I always check your channel for new videos as part of my morning routine. Maybe one day I’ll draw up the means to do something similar.

    Until then God’s speed and farewell from London!

  65. Patrick says:

    Super cool what you guys have put together. Also very nice to know that we’re not completely insane. Just bought a 46′ sailing trimaran and planning a trip to Bahamas and Caribbean with family of 6 in a couple of months:)

    While I do know more about sailing and sailboats than Riley did at the start, it’s not by a giant margin and we’ve never lived aboard. Good useful tips in here that I hadn’t seen in other Internety venues. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

    Maybe we’ll run into each other out there some day.

  66. Mete says:

    The pdf book was great. I hope you guys put out a larger book that i or others can purchase. Would love to see a chapter or seperate book on prepairing food on a boat, favorite recipies of everyone, how to cook the different fishes, what to be careful of etc. Photos of kitchen disasters etc.It would also be great to see a section on repairs as Riley fixes things step by step when possible. Looking forward to Elayna’s music CD, once it becomes available. I hope the Discovery Channel or something like it can get some time with you guys and make a series etc. Will be following these great world travelers!!
    Best wishes and safe travels..

  67. Jesse Dennerlein says:

    Riley and Elayna, I loved your little book. I lived aboard for 5 years and learned a lot of the same lessons and it was nice to see someone writing them up. I like how you got the boat and just went for it. I had a lot of sail experience but at some point you just have to say “what the f***” and go for it.

  68. Brooke says:

    Hey Guys!
    I don’t usually post things online so this is big for me! I am absolutely in love with your videos. The guide was an extra bonus that I loved. I have watched your videos over and over again. Elayna has done a really great job at composing the videos. I really liked Elayna’s part in the guide regarding cooking and showering and what not. I also liked Riley’s bit on navigation. Maybe more on actual things that went wrong on the boat and what needed to be fixed would be interesting like how the keel came loose. I love it all guys! Keep it up! Please more videos 🙂

  69. Max says:

    Hey guys.

    I have been sailing for the last 15 years, and i have to say that the book you have made is really good! It is great that you made it and i think it is going to help a lot of people that want to start sailing.

    I have really enjoyed the Youtube videos too. I hope you continue on doing those and keep sailing!!

    Fair winds and best regards Max

  70. Eric H says:

    Short and informative. Appreciate the effort. A video version with a little hands on would be great too. Anything not already shown in a previous vid. Would also like to see another whacky vid like “Bilgey”. Keep it up. You guys are an inspiration!

  71. Frank says:

    Nice work on the guide guys. Succinct and pithy with a bit of humor emanating from the brutal candor. Love the videos and the music! Please keep it up. I do have some free legal advice to offer privately if interested. Is there a way to make a private connection? Feel free to send an e-mail to me directly. F

  72. Michael W. says:

    Hi Guy’s, love the video’s. As a novice sailor I found the information you put together great. Thanks for your efforts! Sail safe and looking forward to the next video

  73. Jason says:

    I’m not sure if I’d call that a book. It’s a little short. Maybe an essay? It had a nice open and honest perspective of sailing from your point of view of what are some of the immediate things one should know. it’s great that you’ve provided references to areas where you’ve gained knowledge. It shows a good deal of respect to those that have come before you. I think the most important thing is that both of you two make your journey fun, entertaining and informative. It’s pretty cool to see the islands and how they’ve changed since I spent my time in that part of the ocean.

  74. Justin says:

    Taking the time, efforts, and risks to put together all these wonderful videos, book and music is a huge commitment. Thank you. You are doing a great job! Look forward to your future productions.

  75. Douglas De Moraes says:

    Hi Guys,
    It’s a pleasure reading and watching your experiences. It’s an inspiration for us. We live in Brazil and preparing for a family circumnavigation in the next few years.
    Keep the films and songs.
    Nice winds in your way !

  76. Ken says:

    Hi world travelers

    The short book is a great way to describe your valuable insights into your trip.Good job. My wife and I have watched all your videos, and think about what we could have done. Retired now, but still dreaming.

  77. MBB says:

    Can somebody send me the guide. i don’t seem to be able to download a full version (


  78. Gaston says:

    Hey There 🙂 ,
    My wife and I really appreciate what you guys have been doing. We had a 25ft morgan sailboat for 3 years but never went to far from where we are in Florida USA. We now have a 32ft motor yacht but really miss sailing, soon we will get another sailboat in part because we miss it alot but also because you guys have inspired us even stronger into taking the trip to bahamas and to some of the other caribean islands that we have been planning to one day make.. The book was very helpful thanks Riley, we also bought Elayna’s soon to be out album in which im sure we will be hearing alot on our sailing trips..thank you again for the inspiration and please take care of yourselves out travels my friends 🙂
    From yours truly Gaston & Bonita..

  79. Yohann says:

    Hi Elayna, Riley and of course Alfred !

    I’m French and live in … France !

    I’m preparing my trip around the world, sailing on rental sailboats while waiting to buy my own sailboat to live on the ocean .

    I’m following your adventure since the beginning and all I can tell is you are so nice and cool . It changes by report other sailors who are so serious with the sailing thing !

    Sailing must be a pleasure and all the people can learn how to sail to start a trip like yours. After, with years and years of practicing , you’ll be a perfect sailor !

    Your book is nice and funny, you explain and answer to a lot of questions that a beginner in sailing could ask to himself .. Generally, when you want informations about sailing , you find a lot of things but not all the things you need, like daily life !

    So the book is nice and there are a lot of cool informations inside .

    If I can give an advice to your readers , it will be just a word : Safety

    Oceans are dangerous and in a boat , you’re alone with elements .

    For me, safety starts with a good preparation in boat maintenance and weather before leave to sail around the world.

    You must to:

    – know how to maintain your boat in good shape during your trip for your safety and to save a lot of money !

    – know about navigation and weather analysis

    Before leaving, buy a lot of spare parts ( belt generator, water pump, impeller, filters …) all you need to maintain and repair your boat in the middle of nowhere .

    I don’t know how it works in Australia but in France, you can learn how to sail in a sailing school and they can teach you weather and boat maintenance …

    It’s really useful for beginner .

    That’s it for the advice !

    So, keep us dreaming with your videos , you’re awesome guys !



    • luiz kesselring says:

      helo Yohann
      Could you tell me a good place to learn to sail in France. I intend to buy an Arpege 28´ or a Sirocco and leave in Midi chanel and Med….alone
      thanks from Bresil (le pay du future)

  80. Denni says:

    Dudes, besides of the amazing entertaining and inspiring videos you guys did a great job on making the PDF. As I started my sea sailing lessons I find all the info very useful. The only comment I could give is add some more pages.

    Keep staying wild guys, I’ll find you two somewhere on the big open blue!
    oh and keep Alfred alive, he must be tired after getting chased by so many scary delicious fish.

    This is me on Insty:


  81. Glenn Mead says:

    Thanks for the book guys… a good one for the wifey and kids to start on too….we’ll be starting off shortly on our own local yachting adventures. Your Youtube stuff is great – looking forward to more!!

  82. rob says:

    this is going to sound sillly I’m sure, but ive signed up and clicked the link in the email, but how to obtain the book from here… I don’t know… Little help? Should I be recieving an email with the book? I’ve checked my spam folder and nothing… the email says it give you guys permission to send me info, thats all…

  83. Rick says:

    Riley, you neglected to cover how it is that you won the heart of the Goddess Elayna. The mere presence of such an amazingly beautiful woman would be enough to make any man sail into anything for her. I would think the beautiful sites of the sea and islands are only made more beautiful by her presence. I love your videos and will continue watching. Will you be going through the canal or around the tip of South America?

  84. Gabe says:

    Great book. I love your videos and the book was short and sweet. Can’t wait for the album. The wife and I are planning to pull our c-22 down to the Florida Keys for an extended spring in March and you two were inspiration to do so. Thanks again

  85. Jamal & Aynur says:

    Hi Guys, hey Alfred! Many thanks for sharing your observations, especially thanks to Elayna because my significant other was very curious about a girl’s perspective on living aboard )) We have watched all your episodes and wait impatiently for the next one every time! Good luck with the album Elayna, we are big fans. Cheers

  86. Ben Z says:

    Hey guys, I really enjoyed reading your guide. It’s great to hear about your experiences and what you’ve learned, as well as see them in video documentary form. As a new sailboat owner myself, I found your experiences very inspiring to where I eventually want try blue water sailing. I think the greatest strength of this guide is that it’s written from the perspective of a novice sailor who left the mainland life to buy a boat and sail the world. Basically, it’s living a life many people only dream of. If I was to offer any feedback, it’s that I would want to hear more details of that. Thank you both for sharing your experiences!

  87. Harry says:

    Hi both!
    Interesting compilation of hands on knowledge in the book, thanks a lot for that! I have two questions:

    a) how much might a boat cost to purchase? 20k euros ? less/more?

    b) do you need a sailing licence?

    c) do you need to pay any taxes or any other fees while on the sea?

    Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  88. Arie says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your videos and the “book”. We are also preparing for a trip from NL to …?? So interesting reading.

    Can you also share a little what budget do you need to travel around like you do?

    Enjoy your trip. Keep following you!!!

  89. Ken Penner says:

    Hey Riley/Elay,
    First off, Great job on documenting your adventures. You must spend hours editing them. Love to watch the day-in-the-life style. Right now my lovely wife and I are in the middle of raising 3 kids but hope to spend a good deal of time back on the water once they are off to collage. One suggestion I would have is to have another channel or something to show the not-so-glam life of the maintenance and planning etc.
    Anyway, love and please keep it up. Hope to support you on Patreon soon.

  90. Ben says:

    Love everything you’re doing, the videos and music are so well done. The Guide is great too, and for me you couldn’t put too much detail (sailing and mechanical challenges, daily routine). I’m a sailor and a diver, though I live in Nashville USA, so I especially love the underwater videos. Excellent music choices! Cheers,

    • Roger says:

      Awesome videos guys. Thanks for the guide. Will definitely be using it when I buy my own boat. Hope to meet you guys on the high seas soon. Just wandering if Elayna was the lucky $10M lottery winner from Geraldton…??!!!!

  91. Jaco Oosthuizen says:

    Hi Guys , I’ve been following you since your first episode ! I’ve seen you become more experienced as you continued sailing , in your sailing as well as your video making ! 🙂 I really enjoy it , you guys are awesome and like so many people I am dreaming of doing it too ! If you come to South Africa , or planing to come here , please contact me , will organize free stay and treat you in the friendly South African way ! I’m a member of the yacht club in Gordons Bay near Cape Town and we do quite a lot of sailing in our bay here , called False Bay . Enjoyed your book ! Cheers

  92. Niklas says:

    Hi guys! I really loved your book. I bern follow you for a ehile now and youre such an inspiration. Me and my girlfriend will be heading out from Sweden in a couple of weeks time. Its been heavy work and sometimes when moral have been low weve just watched an episode of your adventure. Solid vitamine!! Maybe well see you celebrities out there. Love Nic and Klara

  93. Stormy says:

    Great piece of writing for the newbie and also those looking to expand their horizons. Hope to see you guys back on the boat soon. Fair winds.

  94. Beni says:

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    Im about to get a 31-35 foot sailboat to travel around the world as well.. or at least thats what I’ve been dreaming for some years now. I have been very glad to find you guys on youtube, and will get a read to your book/report 🙂 (as it saves me from sending you some questions I’ve been thinking of, and most important it saves your time!) 😉

    Well.. I’ll be back in here, if after the read I still got any question! 😉


  95. Trevor says:

    Great read! & thanks for all the video, I watch a lot of sailing videos but yours are the best. You are both so natural ( not try-hards like a lot of others) and very amusing.Keep it up and have a great time doing it!

  96. Ken says:

    Hi, I have really enjoyed watching your videos .. keep them coming! so things I would like to know that were not in the book

    you reef your main sail .. what are your views on in mast furling? .. it seems an easier system to me .. but may be more unreliable and difficult to repair at sea? … do you come across many boats with it .. would you consider it?

    money permitting would you have a water-maker?

    mm I guess its personal so you might wish to keep it that way .. but an idea of costings for the trip would be good

    do you ever fall out with each other? lol

    thanks again for some great videos


  97. John W says:

    Finally got your guide! Well written and highly informative. Planning and knowledge (reading, asking advice, and common sense) is everything.
    One thing I’d add is “Buy Insurance”
    It doesn’t make me any less vigilant, but I sail with greater peace of mind.
    Keep up the good work

  98. Cesar Bosch says:

    I truly have to say ,that the book was really helpful and I enjoyed reading it ! I learned a lot of stuff and inspired me to follow this dream about sailing! I do have to say something I was hoping you guys had put like a record of all the places you have visited over the years on La Vagabounde 🙂 well I hope you guys have a good day . God speed !

  99. adrian says:

    Hi guys, thanks for the read, useful and well timed for me as I’m looking round for a liveaboard to also learn to sail on. Totally agree that music should be right up there but more reggae on my boat!

  100. Daniel Saito says:

    Thanx for the book, fellows. It was said here in the comments and i’d also make it my words. Your work, video and book, makes me get a little closer, every day, to my dream of doing the same. I still need the guts and cash to sail in open waters and buy my own boat, (I always charter bareboat). But will get there some day!!

  101. Malcolm Raymond says:

    Thank you for the present and what a nice present it is in this age of slick easily purchased plastic junk! I have alway tried to give time, taking thought and effort in my presents so this modist 19 page essay fits my criteria of a gift well ment!
    I wish you both fair winds and a rode long enough for all your needs Riley! ( a chapter close to my heart) Kind Regards, Malcolm
    Sailing on Meeboat.

  102. Bob in Savannah says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the insights in your book. I have been coastal sailing around Savannah, GA for over 35 years, but I learn something every time I go out. I am planning to read some of the books Riley mentioned – especially The Voyagers Handbook. Good luck on your future travels.

  103. Zach says:

    Hello, thanks for the book! I have started taking sailing lessons and sailing Sunfish sailboats and I have since been thinking about buying a boat. This book helped with that.

    Thanks again,


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    I love your videos, it’s very inspiring!
    Thanks so much for doing the book!
    Keep up the great work

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    Hey guys,
    Loved reading your book. It’s interesting how we all have different experiences but in the end we can all relate to what happens on a boat. While reading your book, I can remember mistakes I have made in the past that have made me a better mariner. I still make mistakes today, but learn quickly from them even with 30 years of boating experience. I laughed reading the anchor tips because I can relate to a storm that picks up in the middle of the night and your boat anchor lets lose. Ugh, the worst feeling ever! That has happened to me more than once even after I have check the anchor line in the water. This has caused me many sleepless nights. lol I have enjoyed watching all of your videos. Great job to both of you and safe travels. Warm regards, Marc

    • Gary says:

      Hey Friends,

      Well, we have never meet but after watching many of your wonderful and fun video adventures, both of your personalities make folks feel welcome. I truly liked your report, tips and suggestions. I thought they were simply no nonsense and spot on from actual experience. I have lived aboard my Beneteau 366cc for 9 years on a South Carolina lake and will be moving her to Charleston next year. Look for to cruising!

      Thanks again for sharing your entertaining and knowledgeable experiences.


    • Asa says:

      Im sitting here after a funeral,and all i can think is “buy a boat” great little insight to the world of sailing,but summing up its all about “just do it” i enjoyed the read,it was question though,what is epirb?or whatever it was you mentioned?thanks

  106. Casper says:

    Can somebody send me the guide. i don’t seem to be able to download it. 🙁


  107. Deanna says:

    Hi guys! Thanks so much for the book, hope to be putting it to good use sooner rather than later. We are still in the beginning stages, but ya gotta start somewhere. We love your videos and always look forward to the next one, thank you for letting us share in your adventures! Will be looking forward to the new album as well, love your music Elay!

  108. Wisc says:


    I’m not quite finished with it yet, it’s fascinating.

    I just noted a spelling mistake, page 13, fifth paragraph, did you mean “out of sight” rather than “out of site”?

    Also, I find it quite hard to read on my older generation kindle, the font is a bit small.

    But, as I said, fascinating so far.
    Thanks for taking the time,

  109. Jonny says:

    Hello to both of you

    I’ve been inspired buy your videos and the adventures you both go on , it’s amazing, keep up with the grate work , don’t let anyone tell you different

    Best Jonny

  110. R. A. Hawkins says:

    I have a few suggestions for you. By the way you two are doing great. Enjoying it quite a bit.
    These charts give you historical information that goes back a century or two regarding the month the region the wind directions and the wave height, ocean currents etc. One of the guys at the marina where my boat resides told me about these and they’re available for the globe.

    The Sailmakers Apprentice by Emiliano Marino is a great book on sail making and repair.

    This site was highly recommended by the sober sailors I met at that marina in Titusville. I lived on my now formerly moldy repo boat while working on the Orion Space capsule. So I can do the live aboard part with ease now. I laughed when I got to the part about the people you meet at a marina. You really run into a diverse collection of people at a marina, some rich some poor and some just common derelicts two steps from the slammer. That was quite a year I had there.

    If you’re interested in a way to have an oven onboard here’s a link to what they did on Emerald Steel. I’ll be making one for us pretty soon. I watched them make pizzas one night.

    No here’s one that I have used recently it is an amazon affiliate. I learned to write starting a few ago much to my wife’s chagrin. She did the editing for me. I wrote three books that make up a trilogy and haven’t published those…yet. I might revisit them a little later this year. I am in the process of publishing three other novels right now in paperback format using I self published a book many years back and they priced the book right out of the market. That doesn’t happen with these folks. You can self publish paperbacks, CD’s <—-Yes Elayna I said CD’s and even DVD’s. Fortunately I had already painted my book covers in 2009 for the kindle version of my books. Those don’t sell very well by the way. People still want to be able to hold their book anywhere they go and stick it in a pocket. I know of one girl that published a book and she only got comments and sales on the paperbacks. You should keep a journal and write your story as you go. A good example of that is ‘The Motion of the Ocean’. I really enjoyed her sense of humor, but she unfortunately descended into emotional depths that were a downer. She still sold a bunch of books and all in all I enjoyed it.

    Keep it rudder side down and enjoy!!!!


  111. Paul says:

    Hi guys. I really enjoyed reading the insights you gave. I sail myself and agree that it’s not all palm trees and tropical beaches. However the freedom experienced and that you guys exemplify so well is well worth the troubles. Riley, you are obviously more handy with tools than most. What is your tip for keeping all the parts on board? They always want to go swimming! Keep going. You guys are great.

  112. Ben Carlson says:

    Thanks for the short book, and for the great, informative, and fun videos!



  113. James Melvin says:

    Thank you for sharing your information. It’s amazing how much you learn from people with real life experience. Please write a book! I want 1st copy

  114. Rik says:

    Hi Guy’s laughed my ass off reading your booklet, you should turn that into a 190 page book and I am sure it will hit the best sellers list!
    Keep going and fair winds

  115. Anthony U. says:

    Greetings !

    Thank you both for the insightful tips and tricks on conquering the deep blue sea (in style) ! The chemistry you two have is so refreshing. Keep it up! I wish you the best in life!

    Kind Regards,

    Anthony U.

  116. hi guys we have been watching since the beginning, we love the channel and love the book, we are living in Oaxaca Mexico (as missionaries) and find ourselves too far from the ocean here, we are looking to buy a boat and move to the Caribbean to work with sustainability projects and small group perspective trips in the through some islands and northern, south America.
    We love the book, it isn’t pretentious or all knowing, you both make sailing and living aboard seem very feasible and minus a lot of the pomp and circumstance it is often portrayed with. We got he book and the cd we hope the best for youguys and can’t wait to see you on the water again. if you are ever in Oaxaca let us know.

    The Dullanty Tribe
    Mark, Malia, Rory and Jinora

  117. Howard says:

    Hi guys. I really enjoyed your book. You two are very entertaining and a beautiful couple. Thanks for the videos and the book. Keep up the good work.

  118. Ludvig says:

    Hi guys

    I plan to buy a Cyclades and pretty much follow in your footsteps( as far as the route goes at least ).
    I found the sections about maintenance and practical issues very useful. Also I appreciated the sections about “how” to live and stay sane on board a sailboat.


  119. Steve Brimson says:

    Hi Guys,
    Really enjoyed your helpful hints. Especially like that you haven’t decended into yacht speak yet. Most experts are not understandable until you learn leeward from windward, luff from leech and clew from tack and as a newbie (we stumbled across our fantasy yacht here in Adelaide a year ago at a give away price, but that’s a story in itself). Can we have some tips on sail handling please and perhaps weather watching too.
    PS Love Elayna’s quirky sense of humour (“We’re gunna die. We’re all gunna die! Any last words Riley” and “I’m going on a killing spree!”)
    Keep on tacking,

  120. Bob Eves says:

    Yep,some really god advice in your book. I have enjoyed reading it, I don’t have a sailing boat, but have a small power boat ( 3500kg, 8m long) we spearfish the Great Barrier Reef, we camp out regularly so your anchoring technique was of great interest.Keep up the good work.

  121. ben says:

    Hi super man and woman,

    Priceless to see you, read and hear you guys. Good luck! Thanks for everything. I enjoy your experiences.
    Seeing you and the vagabond is joy. I laugh seeing you.
    Great “book”! With less words saying a very lot.


  122. Ian Varty says:

    Greetings from the Maritime provinces in Eastern Canada…the land of fog, stupidly high tides and dulse (a salty seaweed that some people eat as a snack…not me). Your video series and Lessons Learned download are fueling the fire, so thanks for that. Thanks also for the guitar segments that you include in the videos…I learned two of the songs myself. Keep them coming, please.

  123. Jess says:

    Hi Guys,

    I am a woman sailor and owner of a 32′ Aloha sail boat and can relate to your learning curve as I jumped in as you did with only a dingy sailing background. I can’t imagine sailing my boat across Oceans but certainly living the dream through you both.

    Thank you for all your films and your short book. I find your adventures fresh and interesting from the free dives, island exploration, boat repairs, Elayna’s beautiful eclectic voice and humor. . . all of it really! About your book, as others have said, make it a full length book. Its sure to be a cruisers best seller. (I have 30 years of book making should you need a designer.)

    Stay safe and enjoy.


    PS. I’m hanging on for your next adventure, waiting for the next chapter to unfold. . .

  124. Meg says:

    Come to the Great Lakes in the US! Great sailing! Just straight up the Mississippi River…and jog over a bit. 🙂 Cheers!

  125. Cullen Q says:

    Since your second YouTube video hit the net it has impelled me to not just learn sailing but become ASA certified and hit the water for a time. Once people like us get a taste of spontaneity and the uncertainty of peril in our adventures it becomes a driving force to do what we do. Elay is spot on about going out and doing things even if on your own, I’ve done some rather ridiculous and incredible things in my time and am looking to top all of those. Sail around the world anyone? 😉 Riley you are a boss! Your download has offered more real world experience than anyone has been able to share in my local marina. Rest easy on your off season and continue impressing the world with your ambition.
    Alfred, take care of your crew.

    Your stateside friend,

  126. Bob says:

    We really enjoy your videos- Elayna is officially known around our office as “The fish killing machine” -hell hath no fury as a woman with a spear gun. We would like to see more of your recipes and personally, I’d like to see your procedure for checking into and out of foreign ports of call- I think that is something alien to most of us and something I’d like to know about. Keep the videos coming- all the very best to you. Safe Journeys!

  127. Hi really enjoy your vids some useful tips in the booklet you will have to expand on them and go into more detail will keep you busy while soaking up the Caribbean rays. Off to my motor cruiser on the British east coast for a few days tomorrow yes you even have motor boaters following you much more interesting than watching videos of boating tips made by marinas keep enjoying.

  128. Jes from FLA.. says:

    I thought i left y’all a reply yesterday , oh well anyhow, I’ll try again, I thought ur booklet, was really great, good info and all,I think like some of the other folks stated , you two could probably put together a best seller,relating to ur adventure anyhow keep up the excellent job,and stay safe and as y’all are..real… KTF.. love ya jes…

  129. Sam says:

    Liked the essay a lot. You all are carrying the dreams of landlocked sailors everywhere, thanks to your videos (which are groovy), your willingness to give awesomeness a try, and your humility in the face of the beauty and terror of the sea. Oh, and your videos made me laugh, too. So, of course, i hustled over to patreon and signed up. Keep up the good work!

  130. Gavin says:

    Hi Guys
    Great book. A good starting point for cruising and live aboard sailing.
    Looking forward to summer and cruising the Auckland and North Coast NZ in our newly acquired Lotus 10.6 yacht.
    Good books available on Kindle from Amazon
    “Creative Anchoring” by Cpt’n Fatty Goodlander
    “Cruisers AA” by Noel & Jackie Parry
    “Capable Cruiser” by Lin & Larry Pardy.

  131. Gav from Sydney says:

    Thanks guys, your information was really written from the heart which is what I love. I appreciate all the hard yards you’ve put into it. Well done, I look forward to the rest of your great adventures and, as soon as I am able to, I will be supporting you guys 🙂 Take care and fair winds to ya

  132. ReneJK says:

    I really liked the download and the down to earth approach. We’re much in the same position you are but 2 years behind and I would really appreciate your view on the beneteau cyclades 43.3 you’re using , like :

    -: what works well on the boat
    -: what doesnt work well on the boat
    -: Solar or wind ?
    -: would you chose the same boat if ou had to do it again with the same funds ?
    -: watermaker , yes / no ?
    -: more batteries ?
    -: sail plan ?

    I already have a list of upgrades planned for when we get ours (Manson supreme !!) but would love to hear from someone that is currently doing ‘it’ on the same boat

    thanks and I look forward to your video’s

  133. MIke R says:

    Really enjoyed the book. I can tell Riley has learned a lot from David Foster Wallace. Keep up the writing mate, DFW would be proud.

    I’m just learning to sail myself, so your videos and book are very helpful and inspirational.

    Do you have any tips for how I would be able to learn and get on some sailboats for some short voyages? I live in Sydney at the moment, so I reckon there must be a ton of opportunity.

    Thanks again for sharing your stories.


  134. Thanks for sharing those incredibly relevant bits. Experience is the best teacher, obviously, but experience also allows you to share what is more relevant and applicable. I was very excited to read the little book yal sent. I can’t wait to learn those things myself one day (I hope). Yal are great and very thoughtful

  135. Jim P says:

    Thanks guys for the very helpful book with lessons learned, tips & tricks. Perfect for newbies like me. Riley, we all know that Elayna wrote all those big words for you. I love your Youtube videos and you guys have inspired me to finally go out and buy my sailboat that I’ve been dreaming of for many years.

  136. Patrik says:

    Hello i`m from Sweden thanks for the book it has god tips. And thanks for your adventures god videos you got talent with filming.

  137. Ben says:

    Elayna and Riley – you are the wind and he the ocean – great work together! Just picked up a new anchor- thanks Riley! Can’t wait to hear your new music guiding us Elayna – Your videos are such high quality! Thanks for the beautiful read!

  138. Stephen says:

    I have enjoyed the vids and the book. In fact, I’ve now got most of your music (from the playlist in your book) so listening to it while I work is like sailing with you. I can almost forget that it’s grey and rainy here at the moment!

  139. James says:

    Great job on the Lessons Learned. Thanks for sharing.

    Love the videos. The way you showcase the areas you visit and are not afraid to put some personality into it, is engaging!

    I am getting started in sailing and have made some of the discoveries that you write about. Just a few more years of working…

    Keep up the good work!


  140. Dave K says:

    Great to see you two follow a dream. Wishing you fair winds and smooth sailing.

  141. Bill says:

    Great info. I am headed to BVI for some sailing next spring. I was just around corner from you guys a few weeks ago in May of this year while diving in the USVI. I caught you vids while mind prepping for that trip earlier this year. I have been glued since and you have inspired me to take a sailboat and scuba tanks out next year. I only wish I could manage a trip as long and adventurous as yours. Keep up the journey and thanks for allowing us a few minutes of your adventure every once in a while. Cheers mates.

  142. Giuseppe says:

    Nice vids, nice spots, nice journey of life, nice people.
    Have a ball, You two!
    No better way to live than sailing on a shoestring.
    And no better way than learning by doing – life isn’t a drill.
    Concerning the “lessons learned”:
    Nice learning curve, Riley!
    I particularly respect people who stay afloat after updating their state from “landlubber” to “saltback” overnight.
    What I am missing, though, is one of the singlehanders’ most wanted item for the last hundred or so years (since Josh Slocum weighed anchor in Boston to go around alone), and this item is called AIS.
    Put to work ’bout 15 years ago,
    this AIS thingy did to singlehanding what affordable and accurate GPS did to offshore sailing in general;
    You can sail under windvane/autohelm through a night without the former mandatory 360 degree watchout every ten to fifteen minutes, since the dangerously fast iron chests all around You put Your AIS to alert within a distance You choose before taking a nap.
    It doesn’t take the responsibility off Your shoulders, of course, but I (and a bunch of other singlehanders I know) use it as a tool to get at least 60 to 90 minutes of sleep in one piece when singlehanding.
    Even hove to while sleeping AIS will call You when a fellow traveller is about to hit You.
    Way better than any radar reflector.
    Nobody ever looks after the radar on the big ships anyway, while AIS does have to be protocoled as evidence and will be taken notice meticulously of for this reason on any big ship.
    Deprivation of sleep is a serious problem when sailing shorthanded, it even might be the more dangerous problem compared to collisions, and definitely so with an AIS working.
    Cheers Giuseppe.
    Oh, well, hang on, yes, I still wanted to recommend “Singlehanded Sailing” by Richard Henderson as a nice-to-have standard book for its vast amount of very practical and proven little tricks to make handling Your sailboat a lot easier when short- or singlehanding.

  143. Susanne says:

    Hi guys, we are a family with three small kids and around 40 years old and you guys make us dreaming!! Dreaming that we maybe could do this one day! We both started taking sailing courses and navigation theory and stuff, the motor mending part and maintenance practice is still to come. Your book was highly helpful, for example the part about crossing the ocean being nothing else than a couple of night sails in the mediterranean. The part about the EPIRB and Elayna’s food lessons (I did not know you could eat lion fish!?): very helpful and to the point!

    You are so courageous, still you are also careful enough to avoid the biggest dangers, truly inspiring! I like the kind and humorous way you two talk to each other. Keep your videos coming please. Love!

  144. Anthony says:

    Hello! I love the LaVaga series and the helpful and inspirational personal guide book.

    I recently acquired a project sailboat (needs the inside fixed up some and the deck needs a little work but has everything and the hull is in good condition) that I am betting myself to finish by January so I can set sail on my birthday and start taking it down the coast of the U.S.. I am new to sailing but have always had a desire to sail since I was a child.

    Your youtube series and book have definitely given me the confidence to push forward and not give up. Who knows, maybe we will see eachother on the open water!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences and giving us, who want to sail, the confidence to achieve our dreams!

  145. Bill says:

    Riley, I really enjoyed your sailing guide! I bought a small sailboat last October and got it shipped to my yard this spring. I’m working on it preparing it for what I hope will be my adventure of a lifetime. Maybe I’ll see you guys out there some time. I’m partially disabled so it’s rather slow going for me, but I hope to be on the water next year and living aboard by October and on my way down south from New England, USA. If you ever get to the Connecticut area please let me know, I’d love to come and meet you and maybe take you out to dinner! You guys inspire me with every video to finally try and get out there! Thanks!

    Capt. Bill
    Meriden, CT

    • Dustin says:

      Great to see honesty and a real life look at things. The videos are getting good with a professional finish. Keep it up and maybe bump into y on the winds somewhere. ?

  146. Tiger Forge says:

    Living proof of one thing.

    “There is no certainty, only adventure”

    Great book. Great videos. Don’t stop.

    All the best from the Dutch mountains.

  147. Ian from chile says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just enjoying the start of the Atlantic crossing … you guys are really courageous !! Well Done !! The tips are really good because alot of the sailing blogs are written by experienced sailors who often miss or don t remember the first steps … I ve done a bit myself – with about your level of experience bought my first boat on e bay for 8 G US in NY and sailed single handed down the coast (Mainly inside) – friends thought I was crazy but it s best thing I ve ever done … material things provide a kind of shallow, ephemeral pleasure, but memories like sailing adventures provide a smile many times over.

    Next May 2016 we re planning to take my C34 down the tennessee river and on to Cuba before it changes too much !

    I bet many have asked if Elayna has an older sister.. say between 30 – 40 jiji … your a lucky guy Riley … not easy to find a plucky lass … tie her to the boat !

    Ok let me get back to the videos … if your ever down the Chile coast drop me a line ! cheers Ian

  148. Chris D. says:

    Excellent guide. Enjoyed the tips and advise. One day I too hope to sail the high seas so it is inspiring to get your advise and see your videos. All the best. Chris.

    PS-I am an underwater photographer. My web site is

  149. Derek says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your trip so far.
    I have been sailing for over 40 years and have never crossed an ocean, something I still want to do.
    Please keep the videos coming and make sure that beautiful voice gets professionally recorded.

  150. Pierre says:

    Really cool to get first hand feedback from you guys, you are basically a few years a head of me so I am learning all I can from you. Please update that book as you think of new stuff, this is really really valuable.

    Watching the videos over and over, catching details about all I can, from how you store things to how the boat behave in different conditions. Plus of course I enjoy your stories, humour, etc (I liked Riley’s video). Thanks for sharing and I hope to see you out there one day

  151. Tristan says:

    Great booklet, lots of useful tips. If there was a version 2 I would love to see more cooking on board tips 😉

  152. Jo says:

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    PS – I don’t know if this is a helpful place to share this or not, but I’ve heard lot’s of people asking for ways to make money while they are out cruising. One of my websites is there to teach people how to make money online through affiliate marketing. I know for us, that’s going to be one of our primary income streams while we are abroad. If you or anyone else want’s to check out the site, it;s at

    Thanks for the Sailing Download Book – and I’ll certainly be following all of your videos!

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    The download was very useful and gave some good answers to questions we had. You should think about doing a book about your travels and experiences as your videos are great and an inspiration.
    The comment on a smaller boat is good to see as we are planning to live aboard for 6 months in the Mediterranean next May. We are going to look / purchase a Jeanneau Sundance 36 (same hull as the sun odyssey) in 2 weeks. Good to know that boat would go further.
    Keep enjoying your sailing, we hope to be out there very soon.

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    Thankyou so much for your gift you two. Congratulations on your Sailing Book or essay as you called it Riley. It’s an excellent read and answered so many of the questions that no-one else seems to ever get to mentioning.
    Keep living the dream and I hope to join you on the water sometime. x

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    Oh and ask Riley to put a meter or two of stainless trace on you to avoid being lost forever when the big one bites!
    We have just bought ourselves a Bavaria Vision 46 production boat so were in mortal fear that it will founder as soon as it is out of sight of land as some old salts seem to think but you guys have shown that ain’t necessarily the case. I did quite a lot of research and think that RCD Cat A does actually mean something!
    As Giuseppi mentioned above AIS is really useful and it is even a requirement to have a transponder in some places like Singapore and Thailand (west coast – Phuket)
    We really enjoy your vids – very good, please keep them coming.
    Our boat, Quo Vadis is in Singapore at present and we will be cruising SE Asia for a while.
    Are you planning to keep on going past Aus?
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    Aussie Rick in Dubai

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    Personally, my hankering for freedom and the ocean have always gone hand in hand, Spring or Summer next year will see newbie me (at 60 going on 35) on board my own boat and going where the sun and destiny takes me.
    I`d bet my last £1 that you two will be out there for years yet to come, civvy street would be tough to go back to I reckon!
    Hope you keep putting the videos up, chances are I`ll pass you somewhere, I`ll be watching out!
    Live, love, and be free!!

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    Thank you for the videos, you are living an amazing life! I hope to be doing the same in a few years although I’m nearing 40 and getting a late start. The book is a good start, and has great information. Keep adding on to it! Hope to see you guys on the water someday!

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    See you guys!! Thankssss

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    Riley and Elay

    Thanks for the guide. My Bride of 18 years and I are working our way up from day sailing to our goal of chasing after you two around the globe. Thanks for all the advice and for inspiring us to chase the dream with you! In particular, we’ve taken the advise to size right to heart.


    Looking forward to the Pacific!

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    Kindest regards,

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    Riley, do you have any yacht qualifications? or did you just learn as you go? If not, looking back would you have wanted to complete some training before you headed out?

    Thanks again. Fair winds

    Michael and Shahn

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    The ebook is an excellent complement to the Vlog. It’s not so much that the information has never been written about before but rather that in combination with the videos, a very balanced synergy is achieved between your own apparent ‘shoot from the hip’ approach to the sailing adventure as suggested by the vlog and the more necessarily required thoughtful planning that is actually needed to have a successful long term outcome. On this basis I give it a ’Two thumbs up’.

    However, having said that I think the ebook might benefit from a short section addressing safety issues. Do you really want to be going to the mast head on a halyard made of dodgey ‘turkish’ rope? What safety protocol do you use for solo watch at night (or day) or particularly rough weather? What are your non-electronic backups for navigation and weather forecasting? Do you ever practice MOB drills? What is your protocol for save use of mains voltage AC electricity in the water environment? I know it can take away some of the lighter flavor of the cruising life but it would ultimately add to the completeness of your project.

    Also in quite a different vein, because of the high quality of your videos it would be nice to hear about some of the photographic and production challenges you may have faced. What equipment are you using? How does it hold up in the continually moist environment? How much footage do you actually take to get the edits you end up using? What equipment would help improve your product or production methods? Did you have to join the Actors Guild? After releasing ‘Bilgey’ were you banned form the Actors Guild?

    Anyway, kudos for what you’ve done and looking forward to seeing your work as you get to it.


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    Anyone can learn through practice, reading, an instruction, but this guide is helpful in the way that it truly shows certain aspects of the daily life of sailing. For instance, just mentioning that listening to music instead of siting in the silence can make the difference in whether you have a joyful and fun experience, or whether it’s dreadful.

    In a way I don’t want to ask questions, for in some way I feel like by being given all the answers takes something away from the experience if I were to ever hoist a mast, but I guess I’m too curious to not ask.

    Do you take extra sails with you in case of a rip, or would it not be feasable due to the size and just plan on sewing a torn sail until you can purchase a new one?

    How do you manage cooking in rough seas? or is it just cheese and biscuits to avoid a spill or injury?

    Have either of you had bouts of seasickness? Did that ever affect your decision of continuing the endevour?

  184. Dan says:

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    Found the book a very useful introduction with some great tips for things to think about when getting started, definitely got the wheels in motion.
    Some things I remain curious about: financial aspects – obviously I don’t want to know how much you’ve got in your bank account or anything but what sort of expenses specific to sailing have you been encountering and how do they vary? i.e. Marina fees across the destinations you’ve visited, Diesel, Food, any activities on shore (car hire?), miscellaneous boat expenses (ropes, consumables).
    Also curious about immigration requirements to various places? Do you even need to do this? Visas, fees, length of stay permitted etc.
    Thanks again for sharing your experience!

  185. Guys, I love the videos, you are living the life we would all like to live. keeping traveling and having fun. I look forward to the CD.

    I would like some details on the check-in / check-out process at each port.



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    Reminds me of how I started sailing. Have made similar experiences.
    Since the beginning I have been following your reports and look forward to the further. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.
    I am looking forward to meeting you one day.
    I wish you always enough water under the keel.

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    Your little book / pamphlet / insider information has really interested me, as well as grow my inspiration!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do it 🙂

    Love Tom 😛

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    The book was great! Can’t thank you enough! All sorts of stuff I didn’t even know to ask about. (sailing noob here)

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    If you decide to add to your tips and advice, I’d like to hear about what gear has worked out for you and what hasn’t, and what sails you use.

    I’m also interested to hear about how important Riley’s experience on oil rigs and other mechanical things contributed to his learning to sail and operate La Vagabonde. Perhaps some mechanical aptitude and experience is as useful as sailing experience?

  190. NicholWehner says:

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    SAludos desde Mexico!!

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    1. The tender: how do you store it, when do you tow it, engine size, and so on. Basic recommendations on the right tender and how to handle it.

    2. Bad weather gear and how do you handle it. What kind of clothes, how to treat it, how do you use it and handle it when wet, for instance.

    3. You have been nagged quite a bit for not wearing a harness or using life lines, a good idea may be to write about YOUR understanding of safety at sea. I’m sure that you are not fools and on these issues there are many points of view, it would be great to have yours.

    Having said this, great read and great tips.

    Regards from Spain.

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    Your book of sailing experience is clear and honest. Maybe, it would be fantastic if you could share with us the following topics:
    1- Fishing: Tips and tricks
    2- As you mentioned, sharing your adventure is very important for you.
    Could you give us some advice regarding video camera, web site, …
    Once again you are a kind of Dream Machine… Please don’t stop !

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    I’m actually dreaming reading your guide and watching your videos, thanks a lot!
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    Great book – very informative, a fantastic video series. I look forward to your next adventure posting. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    Regards from North Wales, UK

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    Thanks for your youtubes , and now your “sailing lessons learned”. I have been living vicariously, this thing called sailing around the globe, through you two. Though I have sailed inland most of my life in smaller sailboats, with just a few times on the ocean in boats the size of yours. I have had no comprehension of a few of the things that you brought up, like anchoring.

    Its a fantastic eye opener to what months at sea are really like. And I’m sure for many, make it clear if this is something that they/we really want to try in a big way. Wish I could charter your boat. I feel like I almost know you two.

    The one question that I have, in Tips and Tricks, under “watch the Sky”, you say if it starts raining take a reeve. I’m guessing that you mean reef your sail in.

    Keep up the youtubes, and I look forward to Elayna’s ablum. Riley cheers mate, you’ve got a great thing going. keep it up.

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    Just what little of your singing I have heard, I am looking forward to buying your album. Beautiful voice!

    I know you both put “Sailing: Lessons Learned” together but I have to say, I admire the way you decided to buy the boat and start making it all happen. Once started, I was glued to reading “Sailing: Lessons Learned”. Just can’t seem to get enough of you two. You both seem like really good people. The kind my girlfriend and I could enjoy spending time with. Very good job putting it together for us all to read.
    Keep the videos coming, I really enjoy them!
    I wish you both the best and stay safe out there!

  208. Hey there! Chanced on your channel purely by chance (as all good things happen right!) I was cooking in my condo in downtown Toronto – (having recently moved from the east coast of Canada and was in the mood for the sound of a halyard slapping against the mast – Amazing how one can long for something that was so annoying not so long ago while trying to sleep at three in the morning!
    Anyways, I got totally sucked into your adventures, chuckling with admiration at how much spirit and “umph” you guys fearlessly display on a regular basis, sorting out problems and creating opportunities to meet people and keep on learning. Laughed out loud at the fish jumping out of the boat, and the expression on both your faces LOL, She brought that fish in mate – keeping it in the boat was anybody’s job lol.
    I made myself a coffee and read through your lessons learned yesterday (Sunday), great little read and I’m sure only a drop in the bucket as far as what you’ve experienced and learned. Suggest you put an E-Book together and ask a few bucks for it to help raise funds. FYI, in addition to your magnetic personalities, it’s the fact that you guys have grabbed the bull by the horns not really knowing much of anything about bulls that creates alot of the appeal. The boatyards are full of old crusty mates who scare you into thinking you should spend 10 years preparing and learning before daring any kind of real trek. You have a knack for telling a story Riley and your exuberance is a pleasure to watch Alayna, wether you’re singing and dancing on the deck or juggling pickle jars, and iceberg lettuce in the galley haha.

    If you feel like writing some more I’d like to hear why you don’t have scuba gear on board (realizing the storage must be one concern) – it looks like you guys go way down just free diving – that’s pretty impressive. Are those spearguns difficult to master? And what about customs going through all these countries – is that a non-event or . . .

    I’ll be sure to chip in to your Paetron page.

    Cheers, and fair winds!

  209. Just an afterthought – Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Kickstarter – maybe there’s an equivalent down unda . . . Your work is already done – you have all kinds of video. If you were to propose to publish a book of a sail around the world, along with an e-version with embedded videos etc . I’m almost positive you could raise whatever you need to finance the trip and cover publishing. I see all kinds of folks on there getting support for completely off the wall books so should be a breeze for you two . . . I’d be the first to pledge $100 as long as you sent me an Alfred lure as appreciation. (Yep better order a few cases lol).
    This would also get you a lot of exposure . . .

    Just a though 😉

  210. Will says:

    Awesome book guys. Love the videos need more of them ! Would live to do what you’re doing. Maybe one day……!

  211. Jeff says:

    Great videos Elayna and Riley. I especially love the outakes at the end of videos, especially video 3 where Elayna asks “..please tell me what these black ropes are called”. “….Just make something up” haha I laughed for hours and have watched it at least 20 times. That was brilliant and it is great to see you two doing this fantastic adventure

  212. Jeff says:

    Hi Elayna and Riley, a question about boat size please.
    What is it about the 43′ boat that makes it too big, and why would a smaller 38′ be more suitable? (Ignoring the cost difference between 38 and 43′ boats)

    You mentioned it in the book but there seemed to be equal positives for both 38′ and 43′, especially that you each have your own shower on the 43′ boat.

    Is the 43′ boat a bit too big to handle for two people?

  213. Raimund says:

    What a great & simple compilation of waht makes sailingand living on a boat easier. My wife and me are lucky to spend about 6+ weeks every yaer cruising the Adriatic Sea and we love the blue, the islands and the peaceful bays and short distances within the 1000+ islands there. On space: I agree a 38foot boat could be more perfect, but for the two of us and land ervy 3 – 4 days 32 foot are fine. Keep on your fun and us posted. Warm regards, Raimund (SY Gatto)

  214. Pedro Lemos says:

    Thank you Riley and Elayna for your manual lessons learned, I liked and admired your courage. I understood that you no had experience of the sea.
    I would like to ask if Riley has to oceanic navigator license (ocean skipper)? as a license to drive an automobile
    We here in Portugal is required to travel on deep sea (Ocean) we need to get the license, we could not go on adventures without this document.
    There are several navigation classes, as you advise to buying a EPIRB here is mandatory even in navigation class on the coast from x nautical miles.
    You’re right a boat as La Vagabunda becomes large for two person and expensive in the marinas and etc…, so I opted for a Gib Sea 105 which I own since 1998, I’m very satisfied, it’s very comfortable and spacious.
    I have navigate a lot, maybe one day make your route.
    I really appreciate your sharing and the experience, it’s nice to see your videos and your sympathy.
    Cheers to you and Elayna, good winds and good luck!

  215. Great read, you guys are such an inspiration. I’d love to follow in these footsteps one day. For now, I read and watch in awe, and squirrel away my pennies.

    I can’t wait for more adventures.

  216. Dimitar says:

    Hi Guys,
    Great videos!
    I have earlier registered in the ‘Download’ section my email and got a confirmation email, but never realized how to actually download the book. Any ideas? BTW I am on Chrome browser.
    Thanks and all the best

  217. Almog Koren says:

    Got an email asking to send some feedback about the book.

    First it’s great I’m mostly interested in the info about the boat as I’m looking at buying my first sailboat.

    I think you can add more content especially about the boat and it’s tech. I know I have a lot of questions there.

    Also maybe do a section about how to make vides, the gear you use how you stay connected, ect..

    Overall it’s great, the PDF does need some design work not very readable with the background image. If you read this glad to help with that for free of course.

  218. Scott says:

    Hi Guys, Love everyhting you are producing. The book is great, I’ve been involved in boats and ships since I was a young fella and its alway cool to see new people feeling their way into the sailing thing the way you are doing it.Being relatively new to the game with your atitude is an asset At sea the day we stop learning is the day we shoud move ashore.Hope the rest of your cruising days are as enjoyable as its been so far.

  219. I just want to mention I am very new to blogs and definitely savored you’re website. Almost certainly I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You definitely come with beneficial article content. Thanks a lot for sharing with us your blog site.

  220. Bryan deJong says:

    Hi to a very adventurous couple.
    I came across your videos by accident. I’m a diver/spearo in Los Angeles, California and just started watching your awesome sailing stories from around the world. Very exciting. I have a lot of family in Australia. Darwin, Queensland, Cairns and Sydney. My daughter and I visited and dove the Great Barrier Reef 5 years ago and plan to go back with my wife. I’m a firefighter for LAFD and will take a picture with the shirt at my station. Good luck and stay safe.

  221. Bruce says:

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  222. James says:

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  224. james says:

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    cheers and safe sailings!

    • Kyle Livingstone says:

      Hey guys,
      Absolutely love following your journey around the world. It is super inspiring and someday I hope to do something similar. Thanks for the book it is a great read and contains a lot of valuable information! Wish you the best as you continue your journey!

  225. Jason K says:

    I thought your e-booklet was a great start. Having just started sailing and jumped right into such a big trip, you have a unique perspective about what you learned, how you learned, what you would do differently, etc. It’s all fresh on your mind still, so take a lot of notes. Keep up the videos, they’re really well done. Plus, they’ll drive your book and music sales!

    I’d suggest that you include sections like (in no order):
    – Provisioning food in new ports
    – Simple recipes for underway
    – Negotiating with vendors
    – Common failures / repairs
    – Money handling
    – Navigating new harbors
    – Challenges with culture and language
    – Customs
    – Medical
    – Safety / security
    – Who’d you meet along the way – side stories
    – Communication (internet, VHF, SSB)

    The most unique thing about your adventure though is you two. I’d think a book on the adventure would do well. Basically a written version of your vlog.

    • Rick says:

      Hello Riley and Elayna,
      I love the guide, I love the videos, and I love the music. Thanks! I certainly agree that an EPIRB is essential. But I am surprised that you did not mention a life raft. I think that the raft is also essential. Though of course relatively expensive, your lives are worth it. If you are in the middle of the ocean (or even a couple of hundred miles offshore) and you boat gets holed by a partially container or another calamity happens, your EPIRB will not be much use without the raft and a small water maker. Just something to consider.

  226. Stephen says:

    Downloaded the guide yesterday. Really enjoyed it. I’m not new to sailing, so knew a lot of the information, but stilled garnered some choice bits from your booklet.

    Well done. I placed an order today for one of the books you recommended, and appreciate the weather links, also.

    I was a trucker before retiring, so know a bit about scrounging showers, or taking them beside the truck I was living in. Also, alcohol baths with rubbing alcohol, works well in a pinch.

    Thoroughly enjoy your videos too, though I haven’t been through all of them yet.

    BTW, envy you the space you have on your boat, along with the fridge and freezer, and the shower. Mine is a much smaller 30′ Dufour, but she is a blue water boat.

    Thanks again, and I’ll be seeing you in your videos!

  227. Andrew says:

    Really useful little guide. I enjoyed reading it.

    It might be an idea to make it into a wiki and let other contribute.

    Bon voyage.

  228. Chris says:

    Enjoyed the booklet. Next video I would love to see each of you interview yourself with how best to get along with your boat mate in such close quarters. What one thing you do most to stay friends and keep the good times rollin?

  229. Chad K says:

    I thought your book was very encouraging for people with not much experience wanting to get out there and sail. It’s positive and lets people know that the lack of experience should not hold them back. I also really like the videos, very good vibe you guys have going on. It’s refreshing to see people out there living adventurous, good, healthy, happy lives. Hope you can keep the videos coming. Happy sailing!

  230. You have brought up a very great points , thankyou for the post.

  231. John says:

    Cool i bought the album and listend to the music while reading the sailing instruction, totally immersed, you guys are so kind, please stay that way.

  232. Doug says:

    Greetings Mates…Great job on the guide. I want to add it’s nice to see in this crazy world two young adults not afraid to go out and experience something different in the world. You will be so far ahead of others with the experiences you’re learning from this adventure…Good Luck.

  233. Coen says:

    What a nice read: Unpretentious, not lecturing, but good sense all the same. I enjoy your videos, who knows I may join you once my boat is on the ocean.

    Fair winds!

  234. Steffen says:

    Thx for all episodes of your Trip and your advices. I loved it. Maine we will See us someday on the ocean. What are u Doping Right now? Sailing?

  235. Sean says:

    Great stuff! Best tip for sailing I have is “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”

    Most problems on a yacht (and most places in life) stem from a small issue or minor decision that occurs hours or days before it become a major pia.

  236. Jason says:

    The guide is a pleasant, candid insight that is fun to read. It makes a good companion to your lovely videos. Please, keep up the good work and enjoy your blessed time in the big blue.

  237. Jack says:

    The book was good overall. There was a LOT of good information. I particularly enjoyed the links to weather sites, book recommendations and your thoughts on the boat after owning and sailing it for awhile.

    My wife and I will moving aboard a Catalina C36 in the spring. We love watching your adventures and the playful nature of your relationship while under sail.

    Being a good 25 years older than you two, I was surprised to find that we have a few of the same artists on our playlists outside of the usual oldies(Beatles) like Boy and Bear. Check out OneEskimo if you get a chance.

    The guide can use a bit of editing (grammar, sentence structure, etc.), but it’s very readable and helpful.

    We’re looking forward to your new season of adventures. Fair winds!

  238. Chad says:

    Fun read… loved watching you guys. I’ll be out there myself soon. Hope to have a sundowner with you both one day!

  239. steffen rodefeld says:

    Hi Guys, i Love your sailing video Clips and your sailing advices Riley. Thx for sharing your experiences. WhY did u get your bist in Europe? Joe did u find it and how much was The Price? Die u have any sailing experiences before? i am into sailing Since 5-6 Years now, more or less. still have Respect for the ocean. how about u? Was with Family 2kids 5 and 8 Last Summer in croatia and Loved it. Hope to do a longer trip with them some day. Gas u some Problems leaving the boat Aline Dütting Anchorage? Greets Ely. Steff

  240. Aaron says:

    Thanks Riley for the read. I find it a useful tool for a non sailor who is wanting to explore the life. Here in northern Louisiana there isn’t much (or any at all) information or guides on how to get into or things to expect in all matters of sailing. Fair winds my friend.

  241. I’m enjoying your enjoyment. I love it when people love life. Outstanding. Keep on sailing.

  242. Dave says:

    greatly enjoying your videos as I go through them. The book was also a nice addition I’ll add my vote to the oft repeated requests that you publish a proper actual book as well. I’m sure it wood do well with the general public as well as with folks like myself who plan on mowing aboard our own vessels.
    Anyway, many thanks for the great vids, commentary etcetera!!
    I’ve been living off grid in ne Washington state for so long that I’m really, really looking forward to moving to tropical climates for the foreseeable future in about 20 months time.
    Best of luck, happy sailing,

  243. alex says:

    Well done Riley. Have much respect for you, and you make me laugh. When I saw the News TV show episode and the picture of you on the oil rig, my respect for you shot up. Bravo!

    I just got back from the south of France widow shopping at used boats. What a trip. I was please to read you’d go for a smaller boat, as I am looking at 34ft. (Got to love them French boats).

    I’ve watched La Vagbonde, S/V Delos, Wicked Salty and White Spot Pirates. All the videos, and I wish there were more. So I decided start my series:

    At the moment I’m shooting & editing: 1) the decision making process, 2) Genova Boat Show 3) looking at used boats in France. (This is a really interesting and vital part of the process).

    Thanks for the book. Enjoyed it very much. Perhaps we’ll meet up on the sea someday. Keep coming with those videos, keep the dream alive for all of us still stuck on dry land.

  244. Bruno Matos says:

    FunTastic. You guys really have made it.
    Your adventures makes the average everyday working people to Dream!

    That is the powerful magic you spread around!

    Thank you!

    Continue living the adventure, we will keep on dreaming and who knows, even sailing! 🙂

  245. Paul says:

    You guys are great! I hope to someday be able to just buy a boat and explore to world too. I’ll read your book again and hopefully absorb more of it the second time, but also I hope to be able to use the practical knowledge so wonderfully dished out.

    Travel safe!

  246. Bill says:

    Could not fine the last ep. 21 Did you record it. Hauling out the boat.
    Also when will new trip begin. Can’t get enough.

  247. Richard Turner says:

    Hey you two!

    Love the videos, love the book! Could you make a map showing all the places y’all have stopped?

    Keep living the Dream. Thank you for sharing the adventure.

  248. Adam Nohel says:

    Hey guys,
    firstly…love the videos!
    I’ve recently found a little obsession with living among a sailboat, and hope to do after my uni studies (gotta keep the parents happy). Because i have close to zero experience i can especially relate to you two and how you guys started off. Also cheers for the great little manual, i’ll be keeping it handy for the journey to come!


  249. Millie says:

    10/10 Would read again.

  250. Jayden says:

    fkn mint idea guys!
    a great little read, and the videos have given me interest on the fun ya get from sailing
    cheers 🙂

  251. Kevin Lucas says:

    I really enjoyed your journey up till now and hope you don’t get sidetracked by life and miss out on completing the trip. Riley, you seem to be a intelligent level headed bloke with a great sense of humor and adventure, and Elayna, well what an absolute stunner in every sense. Don’t ever let her get away mate, you’ve got one in a trillion there. The booklet was great, purchased mainly to support you two but it does have good info inside.

    I have similar intentions as you but bought my Beneteau 393 while I’m working on a large construction project. I own her now and the project has another eight months or so to go, I don’t think I’ll have enough in the kitty to retire yet though so my voyage is a little way off yet. I wish I had the means and opportunity to do it when I was younger. Keep the dream alive you two, from the few comments I’ve read you are an inspiration to many people.

    Oh, I bought Elayna’s album too, not only the looks of an angel, she has the voice of one too. Good luck and fair winds to you pair, I look forward to continuing to follow your voyage of adventure after the hurricane season. Stay safe. XXX (that’s for Elayna, not you, you hairy bugger) ?

  252. Brian Petersen says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey and lessons learned. I enjoyed every moment, especially the tips on reefing and anchoring… and of course Elayna singing.
    You both show how important it is to have an easy going attitude grounded by constant learning.
    I built my own 16′ cat after high school (modeled after a Tornado).

  253. Dave says:

    You are doing this at the right time in your life. I spent my 20’s sailing as a “Pro”, which at the time ranged from bumming a ride on a boat similar to yours from my native England to Antigua, to racing in the America’s Cup and everything in between. I did a lot of racing and a little cruising, but had a lot of similar experiences.

    When I was about 30 I got tired of living out of a seabag and quit to settle down in California. 15 years later I’m a weekend warrior with a corporate career and all the stress that goes with it. I own a lot of stuff, none of it very useful. You guys are inspiring me to make a plan to get get rid of the baggage and get back to sailing for an extended period.

    Keep it up and enjoy every minute…chances are the voyage won’t last for ever, but your memories of it will. In my experience time at sea is never time wasted. If you come through L.A., look me up

  254. Gustavo says:

    Hey guys,
    I’m Gustavo from Argentina!
    I’ve recently found a little obsession with living among a sailboat, and hope to do one day.. I married, 2 children.. work at office! so, you know I live adventures trough people like you guys! congrats because you are very coreageus people! you really live on the way that this life must be lived! I’m happy for you. I have zero experience , so much to learn. I hope to have time and strong in this life to do an adventure like your. I have 37 years old now. Maybe I can faind resources, time and money to organize a sailboat trip on my fourties! haha . Keep us informedabout your journeys. I’m really enjoy your stories.. Bye (sorry about my english). PD: Talking about english I found a little difficult to understand your english Riley! haha I appreciate very much the subtitles in your videos 🙂 . Good Winds

  255. Nahaku says:

    I can’t believe I missed out on Elayna’s album pre-order! Bummed.
    Riley’s sailing guide and the videos of your adventure truly inspire me to dig deep into self. When I was a little kid packing up a backpack, not knowing when I was coming back, prepared for anything and heading out into the front yard.
    Elayna’s creativity not only as an artist, but as a businesswoman as well, is beautiful and an invaluable asset. I sort of feel like I owe you two.
    Hope to catch you in the Hawaiian islands! Namaste and aloooohaaa

  256. Michael says:

    Hi guys, just returned from Ios, collecting Olives. Obviously missed you last year there, as I just stumbled across your splendid videos. I am sailing a Weta around Ios, so if you return to The island some day (everybody does) find me there!

    Best regards from Kalamos, Attiki.

  257. Kemp says:

    Have really enjoyed your videos and the little tips is a great idea. I live and sail in Alaska (in the summer of course) but you are living my dream. Good on you! I will look forward to more of your adventures and definitely interested in that album.

  258. Jamie says:

    Nice little book, simple and to the point. Gives confidence to those who know very little. I hope you continue to flesh it out and add more details – turn it into a book, will be both entertaining and very informative.

  259. Dave says:

    It would be useful if you added to the book (or did a video) about how you make videos – what gear you use, your editing workflow and how you upload massive files to Youtube while living at anchor…

  260. Caiters says:

    My dad was in the process of possibly purchasing a 55′ trimaran… and the deal went through yesterday! He’s who showed me you wonderful humans sharing your experiences, and he doesn’t refer lightly!
    I’ve sailed quite a few times on smaller boats, he taught me a bit about the sea on a trip around the channel islands once when I was young, so I’ve got the basics down but have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA about anchoring, navigation, or how we’re gonna fix the boat on the go.

    Now, at age 22 I get to prepare for long journeys with him, my sister, her boyfriend, my significant other, and myself as his crew. To say we’re bubbling with excited nervous energy is an understatement.

    All that said, when I downloaded the book I read it within a handful of minutes (easy to read, had me chuckling every other paragraph and love the *notes!) but the resource websites are sure to keep me occupied for an extensive period of time. Was hoping to put the anchoring tips to use before leaving a review but I won’t have that chance for a month or two, I’ll have to come back and let you know how that goes, but with your tips I’m sure it will go swimmingly!

    The fact that this is still a free download means the world to me as someone who is transitioning. Thank you guys so much for sharing your journey, experiences, and knowledge <3

  261. Rob M says:

    I started watching your videos along with some other cruisers on YouTube and it has inspired me to go after sailing, something I have dreamed about for a really long time.
    Planning on purchasing my first sailboat this spring to get the journey started.
    Thanks for the stories!

  262. Dan says:

    Great work!
    If possible, please add:
    – estimation of past costs
    – frequency of repairs
    – safety (robberies)
    – storage of food
    – work shifts

  263. Jeff says:

    Excellent advice for a beginner, & I’m sure your videos will encourage a lot of young folks to do something similiar. Good on Ya.!
    Eleana, you are just TOO gorgeous for words & Riley is a VERY lucky man.!
    Fair Winds….
    Jeff in UK.

  264. Mandy says:

    Love what you guys are doing! My husband and I enjoyed your book. It was an easy read with great basic information. I really enjoyed that both of you wrote sections. We are hoping to be in a catamaran by this time next year!

  265. Rich says:

    Easy reading and some good points, I’m planing to sail around UK and Europe in the near future, Many Thanks.

    • Meisha says:

      Awsome! little handbook. As soon as you left on your adventure by your self, you became an expert in your right mind. Everyone’s adventures and skills are different. That makes them experts. You and another can have the exact same vesicle and sail side by side, and both will have different experiences making you the expert of that boat. Thank you for the tips, for my future in sailing. G-day

  266. Frank says:

    This previous comment was left by Rick
    “Riley, you neglected to cover how it is that you won the heart of the Goddess Elayna. The mere presence of such an amazingly beautiful woman would be enough to make any man sail into anything for her. I would think the beautiful sites of the sea and islands are only made more beautiful by her presence.”

    With his quote in mind, I have an observation.
    You two obviously have a great relationship but it seems more like that of a brother and sister that are good friends. Is the lack of “Public Display of Affection” an Australian trait? Watching and enjoying all your videos I was struck by the lack of any physical contact between you two, if even just holding hands once. It appears that you are like a couple that has been married for a long, long time.

    Continued good luck,

  267. Hello, It looks broken in Firefox so I cant get the book/tips. Never mind. I hope you have a wonderful time I wish it was me. I have sent a small donation so you can have a couple of beers on me over the Christmas. Love you guys.

  268. Andrew says:

    Absolutely awesome !! simply amazing!

  269. Long time listener, first time caller. Read your pamphlet. Hilarious stuff between the lines: bet there’s a near-miss behind each bit of advice. More sea stories! I certainly enjoy your optimism.

  270. Gerald Tsu says:

    Awesome booklet! Short and sweet! I got really inspired by your journey. You guys are awesome! Greetings from Aruba!

  271. Nico says:

    I´m sitting here in Munich (Germany) having late breakfast and watching one of your episodes. It´s great fun and good start for me every morning.
    The guide? It´s a nice to read insight of how you do it and like you said there´s plenty of good books already on all the details. To be very honest, I expected a little bit more details but that´s just my point. I mean it´s a free thing and I appreciate it. In general, I like very much what you do and also your attitude! Thanks.

    PS: Maybe you should try to get the latest comments on top.

  272. Bluemarine says:

    Loving the sense of humour, fair winds me dears and thanks.

  273. Florian says:

    Hey Guys, Alfred just reminded me to leave a comment about the book 😉
    I’m from germany and during researching on youtube I found your videos. I would like to do a similar tour, just everything smaller and way more basic.
    In the last three to five days my girlfriend and me watched all your episodes and we like them a lot! Watching them is pure fun.
    About the book, it is really basic and I was surprised when I read what riley didn’t know when he bought a boat this big and started sailing around the world. He must be f***ing brave! But the link for the weather homepage is a really good tip, among other things!
    What I would like to know more about are the things you need to know and to do for the daily life. The things that you don’t learn when you bake a boat license. Like mooring, checking in, costs and so on. Maybe you can show us more about that in the next episodes.
    So, thanks for everything so far, the videos, the music and the laughters, keep on you guys you are doing it right!!!

  274. Yuri says:

    Great book. Very practical and short straight to the point. Amazing

  275. Nuno França says:


    You’re amazing!
    I love your style and admire your courage to start this trip… we all should do that!
    I don’t have many words… I would love to do something like you do or, at least, join you and be part of the “crew”.

  276. Patrik says:

    Hi you two.
    Thank you for your little book.
    It gave us a different perspective and was good specially for my wife to read, I’m a little like you Riley and sees the sailing it self as the easy part (my wife not).
    Me and my wife are planing to do the same as you two (leaving the rat-race). So we are looking around and trying to educate our self as much as possible.
    I wish Good speed and winds for 2016.

  277. Ben says:

    Riley writes with a common sense approach. An easy read with enough information to instil confidence in the amateur cruiser.

  278. Wes says:

    I love Riley’s approach
    Read about it
    Talk about it
    Do It !!

  279. Splawik says:

    You guys are doing what I’ve always been dreaming about but never got a chance to do so for various reasons. I’m jealous and happy at the same time. just keep going forward. Maybe one day I’ll get to put your wise advice into reality.

  280. Jose (Azores) says:

    I`ve been following your trip and enjoying all your posts.
    Sart yesterday to read your book. It is great. Thank you.

  281. Carson says:

    Thanks for all of the hard work! I appreciate the attention to detail. I wouldn’t change anything, but I would keep adding to the book over time. The web links were nice! How about a section on how to clear customs in the different countries? Or how to figure out the procedures to clear customs? Maybe also elaborate on radio procedure and frequencies? Perhaps a paragraph on how to find information on what harbors charge money and what ones are free? Also I’m guessing a person could fill a small book on how to stay safe (on shore and at sea)…

  282. Hi Riley and Elayna,

    Thanks so much for your book and video’s. They have been highly entertaining whilst we are enjoying a cold wintery Europe 🙁
    I have been sailing for many years and your trip has been on my bucket list for quite some time. We are planning to start within the next 2 years and are still enjoying cruising across Europe. Our angle for the trip is more wine-based as I am building my own wine brand to go around the world, but that is another story.

    Your book was pleasant to read, probably more useful for a novice sailor, but some tips will come in handy.
    As a marketeer, I would like to suggest writing another book (e-book) about great anchorages (more like a travel story), you might use some of your video captures, and power phrase some funny stories or anekdotes, and don’t sell it too cheap!
    For Elayna, I am curious if you are also going to working on your own songs too, as you have a great voice and I love the style, it would definitely be worthwhile listening to. The covers are a great intro, but somehow look forward to hearing more personal tunes and lyrics.

    We have travelled extensively across Australia and I have worked 6 years with a company in Adelaide, so it feels kind of homey to watch your videos and see that you use an address in Glenelg… so many good memories. I wish we could moor up together someday, but since our start is not before 2017, we will look you up once we get to Sydney.

    Cheers !

  283. Billy J says:

    I’m so glad I got a hold of this book. It has really opens my mind for what’s goes into preparing and the mental game of sailing around the world.

    Thanks so much Riley & Elayna.

  284. Doug Catenaci says:

    Great read thanks so much for putting it out for us.
    Keep up the great attitude.
    I’ll buy the beer when we cross paths.

  285. James says:

    Great little read, some good hints for simple solutions to common problems. If you two can do this, there is no reason other can’t. You are definitely adventurous and not reckless, in spite of starting with very little experience. You have been cautious when needed but not fearful to the point of limitation. Keep going and keep inspiring others.

    Thanks guys

  286. Jerome says:

    Bonjour à vous 2 !
    Je suis vos aventures avec intérêt mais je ne comprends pas bien l’anglais…?
    Peut-être pouvez-vous faire une traduction en Français ??
    À bientôt !

  287. Patrik Kubaska says:

    Hi Riley and Elayna,

    Thank you for the book and all the videos. I have been sailing the last 11 years and currently I am 19 years old. I enjoy sailing as much as you do and I hope that one day I will have the chance to sail around the world. The book was really nice and I enjoy watching your videos 🙂

    Greetings from Croatia 😉

  288. Camilla says:

    Hey! You guys has inspired me so much! and i’m actually thinking about doing the same as you guys, with my boyfriend. But we have no experience at all and we do not know anything about boats at all! Did you guys? And if not, how did you learn all the stuff you need to know before travelling by boat like you guys?

    Love Camilla

  289. David says:

    Hi Elayna and Riley,
    I follow you with youtube since two weeks….
    It’s hard for me to understand all what you say, but your smiles and your adventures are universal !
    Travel is a good way of life, I make it differently and I’ve walked this last years to Brasil, Patagonia, India, Iceland…by bus, boat, train and car….but not sail 😉
    I’ve downloaded your book “Sailing : lessons learned” just to see what it was….I love ocean and sea but i don’t practise sail.

    Enjoy your life, now I follow you by Instagram and with your website.


  290. Greg says:

    Love the Youtube series. The book was a little light on content, but worth a read. Thanks!

  291. Lon says:

    Very nice some great input, keep adding when you can many will follow in your footsteps! If you ever need input on best places to go in the US Virgin Islands let me know 🙂

    Kind regards,

  292. Chris says:

    I really enjoy watching your videos on Youtube. I also really enjoyed reading your book. You two are an inspiration.

  293. Matt says:

    The videos are great. The book was fun. I found this a i was getting prepared for my first voyage. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  294. Mick says:

    Living life.! The way it should be. Keep on it.

  295. Thomas says:

    Thank you for allowing us in your life. Truly a ray of sunshine !!!- Thomas S. USN Ret

  296. Frank Shaffer says:

    Hello you 2!

    Thank you very much for posting your lives.

    While recovering from a tumor removed from my body, I needed something to keep myself entertained. I stumbled across your posts on youtube and REALLY liked it!

    I will take a look at the book. I like how you travel and how you guys have fun and communicate!

    It is so awesome to see couples having fun, laughing and questing / searching for new emotions through travel!

    I too have written a book or 2. They are just being published now. They are books of Poetry!

    I like how you guys were graphic on your repairs, putting the camera the work is being done. I have a friend that has a Beneteau 39 Oceanis.

    AS a rooky sailor, the # thing learned is there is always something to do or repair or add to the boat.

    BOAT acronym



    When you said your chart plotter got damaged from water and said it was another grand. Well, that is sailing for you!

    I have never got to open water, but did manage to learn how to do repairs on the boat.

    Great idea with the Water desalinizer!

    I like how you got your woman to do the hunting! NICE!!

    I too am a hunter from my youth, having been bathed in river through out my child hood deep in the forests of Northern Ontario Canada near Thunder Bay, Ontario.

    I want to see Elayna do more of the maintenance!!

    Rhiley, grab the guitar and learn from your woman! She is going to be a GREAT HEALER!. I mean it! It did not surpise me when she read the book path of the Warrior. What you need to read next is THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED by Scott Peck.

    When my books are published, I will mail you my works.

    I hope I can been this tumur. Doc said it is coming back. But am hoping not.

    I am trying to get my life fill in just in case, considering doing stuff I have always been afraid to do.

    I like how Rhiley adapts to problems. you guys mirror each other and is fun to see.

    I commend you on your adventurous spirit! Both of you!

    you have filled my soul when I feared it could not be topped up in my state.

    I LOOK FORWARD to your next posts. WHAT I really like is how you guys handle change and challenges. Sometimes I think I would be freaking out but Rhiley keeps a cool collective head about him.


    This is the sign of a true Mariner!!

    I can see you both in your 60’s together with wrinkly skin heading off on another adventure together!

    Cheers and good journeys!


  297. Andrej says:

    Hi guys!
    I just love to watch your videos, really good stuff. I just want to ask you Rilley, why don’t you make a video with sailing lesson, from anchoring and to how to put main sail up, trimming it etc.
    Greetings from Slovenia

  298. Rob says:

    Good words, I’m a weekend sailer do bigger trips, some open ocean.stuff. Some quite helpful info there

  299. Kevin says:

    I discovered sailing a few months ago. I am 53!!!

    Looking for my first boat, absolutely love following you kids. You two make me smile and laugh out loud, all by myself.

    I’m with Mark Twain on this…you kids…no regrets!

    Love ya,


  300. Walker Lewis says:

    Hi from New York City, I am loving your videos. You know, Riley, even though I’ve spent my entire adult life sailing (even professionally for a time), I found your observations in the ebooklet very interesting because you are seeing these things for the first time. Some of your solutions are insightful, and novel. Thanks.

  301. rob jones says:

    Hi. Fell in love with the vids and the both of you (not in a kinky way) 🙂
    only thing missing i wish i could read up on your experience is about health and general insurance and Visas. Any additions?
    my sis emigrated to Aus Sydney and shouts out Cooee! sweet sailing….Cheerio

  302. Mike Barnett says:

    Guys: Love your videos, plan on doing the same in a few years so keep doing what you love. Brave soles to undertake what you are doing based on being newbies!, but I am addicted to sailing so understand completely. Safe sailing.


  303. Luc says:

    Bonjour les amis, from Québec city, province of Québec, Canada: guide was fun to read. watching your episodes, now up to ep. 17, lots of fun. I don`t know where you`re at or what you do now, but could you include time and distance done for each leg EX.: Atlantic crossing. TKS ! Keep up the good work…I`m dreaming a lot…

  304. Steve Fraser says:

    I reckon a Pretty good effort all round, what Riley says about never learning it all is so true I have spent my entire life sailing and commanding commercial ships and you can still learn something most days if you are honest with yourself and I’m pretty old now.
    PS to Riley only I have been with the same bodacious girl since 1970 and they are a lot of work but it’s worth it, she looks like a keeper be flexible and enjoy your life’s together.
    PSS Your right under 40 feet is so much easier to operate everywhere.

  305. Chan McKearn says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic adventures. I’ve been looking at all of them. My adventures are somewhat similar to yours. I was a US Army Ranger for 20 years, but never went sailing. I decided to buy a cruising boat in 2013 and settled on the Atlantic 47 Catamaran designed by Chris White. I had the boat built in Valdivia, Chile and my son and I took three sailing classes in San Diego before heading down to Chile to help install all the instruments and electrical system. We sailed our boat Escape from Valdivia, Chile to the Galapagos, then to Baja, and finally up here to Southern California where we live and where we’ve been exploring the local islands. Please feel free to check out our blog site above. I enjoyed your movies and your book very much.

  306. VITTORIO says:


  307. Kevin Barnes says:

    Love the book! I have never sailed but I am inspiring to become a sailor one day with my own yacht 🙂 Great read on some of the basic things I would be looking for! Love you guys <3 Fair seas and infinite love!

  308. Jacob says:

    Riley & Elayna,
    I enjoyed reading the book, it was well written and brought up many instructive hints I was looking for. I also liked the references to the books, I plan on reading a couple of them soon. Be safe out there, I look forward to watching more of your videos!

  309. Ken M says:

    Hi Guys,

    I thought the book was great, some interesting topics I might not have thought of. I hope to start my sailing journey (learning) this summer and maybe make it to the Med with my own boat by 2018. keep it up you are both fantastic.


  310. Allan says:

    Great information! Lot’s of great new music ideas. If you want to listen to something you might find interesting, check the song “Discontinued” by Nomo. They are local purveyors of the afro-celt beat.

    Riley’s picture that accompanies Lessons Learned is priceless!

  311. David says:

    Hey guys, I’m taking sailing classes and found you guys on YouTube while searching for sailing videos. Needless to say I was hooked and started dreaming (and making a serious plan)to get out to the ocean and sail. Looking at a small Bennetau to buy somewhere in the mid 30s range especially after reading your tips.
    Looking forward to your crossing from the Caribbean through the Panama Canal since that’s how I would ideally start.
    I’m located in Colombia so my practice will be the Caribbean. Enjoy Santa Marta and definitely stop by Cartagena and the archipelago! Enjoy your stay in my country!

  312. Claude Richard says:

    After following you on YouTube, it was a pleasure reading your book. I must say, what a teaser you are. I want more and more. I will be debt free in 4 years and starting my very own journey on my small 26 ft prooven sturdy sailboat! Can’t wait, but still then, i will have an eye on you guys, so keep sailing and youtubing 🙂

  313. Firstly downloaded the booklet but then decided to donate some money also, so I also ordered the booklet in hardcopy.

    Go you two, live my dreams!

  314. Connor says:

    add a piece about spearfishing. I just bought one. Never gone diving before. Tips? Advice? Tactics?
    -going to the keys

  315. Connor says:

    Great read. I’m saving up to buy my own boat and it’s always good to have something to go back to and read. Especially the whole I wish someone had told me type of thing. Good on you. Cheers from America. Keep posting video guys, love watching them in the cold northeast up here.

  316. Paul says:

    once I managed to find the download link I read the book. Interesting stuff (never sailed before) nice tips and hints. Layout could be a bit better. Wouldn’t mind making you a revised version of the book if you want. Thought the list of your books to be interesting and I’ll probably buy a couple. I guess and hope you’ll update the book when you have more tips to give.

  317. Essam says:

    you have get me motivated. i have started to read some books , and look up the books you have mentioned , more info is what i need .. before I get my boat..

    thanx a lot

  318. Mel says:

    After watching the beautiful and inspiring videos that this gorgeous couple have posted, I couldn’t help but be inspired to learn about sailing!

    This little guide book is not the place to find diagrams, maps, or glossaries – This is not it’s intention. However, what you find is an easy to understand accompaniment to their channel.

    We learn what weather system, navigation, and boat buying website they use. Elayna gives a little insight to what life on board entails. And Riley outlines some discoveries and tips worth sharing with new sailors.

    It is a pretty, well presented booklet, which (if purchased!) supports a great show.

    Much love from NZ!

  319. Peter Mahon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the world. I think you’ve inspired thousands of people. Never sell out. Keep living the dream.

  320. Nikola Lucic says:

    Very inspiring and encouraging!

  321. Scott K says:

    LOVE it all. As for the “Simple Guide,” thank you for the generous gift. Since things and opinions change so often, I suggest that you forget about the hard-copy option and leave it as an online thang. Unlike a printed version, it can be updated instantly, which, hopefully, will be happening often. Leave an option on the page to donate “just for the heck of it,” and save the cost & trouble of mailing a print version?

    Keep it coming!

  322. Masha says:

    Hi guys! Just to say hi 🙂 I’ve been watching you for three days now, over and over again, and I am totally fascinated with your amazing experiences and courage!

    We bumped up on your videos by accident because we are dreaming to buy the boat like you, and go to Greece to start, maybe even settle down over there with the possibility to move around by the water of course…
    We are from Serbia by the way, but we are in love with the sea, so we are looking for the way to escape from the land 😀

    Thank you very much for these inspiring video adventures and for the book which is great, and very useful to read from your perspective, because you were someone with no experience at all when you started with this, and that means a lot. Also great and useful links over there! We will study even more 🙂

    Just keep it going, we are looking forward to watch new episodes and learn more from you! Wish you all the best and fair winds and following seas 🙂

    See you!

    Masha (& Vlada)

  323. Amy V says:

    I love watching all of your videos. You two are living the life I want to have! I have grown up sailing and I am a sailing instructor so I am always looking for fun ways to spread the love of sailing.
    I particularly love Elayna’s sailing playlist! I do quite a bit of cruising around Long Island Sound in the summer and I am always looking for music to play during the long hauls.
    I’m super impressed how quickly Riley picked up on so much of the nuances of owning a boat. There is still so much that I do not know, since I am not yet out of college my father is still teaching my those nuances. I have yet to take the boat out myself. Previously it seemed so daunting to sail such a large boat with not much experience, but I think your videos have given me the courage to go out and try it this summer! I’ve spent far too many years messing about in small racing boats, its time to graduate up to the big leagues.
    If you two ever sail up the East Coast of America I’d love to raft up!

  324. Dario says:

    thanks for inspiring me, I hope to change my life in the future

  325. Hans says:

    Good job, well done!

  326. Sam says:

    Firstly, you guys are heroes. Secondly, thanks for putting together ‘Lessons Learned’. Really enjoyed it, and the videos as well. You’ve totally got the experience, talent, and resources to expand it into a proper book form. The audience, too. It’d be great to hear some more about what you two have to say about life at sea, cruising, exploring, etc. and how sweet would it be to publish your book and know people will read it?

    To anyone else reading this: it’s totally worth a look/purchase.

  327. JeffnMelissa says:

    We enjoyed your Guide immensely. There is always something to learn from another persons experience and perspective. Good stuff! We are embarking on the 1st leg of our voyage this summer in our 1988 Ocean Alwxander 54′, but she’s a powerboat. Our long term goal is the Caribe’ as well! Keep on!

  328. Kerry says:

    Wow I so love watching you two, so thank for the joy you bring and have given me.

  329. MAURUS says:

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    Fair winds and following seas.
    : – ))


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    Thank you so very much for taking the time and sharing a bit of what you learned about sailing with all os us!

    I, like so many, are considering sailing because of how you embraced this way of life.

    I am an experienced power boater who has not been on the water for almost 15 years…and have been considering taking up the boating pastime again. You have clarified for me the question of should I sail or entertain power boating again.

    Although this question is a very personal one…as is the type of sailing one elects to embrace….your guide has helped answer many questions, a person like me, considers when moving forward through the decision making process. Again…thank you.

    There are so many other questions I have have of you based on your travels, to numerous to entertain here, which I feel would help. So as you reflect on your experience….or get feedback….please update this great guide.

    Questions such as: How did you handle your tender storage while underway? (I noticed certain days it was on deck…others towed behind you). Is there times you have thought of generator and air conditioner / heat? (I assume once in awhile this could help you get a much needed rest?) You noted that a smaller boat (around 39ft with one head) would have been more efficient for you…which reason that you highlight is the main one that leads you to share this with us? Was it more function or operation of the boat?

    Thank you both for sharing a part of you with all of us…your story is both inspiring and loving. And that is what life is all about…paying it forward.

  331. James says:

    You two are great fun to watch. The book was very informative and entertaining. Be safe out there. Thank you!

  332. Hi Guys;

    Thanks so much for the guide. I am looking forward to reading through the book when it arrives.

    Fair Winds

    Andy & Shaye

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  334. Ezio ( Italy) says:

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    Nice also to read yours Bio.


  335. Joe Wallen says:

    Well I hope Alfred is hanging in there, furnishing the crew with fish. I thought Riley’s book is very informative. I have never sailed nor been on a yacht. After watching the vlogs I definitely want to learn. I live in Texas and think the Gulf of Mexico will be a great place to learn minus the hurricane season.

    I would love to learn from Riley and Eleyna. That would be the bomb.

    Again, the book was very informative. I have learned a lot from the vlogs and the book. You guys take care and keep the movies coming. Take care of Alfred.


    • Helge says:

      Great little book of tips, I learnt about something called a snubber, thanks.

      One little addition to your tips, a handheld VHF raidio with DCS is cheap to by and the one I have has a GPS receiver and a little distress button, so it will send a distress message with your coordinates. Also it can be used as a backup GPS. By the way I grew up in Christies Beach outside of Adelaide. I envy you guys. Have fun 🙂

  336. Jim boyd says:

    i years past i had a boat in southern cal as a youth, a cruiser and into wind surfing, i’m in my mid sixty’s old age health keeping me down to a walk, love the memories you guy’s are bringing to me with the videos praying for you just have fun

  337. Lee says:

    Thank you for letting us folow you on your journey. I think that your book was really good and very interesting. Continue with your dream.

  338. Billy Shipman says:

    Got the Sailing Lessons Learned Because ive never sailed on sail boat. Been on cruise ship to Bahamas for 5days and a lot of fishing boats. Its a very good guide for me. I’m 57yrs old and disabled and Id like to sail and thinking of getting a sailboat just for lake sailing for now. thanks Billy

  339. Sophie says:

    Great read, really lovely to hear some first hand advice. All tips taken on board 😉

    Any tips on DIY storage solutions on the boat in you next book? I have a 28 ft Colvic Watson and struggling to find the space to get everything onboard safely for the trip!

    Falmouth, UK

  340. David Lovy says:

    My wife and I took sailing lessons over ten years ago. We joined a sailing club and I actively race in it every week
    I’ve always wanted to do some cruising and this book and the videos make me want to cruise even more.
    Happy sailing and keep up the great work!


  341. Kipling says:

    Hi guy’s
    Your book would be helpful for first timers to get an idea what cruising is like, in broad strokes.
    I have been sailing all my life. Crewing coastal race boats in Newport beach and SF Bay and fresh water so, navigation has never been an issue.
    I would be most concerned with that. How did you learn navigation and are you able to navigate without the help of GPS? Did you read books or take classes?
    Love your videos.

  342. Lester says:

    Delightful Delicious. Simple not bloated and to the point. Less Filling and Taste great. No really, great common sense stuff here that is easy to remember when you are feeling overwhelmed.

  343. Will says:

    I’ve intended to move to the Caribbean for years. Some 40 years ago I had a bad case of sailing yacht fever and thought I’d gotten over it. Until I found you two!

    It’s such a joy to find cultures and people to love that I realized it would be impossible to live in the Caribbean without a boat. Thanks Riley, your book charts the course!

  344. Brad Tolbert says:

    Hello Riley & Elayna,
    Thanks for the download! It is a good read and has some sound advice and insight regarding life aboard. I recently stumbled upon your videos, they are inspiring me to reconsider my life on land
    I love the solitude and peacefulness of sailing, listening to a motor roar just isn’t my thing. Open water cruising has been a dream of mine since the first time hoisting a mainsail. I was lucky enough to purchase a 25′ O’day and enjoyed it for many years, unfortunately I was land locked at the time. I have a friend who is a champion sailor and he was able to teach me the basics of sailboat handling in short order (Thanks Bruce!).
    5 years ago I basically had to start life over. I sold everything I owned including my boat, that turned out to be a bad decision. Shortly after selling it, I moved to the Chesapeake Bay area and would have enjoyed catching this wind. I have my life back on track now and keeping my eyes open for that special boat!
    Thanks for the awesome videos, You are lucky to have a friend such as Alfred!

    Happy and Safe travels!


  345. Sheila Hagadone says:

    The book is GREAT! I even told someone about it – that they need to get it. I can’t wait till Sailing book 2 comes out cause, I’m sure, you’ve learnt more already! May the wind be at your back and the sun in your face!

  346. james whyte says:

    You have got it right on. I can tell you two have been there, some times the hard way , but some times that’s the best way. On boat size you have got right too. I’v seen you have to get up off the deck to get the halyard. I’m to old for that so I’ll stick to my 25 footer.

  347. Miguel (Portugal) says:

    Hi guys!

    First of all, keep on with the videos, they’re really inspiring.
    Secondly, I loved the Guide, it gives a little more insight on the challenges faced on the boat by you everyday.
    I just have one question and probably more people have it: In Portugal, as in the rest of Europe, you need some sort of license that allows you to sail a vessel legally. As you often say, you guys didn’t have much experience prior to buying the boat. So is this rule not as strict as I thought, or did you simply ignore it? I’m asking this because, at least in Portugal, the process to have a license to sail with no area restrictions is really long (3 licenses, with 1 year interval between them).

    Keep on going and live the time of your lives 🙂


  348. Mike Sorensen says:

    “Lessons Learned” was informative and very entertaining. It’s great the way it is, but since you asked for feedback, let me tell you what I would like more of.

    Both of you are bursting with personality and I would like to see if you could add more of that to this budding novella. Some of the pages have witty post scripts by Riley. I would enjoy more of that. Perhaps on each page a PS from each of you? If that works out, why not consider witty prefaces for each subject?

    I really loved it just the way it is, yet more Riley and Elayna would be a good thing.

  349. Tyler says:

    Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found you two.
    I have been lost in an existential depression, and seeing the journey you are on let me finally break free from that weight.
    I plan to repay you in a grand gesture in dear time, but for now, thank you.

  350. Ian says:

    Thanks for the great guide!

    It the little tips/tricks that seem to make all the difference.

    Clear skys & fair winds to the two of you!

  351. Steven says:

    Hi guys loved your book, it made good reading, lessons learned and all that lol.
    Ive just bought a yacht a 33`Moody, 6 berth etc, got it for a goodprice, my dream is yours just took me a while longer lol, sailed it in and around England and have made a few mistakes myself,like grounding it on a sandbank, tide went out myself and yacht sticking out of the water like some kind of trophy balanced on the fin, until tide came in haha, but all good fun, thought i was going to miss out on my adventure as the years ticked by but after watching your utube vids its filled me with inspiration and a bad desire to get on the water, maybe see you around, hopfully starting a utube vids myself soon.
    Love you guys

  352. Lionel says:

    Nice couple.Good book.
    Anxious for next episode in Marquesas

  353. William Simpson says:

    Hey guys! I’m an English minor from Texas and, although I loved your work and found it very informative, I couldn’t help but notice how horribly riddled with grammatical errors it was. Most issues had to do with misplaced commas and semicolons. I’ve gone ahead and proofread the entire piece and left my edits in a PDF document. I’m uploading it to Dropbox and leaving the DL link here:

    Please keep in mind that I only left comments on the problems and didn’t mention any of the numerous passages I loved.

  354. marc says:

    Great little guide. Love the vids, addicting. Can’t wait until you complete you Pacific crossing so I can see some more videos. Take care.

  355. Andrew says:

    Hi Guys,
    A really good job of showing what cruising is about. We love your videos as we have been to many of those places in our boat – we are about a year ahead of you and you will catch up as our boat is in Nuku Hiva until june 2016.
    The “book” is good advice with more to come, I’m sure.
    In your “book” you mention using chain joining link that is stronger than the chain. I havent found one so strong so where did you get yours?
    Keep up the good work

  356. Moritz Krähenmann says:

    This book is very informative with some great tipps and tricks 😉
    I am sailing every moment (or holidays) I can, and I am sure that these tipps and the music suggestions will help us this summer in greece.

    And btw, the clips are fantastic, it always reminds me to the freedom and adventures on sea. I hope I will be back on water soon. 🙂

    Cheers Moritz

  357. Karen says:

    Very entertaining! You guys are an inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  358. Wendy says:

    Hi Riley and Elayna! I have started watching all your videos. My first goal is to sail the South Pacific and I have no experience yet. You make it sound fun and it helps me visualise myself doing it. Thank you for the guide! I’ll keep following you and make this dream my own reality 😀 Wendy

  359. Max W says:

    Hi guys!

    Thank you very much!

    I’m young as well and am in the process of buying my first boat. After coming across you guys on YouTube I’m even more excited for my boat to get here and to start my own sailing life! Riley’s book is a great source of information, giving an the prefect view point into a daunting undertaking. You are both very inspirational.

    Fair winds,


  360. Cody W says:

    Riley’s book was a great read! Including Elayna’s parts she put together. I really want to start an adventure and start sailing. And just by watching your movies it makes me want to start right away! Get away and start an adventure!

    Fair winds

    Cody W

  361. Mike taylor says:

    Thank you for the information is her has been that helpful.

  362. Dave says:

    I did not see you take labels off your can goods? One precaution against insects coming aboard.

    You two inspire others to get out there and sail.

    Alaska is a wee bit cold however we have some pretty fantastic sailing and fishing. Come on up for a visit.
    Enjoy your videos immensely !!

  363. William H says:

    As someone new to the world of sailing (living most of my life in Florida I am pretty familiar with boats in general, but as a teenager I was more into power and speed), I found this to be very informative.

    Both Riley and Elayna put forth good points from each of their points of view (and I assume ares of “expertise”). Currently, I live in Prague which is pretty far from the ocean, and being as such I really miss the sights and smells of the beach. Recently I came across their Youtube channel and spent a weekend binge watching their videos, which sparked a sense of familiarity. Now (the past month) I am absolutely obsessed with boating/sailing, even going so far as to rent boats in the river here, and am already planning in 2 weeks to go sailing for the first time in a large lake. Current plans also include a summertime course in sailing, and vacation in Croatia (Riley’s proving grounds).

    This book while short, has lots of valuable information for people like me who are not experienced. I really appreciate the first hand experience and resources put forth as it has actually adjusted my views and goals. Riley’s advice on choosing boat size I found useful, as most people would say “bigger is better”, but since I also will be sailing “solo” (with my girlfriend) I appreciate his humble comment along the lines of singlehanded the La Vagabonde is on the larger side of what is capable for a single sailor. In addition the experiences of where to buy, and things to look for/invest in I find to be priceless. Both these things together really helped me to reevaluate my priorities, and I feel at this point in time has helped me to avoid some “beginner mistakes”.

    Elayna’s input into adjusting to a life at sea are incredibly valuable. So far I have only spent a few days at sea at most on dive trips in Florida and Hawaii on relatively large catamarans, which are pretty posh! Things like showers and cooking are very important, and this kind of input is quite important as well.There is more to sailing than working and sleeping on a boat that’s constantly moving, and I feel she covered this well.

    Things I would like to see in future installments (even if paid I would buy them), would include information on provisioning for trips. Daily, overnight, passage, and long passages would be nice to see the differences in what is needed to be adequately prepared. it appears that you both would be fairly experienced in this, and I would be very interested to see BOTH of your points of view as it appears you both have different responsibilities and priorities to make things work.

    So far, I love what I have been seeing, and I really look forward to seeing what is in store both related to books and videos!

    Future Patron,

    William H

  364. David and Lesiya Manifold says:

    Hi Guys,

    We’ve been sailing for nearly 40 years and travelled all over the Irish Sea, North Sea, the Med and the Caribbean too but still love watching your vibrant and colourful travels around the world, even visiting our favourite little place over in Grenada (miss those muddy hashes too!!). Keep those clips coming 🙂

    The little booklet is great and some good tips in there that even helped me talk my other half into getting a 38 footer over a 42 footer. Who needs that extra captains cabin anyway. Saves beer tokens on the marina fees too when were not at anchor 🙂

    Peace and Fair winds from the Manifolds x

    North West England, UK

  365. Antony Elmore says:

    Tony from Manly Oz
    On the fastferry.. heading for Circular Quay, just passed a coastal patrol boat RAN on duty.. Autumn sun going down..
    Hi guys, Alfred just jumped into my inbox and asked for some positive feedback…here comes the Opera House… and sailboats to the port and starboard.
    Discovered La Vagabonde on YouTube while marking assessments this week in my classroom..taken by the honest and funky/zany/ informative style.
    Particularly like looking beneath the waves… and the hint of ocker
    and the waifs..I have a 21 year old son Josh and 18 year old Sarah.. and showed them both your first episode to get the sea fever reignited… Have sailed and owned a 25foot Atkins double ender in another lifetime… you have got me inspired to dream again. Riley’s book was a generous and practical read and the link to yacht world or whatever had me seriously looking at examples of your boat as well as the Tayanna 37.. less is often more in life and on the water.. Bless you guys
    viva the dream

  366. Jacq Witjes says:

    Hi Guys!
    I was googling for a Benetau when I found your movies on youtube. Didn’t sail for 20 years, only worked & worked, but always kept the dream. Because of your great movies I decided last week to purchase a fantastic Oceanis 45! So, this is all your fault & I have to thank you guys for that!
    Happy sailing & greetings from Holland 🙂

  367. Good day! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Thanks a ton!

  368. This design is incredible! You most certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  369. James says:

    Riley is a good writer and provides guidance in the form of informative sources, links and books, and his own great insight which offers practical advice that is both honest and encouraging. Lessons learned is the primer to the story of Elayna and Riley, and now I am going to order the cookbook and become ‘interactive’. Thank you for the memorable gift and all the ‘Lessons Learned’.

  370. John (Catfish) Pulliam says:

    I really enjoyed the humbleness and straight forwardness in the presentation of the sailing information. I found it had many points that are key, like the Music, Ladies insight, Readings, Resources and Hints, Tips, and Tricks. I am an U.S. Army Mariner that has no sail experience but intend to take on this same adventure here in the next year or so. With that said I find Videos of SLV to be an inspiration.

  371. George says:

    Well, I’m just another one of your fans since a few days ago I guess!!! I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m so hooked in watching your videos until 3:30 am, even though I have to get up and head to work the next morning. I’m not sure how it started, I quess I saw Elayna spearfishing in one of the videos and reminded me of my humble fishing trips all over Greece. Then, as I also see in all the above posts it was “the dream”, what we envy in a good sense, the beaches, the big blue, the green, the wild life, the lack of stress and pressure. Through your eyes we see the same nice things and share experiences we only have the chance to have a few days a year if we are so lucky.. But what I realised from the beggining until now (I still haven’t see all your videos), and made all the difference for me at least, is that you simply seem to be really nice people, it’s not only that you are a nice couple, the way you talk, behave and interact to eachother and other people, even the way you write in your guide, shows really very good personallity quality, it shows you are very humble, humorous and kind people, in the end for me at least, this is the most important thing that really matters, the thing that makes me smile for some time after thinking of your “adventures”. I don’t know, maybe this way you bring back child memories, when everything was so much innocent and easy I guess. Thanks for all, keep it this way, sorry for the long post!!!

  372. Don Spencer says:


    Great piece – conversational and informative.
    I did a bit of grammar and spelling modifications that you may want to use.

    Good luck, stay dry and stay friends.

    Please keep your postings coming.


  373. Talon Jesson says:

    Hey Riley, I’ve sailed on and off for 35 years with just a little blue water evpierance. You delivered just as advertised simple and concise, with some good recommdation on web sites and book. My wife Heidi and I are planning to start in the Med and head west like you did. We are a year out so following you and Elaina has been perfect to get us even more excited. Until we start our voyage we’ll be living vicariously through you. So have a blast and keep the updates and episodes coming. Thanks for living life and sharing. Talon

  374. tom says:

    Thank you, I got alot out of it, things I would not been aware of. Things like food prep, anchoring and reefin.

  375. Damien says:

    George says:
    May 6, 2016 at 4:36 pm
    Well, I’m just another one of your fans since a few days ago I guess!!! I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m so hooked in watching your videos until 3:30 am, even though I have to get up and head to work the next morning. I’m not sure how it started, I quess I saw Elayna spearfishing in one of the videos. Then, as I also see in all the above posts it was “The Dream”, what we envy in a good sense, the beaches, the big blue, the green, the wild life, the lack of stress and pressure. Through your eyes we see the same nice things and share experiences we only have the chance to have a few days a year if we are so lucky.. But what I realised from the beggining until now (I still haven’t see all your videos), and made all the difference for me at least, is that you simply seem to be really nice people, it’s not only that you are a nice couple, the way you talk, behave and interact to each other and other people, even the way you write in your guide, shows really very good personality quality, it shows you are very humble, humorous and kind people, in the end for me at least, this is the most important thing that really matters. Thanks for all, keep it this way, sorry for the long post!!!

    Thanks George, you said everything i pretty much wanted to say without me having to type it all out, Coming up too 2am now for me an ill probably be here tell at least 4am as I’ve had a nice chilled evening with a drink and i’m dieing to finish the rest of you’re currently uploaded videos, I just want to say thank you for helping me and making me dream again, I live on and island in the UK with a very stressful job and I’ve also never been sailing somehow but its made me realise what i want to do now, Its been staring me in the face all this time but somehow i never seen it and i wondered why I’ve felt so empty in side with no aims or ambitions but now i have thanks you two very wonderful people.

  376. Michael says:

    Hey guys,
    Love the videos and the book is great! Keep up the great work you two. Also thanks for getting me hooked on sailing have a safe trip hope you visit Trinidad & Tobago again.

  377. Gustavo (Brazil) says:

    Hi Alfred, Riley and Elayna.
    Thanks for the sailing tips for the amateurs.
    I am planning to do some sailing and is good to here advices about simple things that can make some difference for beginners.

  378. Jorge Ramos says:


    I just wanna thank you, for bringing me back an old dream. The book is great, and I hope to be using your tips real soon.
    Keep on doin’, and thanks for sharing.

    Fair winds,


  379. Philip Nelson says:

    I especially like the links, books and resource guide in Riley’s book. As he mentioned, I expect anyone going out sailing should get some instruction on the basics, or get a thorough training manual on sailing. The difficult things I find are getting good tips on the reference material Riley has mentioned, and remedies for lessons learned. Also props to Elayna for the Canadian content in her music selection. ;o)

  380. Viktor says:

    Hi guys,

    Loving the story you’re telling. What a great journey to document (and great people to tell it too).

    Riley: love the sailing book. A useful and thoughtful reflection of some of yours and Elayna’s experiences. It’s obvious from the videos that as time has gone on both of you have become more confident in your own abilities and that of LV.

    Elayna: Had a good laugh watching you struggle with the cooking! If you guys are sailing into colder climates can I recommend you consider buying something like a wonderbag (basically a slowcooker that doesn’t require power). You simply cook your food in a pot with a fitted lid for about 20 mins, throw it in the bag and leave it for 4-6 hours. Dinner done!

    Their website is:

    Fair winds and happy sailing you wonderful people.


  381. Denis says:

    You guys are the bees knees!!! unbe-fucking-lievable! u’re just living the dream… Hope to bump into you somewhere at sea (not literally))))

  382. Jeroen says:

    Hey guys,

    A million thanks, the book is great reading!

    It is fresh, funny and unorthodox which is heaven in these regulated and over analyzed times.

    Enjoy you trip and keep up the good work!

    Cheers from Holland,

  383. Kenn says:

    Hi Guys.
    Stumbled across your vids while searching for some maintenance ideas for my 1974 Catalina 27. Bought her in “96” left behind in a marina on sticks as her previous owner took a job 5000 miles away.
    Taught the basics of seamanship and sailing by my father when I was a youth and never stopped loving the way it feels to be floating and flying across the water..
    My daughters and I have really enjoyed our time on the upper Chesapeake Bay in Maryland U.S. and would encourage you to stop in and visit Annapolis home of the U.S Naval Academy.
    Really enjoyed watching your adventures. Riley’s book, including links and reference books provides good advice for those who are new to sailing, or just want a new perspective on life and some “I wish I’d known that” ticklers.
    Elayna’s humor and eye for scenery really puts the person watching the vids in the moment. Keep up with the adventure.

  384. Jon Rosenbaum says:

    The videos up to the latest are showing continual levels of higher competence with both the technical aspects as well as the story telling.
    I just love your adventure and look forward to each episode. Thanks for your enormous efforts to put these together. I’m in St Petersburg Florida Oct to May and Michigan May to Oct. Do you know where that is?

  385. Brandon G says:

    As always you guys a great ! Loved the read , I would love to read more like this maybe with tips on planning and provisioning and budgeting ? You do such an amazing job explaining things and telling stories , such an easy read . Thanks and take care !

  386. Jordan says:

    Excellent little dictation! I especially loved the short stories that you include to back up or emphasize your points. Anyhow, I’m still watching the videos, and I look forward to continued production in the future!

  387. Bill Read says:

    Great little book on the basics, keep up the good life. I sail a 39 ft Allied Mistress single handed and have been sailing for 60 odd years, keep updating this great book

  388. mike says:

    Hi Elayna and Riley just finished reading youri book and thought it was great been watching your videos for a long time now and am interested in purchasing a boat so your book couldn’t come at a better time keep up the good work and please keep the videos coming

  389. Luke says:

    Hey guys, I am about a month away from spending a semester in Cape Town! I’m not sure if I’ll actually be doing any sailing but your videos are getting me extremely excited for exploring a beautiful part of the world!

  390. Robert Henderson says:

    Archie! is that you?
    how come you were lured into writing emails? I guess Riley and Elayna must have left their laptop on and once you started you were hooked!
    Still, nice of you to drop me a line.

    I did enjoy the book, it was a simple read nothing to difficult but certainly full of incite and wisdom gained through your hard work and effort onboard.
    Thanks for the mention of other books you have benefited from.
    I enjoy your well documented videos, and wish you all the best on your journeys.
    Take care.

  391. Robert Henderson says:

    I should have said Alfred not Archie sorry.

  392. Nichol Reid says:

    Very well written and done in a humble way. Really enjoyed the book and would have been happy tp pay a nominal sum for it so you should consider maybe charging something in future.

  393. Dave says:

    I’ve enjoyed your vids, the book, and Elayna’s singing. You guys have a great life. I’ve been dreaming of being a live aboard for years and hopefully have my sailboat by end of summer. Thanks again and keep safe

  394. Tommy-Turbo says:

    Curious where all this leads you two in 20 years but, I hope it goes well for you.

    A sailors dream to be free with his one…
    Our sights are on the horizon, won’t port until we say we’re done.

    The sea waives pass with the ripple of our sails…
    Pray for us we’really on the seas not in a pail.

    Catch our hearts and watch the stars in our videos…
    Port for food and, the sand in our toes.

    For I’m with him and he’s with me…
    With each mornings sunrise keeps us free

  395. Robert Hoadley says:

    The included information seems like a good start. Additions for a future version might include:

    What tools/spares do you keep on board for repairs?

    Do you have a ditch bag and if so what do you keep in it, where is it stored, are there other things that folks are assigned to grab that would go along with you?

    What sort of stuff/creature comforts did the two of you learn to do without in your move from land to boat living?

    What charts do you keep on board?

    What type of maintenance is normally done?

    What are your normal watch schedules and do these change when you have other people aboard?

    Any advice for people that have pets, such as a dog or a cat to getting them acclimated to boat life(thought early videos showed a pet, but could have you guys mixed up with another couple)

    Any advice on when to shorten sail. How do you guys define a sporty day?

    Dingy Tips, which is better RIB or Solid, what engines work best, how do you stow, launch and recover? Any tips for towing?

  396. Newman Mallon says:

    Good booklet with lots of good advice.

    But I haven’t noticed yor safety lines, tethers or harnesses in the book or in the videos.

    They really should be worn in winds, storms or while on watch alone — unless you want to watch your boat sail away while everyone is sleeping, Put a whistle on it too.

    There’s lots of different types of gear, check some out here,

  397. Egidijus says:

    These two charming people with a funny Aussie accent are my favorite to follow now, as their adventures bring pure joy and hope to me that one day I’ll sail away, too.

    The book is rather of pamphlet size so you won’t get bored reading it if not used to long texts nowdays and rather could be sad that this is so short. So I look forward to longer edition in the future!

    Oh, by the way, as of 8th of June from 07:00 UTC more funny language (mine mother tongue being Lithuanian) readers will know about this from my blog here (don’t use google translator, folks):

    Thank you for a book and keep rocking the waves!

  398. Sophie says:

    Nice little book! We are a young family of 4, almost same age as you guys and have the project of cruising the world abroad a yacht, might be a catamaran… We are following your adventures and hope we will be able to meet you somewhere at some stage. Currently in Perth saving some $$$

  399. Michel says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventures and take the time to motivate other sailors. I wish i had the courage you have 🙂 In meantime i enjoy your music tips.

    All the best.


  400. Ed says:

    What a great start for someone like me that don’t have a clue! Great piece of advice, you guys are awsome and so inspiring! Keep up and all the BEST ! I’ll be buying some of your merchandise too 🙂

  401. Peter Jorgensen says:

    Thanks a lot guys for your gift. It was great little read. I love your videos. It is like having a little vacation break after a day at work. I get home and watch a few videos a chillax for a bit.

    P.S Elayna, I absolutely love your album. You have an amazing voice. Looking forward to another release soon.

    Cheers and Bon Voyage ! from Brockville Canada

  402. Warren says:

    Enjoyed reading the book. Certainly some wisdom from lessons learned contained within! Not a sailor myself but enjoying watching your adventures via your videos.

  403. Riley and Elayna,
    I have a 2005 Beneteau Cyclades 43.

    You guys are outstandingly beautiful people. And you have no idea how much I appreciate YOU both…. helping me sail better!

    Thank you so much it is been really helpful to see and understand how it’s done.

    Continue leading by example and you’ll teach thousands of people how to liberate their lives and see the world.


  404. Reyes says:

    This little book is a great help something I really enjoyed , hindsight is a big thing and getting this much info before getting into the hobby/lifestyle i know is going to help me a lot.

  405. John says:

    Thank you for the information, it’s just one more step for my partner and I to sail the world.
    Step 1 – find a partner with your dreams – tick
    Step 2 – watch your video’s and dream – tick
    Step 2 – teach her to sail – tick
    Step 3 – order a boat – nearly complete ( Lagoon 45s) – half a tick.
    Step 4 – read the tips, loved your information, thank you for sharing

  406. nelson tolsdorf says:

    i enjoyed reading the book and learned some things most importantly have been inspired to looking at a different way of life , the duties of keeping up a sailboat I’m sure are immense how ever i have considered taking some lessons to learn how to sail i admire riley in his quest to just balls out wing it in learning to sail on the fly ,enjoy videos and the teamwork you both put in to make it work 8*) cheers nelson

  407. Leo says:

    good basic helpful info , keep talking about things you learn as you go along , we all benefit , would be great if you could continously add to it

  408. Yolita says:

    Great ideas! I have been sailing most of my life, but mostly in regattas… This booklet has great ideas for cruising! It was funny to read about the shower issue, I will have to come to terms with that…
    We send you our love
    Yolita & Wolfram

  409. Margo says:

    Nice little read! Answered a lot of questions I have as I watch you all sail around the world. Also, gave me a little look into the knowledge needed for all the mechanical and electrical systems…I didn’t think of that aspect of sailing. Thanks!

  410. Danny Moss says:

    Found your travelog last week and loved it and have been following and now up to ep 12…. you guys are fantastic and very cute together.

    I also follow the SV Delos sailing blog. these guys have been at it for 6 years now. two brothers and one girl and then they have guests or family join them for a few weeks. they have really visited some very interesting places and are all dive enthusiasts. look them up if you have some time and near a WIFI..
    good luck on your adventure, we are all watching.. the pamphlet you put together on things you have learned was very short, sweet and informative

  411. Wesley smith says:

    I read tiday good eat decliiouding and wow balance wing fast smooth good feel cool in path see sun nice much. Long. Touch diffenrtt island learn right here wild happy touch anywhere share work hard map share drive keep watch GPS right and Mahcnie. Wire fix make up pass wow can good good can middle eat good still long good shape know control not get sick good away happy beauifal. World on ocean jounrny peace out not same land between ocean know long path fine rock thumb

  412. John says:

    I have been following your trip from the start and must say it has given me the little push to do something about it, I always seem to find an excuse ‘that this is not the right time’ 🙁 You two guys are magic and I love watching things as you travel, all I am waiting for now are the WEDDING BELLS lol. Safe journey guys.

  413. John says:

    Sorry, second comment: I downloaded your book and found it very interesting and informative covering many items that would beset a ‘newbie’ starting out, well put together and a big thank you from me. John

  414. Marc Emmens says:

    Thank you, a great sailing Booky Wook. Written with wit and intelligently delivers on what it says to do.

  415. Keith says:

    You two have the world as your oyster. I’ve been sailing for 30+ years, but alas, I live in the midwest of the US. You are living my life as I would have liked for it to have been. Keep it up and show me what I’m missing.

  416. Dan Nagel says:

    Hi Riley & Elayna,

    Really enjoyed reading your Lessons Learned book, One of the things I like most about your videos is your down to earth experience and the way you bring humor and a bit of real life to the experience, like Elayna’s song in one of the early videos about living on the boat with Riley. I love your easy going spirit. You have done the same thing here. “don’t hit anyone” priceless. I also like the reminder that is usually the simple things in life that bring the most joy “our awesome fruit nets that hang from the gally roof”. Even the way you spell Galley, you bring beauty, humor, courage, and humility. These are all qualities that I admire. Love you guys! Thanks again for sharing the adventure.

  417. WESLEY SMITH says:


  418. 802 says:

    Love that last post #416
    Is it google translator, or some sort of poetry?

  419. Christien says:

    Hello you two (and Alfred)! Many thanks for your video diaries which I’ve really enjoyed – sadly this particular sailor is stuck in a city at the moment and limited to pavement sailing and my barnacles are drying out – but I’ll be back at sea again soon enough.

    So some feedback on your book. First off – I really enjoyed it and there’s some straightforward common sense in there which you’ve earned.

    But now I want you to imagine the following in the voice of your Mum.

    Riley, young man (waving finger), I would like to read some more on safety, safety and SAFETY! In particular personal safety and safety lines. To wear/not wear a harness and safety line is a personal choice but I’ve always had it drilled into me to wear one when alone on watch at night or when leaning over the back of the boat gaffing a fish (or taking a leak) or when the wind gets up beyond a certain point (say about force 7, on the open sea), or messing around on the fore-deck with a sail change when it’s a bit dicey. Here’s a game to play that might make for an entertaining video. Choosing a really inconvenient moment one of you gets a fender, lobs it in the sea and yells ‘man overboard!!’. That fender is you (the fender-lobber) and from here on you sit out of the game while the other person(s) has to sort it out, on their own and get ‘you’ back on the boat. It’s a good drill as it takes the edge off the tendency to freeze or panic if it happens for real … but it can be very sobering. There are other fun drills to practice: gas leak, fire, hull leak/through fitting failure (and softwood plugs and what to do with them) etc. As you know safety is all down to preparation and good habits, drills and skills!

    Right, now I’ve switched off your Mums voice.

    Being a bit of a maritime history buff I really enjoyed Rileys historical asides in some of the later videos. They were really cool. Also, Elaynas descriptions of the areas and cruising-guide-asides have all been great stuff and I’ve also really enjoyed your fishing escapades – but I’m feeling a bit sorry for Alfred and feel he should be formally retired with suitable honours!

    Finally, Rileys comment that a gentle following sea is like ‘watching a fire for sailors’ really made me smile. I think Hemingway would have liked that too.

    Fair and safe winds for you all!

  420. Christien says:

    To the moderator – can you scrub my comment above & I’ll write something a bit shorter – and more about the book? Thanks!

  421. Tag Hunter says:

    I’ve spent a lot of time on boats and piloting airplanes.
    I liked and appreciate your comment paraphrased, “you’re never an expert”.

  422. John says:

    Great write-up. Lovely videos.
    Your essay is nice in that it is brief, but if you work up to a book, I’d love to read that too. A few topics that I would like to learn more about are:

    Would love to learn a bit more about what you have to do to enter and leave each country and the costs.

    Also what do you do about insurance. Boat and health. Are you just winging it or have you been able to get insured. It sounds like Riley’s neck was covered by travel insurance, so I know he has a perspective on this topic.

    How are you picking your destinations and timing each leg? Local knowledge or are you relying on particular books or research.

  423. Randy Moore says:

    Appreciate the job you did in making the book. I don’t know squat about sailing, but for some reason I’ve started following a bunch of sailing vlogs. I can’t speak of the accuracy of the data, but you certainly brought up answers to questions I didn’t even realize I had! Yall are doing a great job! If you get into Florida, drop me a line, I’d be glad to meet you.

  424. Johne says:

    Thanks for taking the time to document your lessons learned. This has answer all of my general questions and am looking forward to your next book and more videos of your great adventure.

  425. Oliver says:

    Thanks a lot for your book, it was very interesting to read.
    And thanks for your great videos.

    Keep up the great work.

  426. Thank you for taking the time to compose helpful suggestions and tips for all us who are new to sailing. I myself never sailed, but I have been a power boater for most of my life. If there is a way and its not too late, I would love to send you some other lures that I think would be helpful for fishing.


  427. Tomasz says:

    I have zero sailing experience….. and now after reading your book I’m going to buy a sailboat 🙂

  428. Paolo Bayre says:

    YOU are my dream and i would like to sail in some way. with you.I live in Sardinia in Cagliari.See you sometime ciao paolo

  429. Events says:

    Elayna you’re actually misattributing your quote to Christopher Columbus. It’s actually from André Gide book The Counterfeiters. “On ne découvre pas de terre nouvelle sans consentir à perdre de vue, d’abord et longtemps, tout rivage.” One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore.

  430. Matt says:

    Hi guys!
    First up thank you for inspiring us all with your adventures. It is just so amazing to see two people LIVING life and doing it always with a smile on their faces and not a care in the world. It is so refreshing! I have to admit, after watching your videos, I can’t help but feel that I am not living life to the fullest — working 12 hours a day in front of a computer screen just doesn’t seem like all that life is supposed to be, regardless of the money. So thank you for inspiring me to at least start admitting that to myself.
    Now I am not sailor, but your book was great Riley. Straight forward advice for anyone who is interested in sailing.

    All the best!

  431. Phil says:

    Hi both

    Fantastic hints & tips, I particularly liked the websites you advised for weather reports. I will be sailing to the med next year to start my early retirement.
    Your videos have inspired me to go a year earlier than I had planned.

    Many thanks


  432. John Laney says:

    Great read for what you meant it to be; a little taste of your experiences to wet the appetites of those who are interested. You’re goal should be to write a full book on your experiences and how others could accomplish what you all have. Ideas could include details on entry/exit info. when entering new countries, scarier experiences, best days-worst days, info. on the cruising community, equipment and manufacturers you’ve like and haven’t liked. There are so many details you guys don’t even think of that would fascinate readers that you could publish many different books on your experiences and generate on-going income. Thanks for you’re willingness to expend the effort to share your lives with us.

  433. Hi Riley and Elayna,
    you guys are inspiring.
    Terrific advice, no crap or over-complex nautical terms and the reading section is perfect.
    I have two copies of the Joshua Slocom “Sailing Alone Around The World” book. I know you can buy one anywhere but would be delighted to send you one of mine as a good luck talisman. You deserve all the luck and praise in the world. Live the dream. When you get time let me know what address in the world to get it to.

  434. Peter says:

    Hey Riley & Elayna, greetings from good old Germany! Really exciting to watch the vids and see how easy and relaxed you are handling all the trip and enjoy yourselves. Wish you good luck for all the coming and always a hand of water under the keel!
    The sailing “book” was … well … a bit short, but nice to read. Maybe the howto’s could be fleshed up a bit by giving some fail examples and of course some nice images, but guess there is still some time left to work on it ; )

    For the current electronic issue I’d suggest to keep in system. Raymarine isnt that bad and it is already installed. Maybe a backup operation unit would be a good idea. Try vaseline for the seals, helps more than a plastic foil cover.

    Always fair winds and following seas!

  435. Mike La Rose says:

    Id have to say I have downloaded the digital book yet have had a chance to read any of it. I am happy to have found a beautiful story about two people enjoying their journeys.

  436. Sara says:

    This little lessons learned book is great. It is short and sweet and helpful.
    My favorite bits were the things you wish someone told you, as well as the list of recommended reading.
    I cannot wait to start on the reading materials. My boyfriend and I have a 53 footer that we are currently working on to prepare for our adventures. Thanks guys!

  437. Gerry L says:

    Very Informative. Thank you very much!

  438. Ross says:


  439. Solomon C Payne II says:

    An excellent, very nicely done, overview. Bravo! My girlfriend and I sailed the Great Lakes (Michigan/USA) pretty extensively during several summers in the 1990s (on a Erickson 38). Even though our boating season is short (about 5 months) we absolutely loved it. We often dreamed about doing something more adventurous but never did. Your “YouTubes” and “Sailing Lessons Learned” book has us dreaming again. Thanks!

  440. ch Sunspirit says:

    Riley & Elayna…sweet sweet….lived your life after building & launching a 22ft lapstrake double ender…left Cape cod, mass. in 1979….and sailed around Cape Cod….our circumnav of Cape cod took almost four years !!!…..via Kittery Point Maine….St Georges Grenada….St georges Bermuda….and around the backside of the Cape to complete our “circumnavigation”….of Cape Cod. note: we left with a dog and cat….and came back with them….+ an almost two year old- Cedar Oceanus who was born while anchored off Roadtown, Tortola enroute ….and spent his first two years afloat !!!! Your “Notes” should be added to —-as you continue…..great insight …nice job….keep it up….Oh, we are building a 38 ft version…to sail to Byron Bay and New Zealand…..great winds to you , both!!!light!ly… Sunspirit

  441. Tarl says:

    I found you guys while looking for sailing videos on Youtube. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the book it’s tremendous. Keep up the great work!

  442. David Linford says:

    Loved the read, not to long or short. great tips. When you do a vid maybe you can video and explain a bit more about the tips you wish you knew, especially with Anchoring as I didn’t quite understand some! Anyway its just a dream at the moment but for sure you are both inspiring me to look into sailing further 🙂

  443. Galimir says:

    Can you just send me the guide to my email Im not able to figure out how to download it here…It keeps asking me for name and email and sending me back here in a loop…

  444. Jack Schott says:

    You guys make me smile. So brave, so positive.

  445. Rob R says:

    Ready to leave the dock .
    I am planning to move aboard with no previous sailing experiance .
    I’m not the only one
    Lot of useful hints and great encourgament
    Thank you

  446. david Chimko says:

    I really enjoyed reading your book. I found it full of good information and solid tips on sailing and it’s pitfalls or life lessons. I have only been sailing for an afternoon on Lake Okanagan in British Columbia ,Canada it was the best experience that I had in quite a few years, and the regatta party afterwards was epic. I have only been watching your videos for about a week but I find myself day dreaming about them all day at work.Riley- I love your quote on how sailing is like falling in love. Epic Mate!!Elayna you never fail to surprise with your goofy antics like cashew fangs and cooking breakfast dressed as Riley. Good for a laugh. I wish you all the best with your journey together through life. I wish you clear skies and sails full of wind. P.S. I understand about not wanting to run your engine unless absolutely necessary. Maybe try storing water in dark colored containers lashed on deck for your showers. They will heat using solar power so you won’t have to run the engine, or adapt a ling thin tank that attaches to the main mast , fill it with fresh water, when it is warm the head pressure will be more than enough for a shower. It’s all about living with what you have , the more creative you are the easier life is.

  447. Tuğçe says:

    Thanks for this beautiful book

  448. Leonard says:

    Love the book and the videos. I happened across both while I was vacationing in Cabo with my wife and three kids. My wife has now ordered a book on cruising the world with kids! Maybe one day! Both you and your stories are very inspiring, interesting and demonstrate a passion for life and adventure that is contagious. All the best to you both.

  449. Ell says:

    Riley & Elayna are positively captivating in their episodes of “SLV” and the voices that they have each harnessed in their portions of the book are mesmerizing. They truly have a way with prose that will hook all readers, regardless of your knowledge of sailing. These two are giving an invaluable gift to us all, and I would devour anything they published, whether 15 pages or 1500. I cherished my time engulfed in “Lessons Learned”

  450. Damian Dennett says:

    stumbled across you on youtube, then spent the next hours watching all 45 episodes straight.

    inspiring, educational , comical, topped off with two talented , beautiful people in love…

    sold me on the lifestyle. legends!

  451. Richard says:

    Thank you both for the book that kept it simple and clear with good tips. Also thanks for al the videos! It’s really inspiring and addictive (??) to watch, showing all of us we can live the dream! You guys are really funny and Elayna is such an amazing singer!

    Take care guys!

  452. Ken says:

    Great book full of great tips. Really answered a lot of questions about sailing and living aboard . Love your videos as well…….

  453. Evan says:

    Your videos are a treat – genuine, thoughtful and often very funny commentaries on places many of us might never see otherwise.
    The book is a great start – keep it up.
    A couple of suggestions for books that helped me: Hal Roth’s books on weather and “After 50,000 Miles”, and Adlard Coles “Heavy Weather Sailing”.
    And guys, not wishing to sound like your parents, but do reconsider using harnesses in the rough stuff and at least trailing a line like the single-handers do – especially at night. Think of it as temporarily replacing your trolling rig with one to catch a more valuable fish.
    All the best to you both!

  454. 2heff4u says:

    hi guys,

    your videos are so inspiring!

    much love

  455. Matt says:

    Fun insights! Thanks for putting this together! Loving the videos!

  456. Peter Allen says:

    Hi guys
    Have been following your vids for about a year about now and can’t get enough of The adventures of Love La vagabond
    Cheers frustrated non-sailor

  457. laurent says:

    Very good but….. nah … there is no “but” ! 😉 It’s all very good ! Keep it up and keep enjoying !

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    Gerry & Malin Askefalk, Stockholm Sweden

    Vita Fruere!

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    Many thanks for the Lessons Learned, much appreciated. I have a 43 Beteteau Oceanis much the same as yours. Your series has inspired me and my wife to start our own cruise next year. We’ll leave Phuket and make our way through Indonesia to Darwin and then on to the east coast of Australia for some diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Then nort through PNG island, Philippines before turning westward across the Indian Ocean. I’ve been dreaming of this for a few years since we bought the boat but only since seeing your travels have I started working toward it becoming a reality. Thanks for all your experiences on the videos, keep em coming! Hopefull I’ll be sharing ours come March.

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    Thanks for the handy read! We definately will be taking the advantage of your recommendations went it comes to buying a boat and learning the basics of sailing. We too, as many others were inspired by your adventure and have decided to sail of within a year of now. Hopefully, we’ll cross paths somewhere in some ocean:)

    Just a question, did anyone of you got a sailing licence or any sailing course before you stqrted sailing or you leaned everything on the go? Do you think it is worth the investment to get trough courses or it’s better to keep those money in for the investment into the boat?

    Thanks Elayna for your tips on how to get accustomed to living in a boat. I too have a lot of experience wity camping and the lifestyle is not what scares me. Mostly I think about ways to get income for basic support. Is your online activity enough to sustain your travels?

    These are just some of the thousand questions in my head but even if they don’t get answered – I am fine. I guess I have to find out on my own once I leave the “system” on shore and start living on a boat:)

    Great watching you too, keep sailing and stay happy:)

  529. Paul says:


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    The tips are priceless , i must tell you that there is nothing more valuable than youtubevids and little booklets like this . I struggle these days with volumes of information and the ins n outs of a duck arse. Shorts points , just like you have done is perfect for me . Love it . Keep making notes please. I would buy a book like like that for sure , exactly how you have done it . great . awesome . sublime ….legend you say.

    all the best

  530. Riley & Elayna,

    Can’t get enough of your videos on youtube each day going to work I watch them on my mobile – gives me that boost of energy to have a great day. I live in Kuala Lumpur ( born in Wollongong NSW, Greek parents ) , have my own business in the Oil & Gas Industry and am inspired , your journey in life can be summed up in just a few words ;

    No Energy
    No Life
    Know Energy
    Know Life

    The karma and energy you both exude is special, you both look great on camera.
    If you ever come thru Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia do let me know.

    Stasi Prandalos

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  533. Peter Hans Frohwein says:

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    Great little book with some nice tips
    Your videos are a great inspiration to others that might just put down the PlayStation and go explore the world

    Safe sailing

    Graham C


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    Thanks again,

  537. This little how-to was just icing on the cake. Sent it to my dad who responded, ‘Cool it’s those kids’. A hearty compliment from him towards anyone under 50 years old.

    For me, the bit about anchoring was the gem escaping me in other brief tomes of knowledge. The playlists and double mention of Nick Cave hooked me for the long haul.

    My dad and I are fixing up an old girl (1980 32′ C&C) when I stumbled on your videos. Next came your socials and now an order of gear! Congrats on all your adventures and the new cat.

    Seems there’s an odd mid-sentence page mishap between 4-5. If you two ever need any help with online stuffs, feel free to contact me anytime from anywhere (long time web-solo-preneur).

    Fair winds guys and can’t wait for that next upload.


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  541. Henrik Gormsen says:

    Hi guys. Thank you for your videoes. It’s great inspiration, and if, or when i start sailing in your trail, your booklet, and the style of adressing problems and issues, will for sure bee a inspiration 🙂

  542. Joseph (Michigan,USA) says:

    You guys are great! Love the vids.
    Riley, great job with jotting down your thoughts about what you’ve learned.

    I’ll be buying my first sailboat in Spring/Summer of 2017. Which perhaps one day, we will meet out on the lean.

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    All I’ve got to do now is persuade my wife that we can do this.

    I enjoy your videos and the book. Two exceptionally talented people.

    Your description of the raw mice and egg (steak Tatar) reminded me of something similar that happened to me years ago.

    If you’ve time I have a question: How long was it from buying the boat until you crossed the Atlantic. Or to put it another way, you started as a complete novice and when did you start to feel confident enough to do longer voyages?

  544. Russell says:

    Get a kick out of watching your show. Just got an email asking me to leave a comment about your book… as a long time sailor with many miles and formal qualifications it’s probably best I don’t comment other than to say I presume the publication was tongue in cheek? The spelling and grammar could be corrected at least for the printed versions I hope. Anyway, keep doing what your doing it is fun to watch. Maybe learn a little more about the red and green lights, those white ones too.

  545. Georgia says:

    The book is fantastic,
    I love see true aussies being successful. Australia all the way! Especially little old Adelaide. Haha congrats guys on the success and I know my family and I love watching your videos! Xxx

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    I’m not a sailor, but I am interested in yachting sailing and this is so far from the environment I live in, Iceland. There is usually bit cold and windy and very cold in winter time.

    Please continue to make videos, it is great pleasure to watch.

    If you run out of island to explore you can always come and sail around Iceland and see the midnight sun.

    The sailing compendium is good. Thank you very much.

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    Best regards from sunny Spain.

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    Looking forward to more videos and hopefully see yawl out there sometime. Cheers


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    See you mate

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    Never stop.

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    I hope to never have to see you on another firing line ;).
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  570. Bob Applegate says:

    Riley, Congratulations on the deal for the cat!
    I’m a control engineer and it occurs to me that it would serve you well to devote some time before the delivery getting some familarity with the technical aspects of the systems. I’ve dealt with the French and it can be a daunting task putting up with their arrogance. My guess is that you will have a much easier time of it, if you be proactive with them and start digging into the systems now.
    One last suggestion is in regard to the autopilot. In watching all the sailing videos on youTube, the one thing that everyone has to deal with is failures of the autopilot.
    These things are closed loop control systems that involve, at a minimum, a Setpoint Input (heading), a feedback (actual course) . The Error (difference between the two) results in an output that instructs the actuator connected to the till as to where to go. These systems are tuned to respond to the requirements as constructed and knowing how this is accomplished would take a lot of uncertainty out of troubleshooting down the road when it will be important to address the issues.
    And make certain that you document what you learn, in the technical world it is well understood that systems work until you forget what you knew about them. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing the coming adventure!
    Fair Winds!

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  575. Damien says:

    Cracking points Riley! I have most of the books you recommended but forgot about them. They will be going straight onto Curlew when I deliver her. The weather comments make total sense too. Enjoyed the read in my lunch break because I have a short attention span.

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    Guys, greetings from Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). Is Brazil part of your plans? Lots of fun around here.

    Sincerely, you too are super brave and a great inspiration. I`m taking sailing lessons for awhile now and you just never think you are ready for the great blue ocean. Thanks for telling me wrong.

    The booklet is awesome. The videos and webpage are excellent. Keep it up 😉

    Have a safe and fun journey.

    “Let me square the yards, while we may, old man, and make a fair wind of it homeward.”


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    Your notes are great all i would add is that I would recommend doing a 4-5 day skipper course which speeds up the learning phase when initially heading out to sea even though it is not a must as you have shown. Plus safety, safety, safety has to really be drilled into newbie’s minds.
    Wish you guys all the best and if you are ever in this part of the world again give me a shout.

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    Great book straight to the point easy for non sailors to understand.
    Keep up the good work I dream of what you are doing keep it real

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    Hey, you two are so nice, great news that you have now a reporter on board as you will appear both of you more often on the videos.
    I’ve been watching them with a lot of interest as I intend one day soon to have a boat too. Before engaging, I will go on with sailing courses and renting sailboats in the med on holidays as we started to do this year softly with charter.
    I found your book concise and very well suited for a beginner like me. It’s very kind of you to spend time sharing your findings and I’m sure it will be largely amended with years (all the bad I wish you!).
    So i stay tuned to your trip tour to help me wait my next sailing event.
    Bon vent!

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    I only stumbled across your channel around a month ago and I am unfortunately up to speed with your latest video and can no longer watch them continuously and use them as an excuse to avoid studying for my uni exams. Between your book and your blog all of the questions I have had which basically revolve around how to make the dream a reality and where and the bl**dy hell do you start, live and learn with no experience.
    Keep the good work coming guys I am absolutely hooked on your lifestyle more the Riley was hooked on Bilgey or that Jupiter of a “dog fish” ?
    Thanks for the book and inspiration

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    The book was a very fun little read, loved that it was written in a conversational manner as well.

    I hope to a see a book someday surrounding your developing life philosophies while on and off the ocean. As a college student from Washington State that is currently tied up with other facets of life I am always looking forward to the next Sailing La Vaga post.

    Happy sailing,

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    Syd Au

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    you inspire me to go and look for my dreams…
    Which is traveling and living by the sea side.

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    You guys rock!!!!


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    Hey Guys, Congrats 😉 And some sound advice. A quick note on your ‘anchor chapter’
    If you anchor in 5m and you wish to deploy a 6:1 ride ratio the maths is not 6×5=30 because you need to add the meter from your bowroller to the top of the water! Which is usually 1m. So it’s 7×5=35. So you would be at a 5:1 ratio and not a 6:1 if you forgot the extra meter.
    Also when setting Rocnas (I know you use the Aussie one 🙂 its best to lay out your entire rode to set it – not 3:1 – because it may not set. So in a crowded anchorage lay out 5 or 6:1 set then pull back rode to 3:1. Also never lay out less than 20m!
    And where did I learn all this? From Fatty Goodlander’s ‘Art of Creative Anchoring’ downloaded to the Kindle.
    Fair winds, happy days.
    P.S. More technical stuff would be much appreciated in your blogs!

  607. Jamie says:

    Very interesting little read and helpful. I like the boat buying tips and maintenance. I guess the maintenance section could be a book all on its own. I’m taking it all in for when I buy a boat (loooong way off) but with or without a boat it’s a fantastic new chapter in my book of life-long learning

  608. CHARLIE says:


  609. Henrik Lund says:

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    I am enjoying your YouTube videos very much, as a part of realizing my dream in 5-8 years from now and cross the Atlantic in a boat like yours. (Saving up :-))
    I enjoyed this download too and I read it right away.
    I dream about sailing every night and day. I do have a smaller boat for short trips, but it is cold in Denmark, so it’s not the same pleasure.
    I have already used some of those links Riley was referring to.
    Thank you both. You both seem to be wonderful people and I wil follow you. Take care 🙂

    Henrik (Denmark)

    • Andy kissane says:

      Hi guys I’m 49 and been sailing since I was 7 , there’s something about the ocean that draws you to it , amazing job and commitment to share your experiences and learnt knowledge , very entertaining.
      Knowing your boat intermittently, knowing what she will and won’t do is paramount and you two do it in away that relates or everybody not just yachties.Yes Man over board is one of the most important manoeuvres to master. I have also been following the simplisticness of Lyn and Larry Pardey for years ( no motor defiantly an art Riley ! )
      Keep up the amazing journey
      And insight into yacht cruising ? You are making everyone itch to get on water great work. Cheers Andy

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    Was an interesting read and am enjoying the videos. The boat buying part was a great point as it’s human nature to want to go as big as you can, the book references were great too. Unfortunately I’m still at the working in the mines and saving stage so just trying to learn as much as possible in the mean time. Keep up the great work.

    Qld Australia

  611. I just love y’all! I have just learned the basics of sailing and you inspire me to cross oceans someday! Alyana, you remind me of my precious daughter who would have been your age. Madison was killed in a car wreck at 19 years old. But somehow even with the OZ accent you and her are very similar in looks and personality. 🙂 keep on sailing into the blue! If La Vaga ever sails into the “washing machine” aka Texas Gulf Coast, y’all are welcome at my house.

  612. Philipp says:

    Thanks for that guide, Riley and Elayna, I like it very much. Especially the stile is really cool and easy. If you are doing sailing courses to get a license or so, the “sound” is sometimes quite rugh and obviously influenced from the Navy (or is that only the case in Germany??). Best regards, Philipp

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    I just found you few days ago and I can’t stop watching your videos. I also sail once or twice per year and I love it and when I will be old I would love to take my wife on such a jurney. The book is great with few new thing you explained. Great stuff. Congrats. It would also be great to wrote a book about your journey. I am sure it would be the greatest read ever… as your videos are. Thanks for sharing adventure with us. Cheers from Slovenia

  619. Kevin L. Budnick says:

    Hello Riley and Elayna,
    enjoyed your insight to living abord and some of the challanges. I aslo liked the suggested books, websites and online resources as well as getting to know people!! Enjoy the life God has given you and I will look forward to your next video!!

  620. Great work both you, a great gesture to put that H & T list together, much appreciated,

    Your internet friends in London


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  623. Ryan & mj says:

    book is great starting point for anyone ,little of the abbreviations will be lost on beginers but it is stuff they can find out what they mean over all great starter book 🙂

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    Love your u tube videos and living through you guys what I would love to do myself. Can’t wait to read the book and support with some merch.
    All the very best and fair winds.

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    Best wishes and keep strong!!

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    I have been sailing for many years and you will never stop learning.

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  632. Deb says:

    The quote that “You can never cross an ocean until you have courage to lose sight of shore” is misattributed to Christoper Columbus often. André Gide actually said it. He is a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature (1947). Small stuff aside, I so enjoy watching the YouTube videos of your adventures and the natural beauty that surrounds you. It has helped me survive the long, cold winter in Wyoming. 🙂

  633. Kerry says:

    Both of you eat very well and are still very skinny. Most of the cruisers you meet are not skinny. Do sailors generally lose weight or gain weight while cruising?

  634. Bart says:

    Hi Guys, lovely watching your adventures, I hope to create my own at sea one day and I also hope you two are still sailing.
    The download of your tips gives an “invalid request” response but I will just keep watching your travels and figure out ways to buy a boat. Sail safe, Bart – Brisbane

  635. William Haynes says:

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  637. Mitch Benov says:

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  638. Seaton says:

    Thanks so much for the download Guys!!! This is exactly what I was after! Congrats on your clips! They are awesome (so far… I’m only up to ep 34 😉 ) & your info on the destinations is priceless!
    I’ve been crewing weekly on a 42″ Catalina for abiut six months, trying to learn as much as I can. I’m hopimg one day cruise the world too!
    Thanks for the book list and thanks for the inspiration!
    Safe travels Crew!!
    Seaton from Bunbury

  639. Al Van Schaik says:

    Riley & Elayna,

    The book is great, well done. You have provided links and suggested further reading for those with little to no sailing background.

    I have sailed for most of my adult life up here in the Great Northwest. We mainly sail the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands but there is even more to see further North In Desolation Sound and Sunshine Coast.

    My only concern I have for your further travels is your new catamaran. This is a great opportunity but if you intend to sail from Australia back to the Med where you started you will be in the Southern Ocean. My preference for that trip is a keel boat not a cat. I would talk this over with experts, possibly some who have done the Sidney to Hobart and also get advice from cruisers who have ventured west from Tasmania. You have to tend a cat very different than a keel boat. Keel boats will eventually right themselves after an upset but cats don’t. Once over you are in a rescue situation for sure. Survival in the Southern Ocean is your key objective.

    I realize you will probably go ahead with the cat but on this issue get all the info you can from various veteran sailors.

    I love the videos and also hope you two will stay together as one. I have come to care for you both very much, love your adventure and wish nothing but the very best.

    Please stay safe.


    Al Van Schaik

  640. Sean says:

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  641. Jay says:

    Thanks guys for the book!
    I’m sure you know the pop up email capture is not working, I used the direct link Elayna gave out … but you may want to fix this asap, a great way to gather emails from your fans so you can stay in touch with them going forward… like when you create a online course about how to do what you do… that would be awesome and save all of us a ton of time and mistakes…. Cheers!

  642. Oliver says:

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    I tried to download the file, but after entering my name and mail adress the site only gives an error message.
    Any other way for me to get it?

    Thank you and best regards

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    Thanks Jay for posting the link!

    We love the videos and aura of you guys! Keep it up!

  644. Paul says:

    You’re living my dream… loving living it with you


  645. Scott & Andrea says:

    Thank you for the book. We are just
    learning how to sail. Snowbound in
    the sierras makes your lifestyle look
    very nice. Your videos are inspiring.
    We are shopping for a sailboat to live aboard in the S.F. bay area,get
    out of the snow. We would love to
    hook up with you sometime and learn hands on about cruising the deep blue. Thank you !

  646. Martin says:

    Thanks for all the good information! I always dreamed to sail around the world but had never the balls to make some spare time. Now I am 55+ and you guys motivated me again.
    Thanks again.

  647. Joey says:

    Hi Riley and Alayna,

    Thanks for the book.
    The life you are living is my dream life.
    I love every video that you have posted. I recently discovered Alayna’s songs and love them too 🙂

    I like prepping too and the lessons learned from you is very relevant.
    Yours is one of the best “living off the grid” example. 🙂

    God bless you two and your coming adventures!

    Don’t stop loving each other.
    I would love to see you walk down the isle? 🙂

  648. Douglas Bell says:

    Great pdf once found.
    Could you add basic details regarding marinas, mooring and anchoring?
    How to find them, how to book them (what needs booked, if anything) Presumably costs vary from place to place and pro’s and cons to all.

    Great work with all you’ve done, and many thanks for sharing your dreams with us.

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  650. Nanni says:


    Hope to see you in the tirrenian see.


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    A good book to download and it is free. Everything is in the book for someone who love boat and interested about navigation. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS : PDF, Kindle etc… Bon vent!

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    Book is exactly what Riles said it was 10/10

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    Thank you for the Sailing “Lessons Learned” book download. There were great hints and tips for us as we work toward transitioning to a live aboard lifestyle. Best of luck aboard your new boat!
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    It would be a real pleasure to meet you somewhere at open sea!
    Good luck and take care))

    from Russia with love

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    Checking out your book! We have a sweet sailing school in Northwest Florida USA and enjoy helping folks make their sailing dreams come true. We have watched many of our students sail off in the horizon… helping their dreams come true will make ours, we think. Looking forward to our chance once the kids are in college and settled. Will review your book and start recommending it to students as it fits their needs — hoping it turns into $$ for you. We do recommend getting it on iTunes as MANY of our students prefer to sail with their magic boxes. We are printed material and kindle fans, but are making the slow transition… following the herd to iWorld.

  659. dan huitt says:

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  660. T.J. Mills says:

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    Ok, enough with the butt kissing. My feedback on your “guide” would be that its good but after reading it I find myself wondering how long ago you wrote it and how your experiences and the new boat will change some of the things that you put in there. I suspect there will be lots more information and even more you can share in the near future of your education and journey. Riley, this has the makings of a solid book and in about 3-5 more years you really need to concentrate your efforts on writing that book for everyone in the community.

    Even the saltiest sailor at the yacht club can’t touch what you have learned and experienced so far and now you are off on the next phase. Don’t sell yourself short, write that book or books and get an editor or publisher to help if you haven’t already been approached. I suspect you have. Doesn’t mean you have to sell out my friend but you guys could really do something meaningful on both the experiences side and the “guide” or “how to” side. Time to put all that reading you guys do and flip the time to writing my friend!

    I am sure the prospect of taking your shiny new boat out and all the risks and the dangers that are probably floating through your heads at this point are daunting on some level. Don’t lose track of why you both did this in the first place and what brings you joy because that is what all of us are so appreciative of seeing every episode.

    Thanks guys and hope we run into each other one day so I can shake your hand and buy you a drink.

  661. Peter says:

    As a boatbuilder I know for sure I will have to and can learn a lot every day from everyone. I’m a bit afraid that Your lines could motivate some absolute beginners to do the same than You. I am convinced You had so may luck that is enough for the rest of Your life. Altough sailing is a safe thing there are so many things that can go wrong. Beginners should respect that and try to get started with other sailors first.

  662. Chris timmins says:

    Good useful advice without the over complications that many sailing books seem to weave to make our sport a mystery
    Was wondering in your time in European sailing waters did you ever get asked by officials for official qualifications or to produce a certificate of competence ?
    It seems some countries require this from what I can read even if you have been sailing for 50 years
    Many thanks

  663. Brad n Deb says:

    Thanks guys for the Sailing Lessons Learnt booklet and info and enjoyment we get from the videos. We are really on a steep learning curve and picking up heaps of good advice. We too were looking at larger yacht at say 43-46 but get similar advice to yours about staying with the smallest we can be safe and comfortable on.

  664. Just read your guild to sailing.
    So true to be a welder, I learned overhead working in the ship yard.
    Always wondered about cooking an time it took, your good girl.
    Love the books you’ve read, got a few of them. I learned to sail in a 12 dingy
    and worked my way up. Found old boats in boat yards and fixed em up sold out front of my house. Learned working for Boston whaler, love the smell of fiberglass. not* Love you two and all the dreams come back when I watch and hear your joy. Thx.


      Found book to be simple and practical.Really enjoy your honest open approach in the youtube clips.
      So refreshing !!!
      Safe travelling.


  665. Bob Gilis says:

    Keep the dream alive guys !

  666. Klaus Menzel says:

    Hello,read your lttle guide and found it really nice, althoug it is for absolute beginners. I like your Vlogs, they became better and better! Only one remark: please Riley, try to speak english, so that also a non native speaker can understandd you.
    Klaus from Germany

  667. Mark says:

    Firstly, thank you for all the vids. They really are great.
    With regard to the tips book, again, really great. As a sailor myself I definitely learned some things and it is so true – if you don’t fail, you don’t learn.

    Happy sailing.

  668. Roni says:


    Your book has valuable information for starting exploring magic world of sailing. Also great links and recommendations for books.

    There are small mistakes also 😉
    Page 5 first sentence sounds strange with rest of text on page.
    You have Nick cave twice on the list 😉

  669. Frank Frisch says:

    I like the book, and obviously your videos, but I have more specific questions than the book/videos provide answers to. What made you pick La Vaga out of the huge selection of boats available? Ive been watching to get a baseline of what to expect when I buy, but what specifically made you pick THAT exact boat? Was she your first pick? Did you throw a dart and it landed on her? Detailsssss!?!? Lol would love to get in touch with more specifics! Godspeed.

  670. JohnnyBaja says:

    I’ve only recently discovered, “Sailing La Vagabonde” and have been binge ever since. Everything that y’all are doing is awesome! I’m up to episode 30, loving it. Your lessons learned was equally great, not a lot of blah blah blah which usually fills the pages of other books. I haven’t signed on as a Patron yet but I promise, it’s coming…. one more thing, I swear that I could hear y’alls accents whilst reading your Lessons Learned! Sail on sailors.

  671. Ron Deane says:

    Great little book! Very useful info, especially the resource websites and reference books. I am anxiously awaiting your next video to see how you fare with the Outremer and how you use it, by comparison with your previous monohull.
    I’ve been very impressed with how you have pressed the previous LaVaga, and want to see how the transition to a performance catamaran will go.
    Thanks for all the videos and info on your various sites.

  672. paolo says:

    Thanks a lot, very nice introducing book. I’d really like to get some sailing info about the new catamaran as soon as you’ll have the chance.
    p.s. if you come to Rome or Tuscany I can host you and give you many advices!

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    Cant seem to find any mail from Vagabound 🙂
    Can you please check out if everything is ok, or point out some serch word I should be using to find the email.

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    The book is terrific! Ive been sailing for a few years in a 23 foot trailer sailor but found it really useful .
    Fair winds and blue skies.
    Kev (Melbourne Aus!)

  675. Peter says:

    Book is a great intro to ocean sailing. Has been a dream of mine for many years. I liked the lessons learned approach. It’s easy to read and concise and has useful links for further reading. Some info about the cameras you use would be interesting and any lessons you learned about protecting cameras/phones/ipad/boat electronics from the sea.
    Your videos are awesome, thanks for sharing your adventures.

  676. Matto says:

    Hi there.
    I’m pretty interested in your book. After years of travelling with a Backpack and living in a van for about 6 years I realized my dream and moved onto my own boat.
    I’m pretty excited…….

  677. Rob says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your youtube videos and the sailing notes. I’ve done some cruising myself (37’monohull) and my ignorance at the time pf purchase was similar to yours, but i figured that it was only 20% sailing and the remaining 80% was as you’ve described in the notes. The 20% sailing bit was, I quickly learned, more than simply ‘pull on this rope’ and ‘grind that winch’, which was easy to do when someone was telling me what to do. Knowing what jobs were coming up and, in what order they needed doing -something i didn’t and possibly would’ve never have learned if i remained a crew member for someone else- was the key. So aside from entertainment value, the mythbusting from first principles is great craic.

  678. Monte Parr says:

    Monte from the US
    Wow!!! Love all your videos, hours and hours of enjoyment. I love your tenacity!!! It takes guts to start with just a small amount of knowledge, and a vast dream. You all are doing it!!!!
    Elayna, your music is awesome. Listened to the whole album!!!
    Just looking forward to all the adventures you will have on the new Catamaran!!!!
    One thing I really appreciate is that you all are different than so many of the sailing videos, where you get in a tight situation, and have the skills and intelligence to get things poppin’ again.
    Thank you for all the wisdom you impart!!!

  679. Island says:

    Thank you! Riley’s book is awesome. Elay’s music is beautiful, Your videos are the best! Love your fun, informational, inspiring style!

  680. North says:

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    Love the new boat. Looking forward to sailing with you on the new La Vagabonde.

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  683. David Abbott says:

    Only recently started watching your adventures, I must say as a frustrated yachtsman I’m envious.

    I did things the other way around, gaining RYA Yachtmaster Offshore before undertaking a transatlantic crossing (Canaries to St Lucia) a few years ago.
    Unfortunately my wife was subsequently diagnosed with MS, so now unable to do much more than a few days close to home on the Scottish West Coast when I get a crewing opportunity.

    Wishing you fair winds in you new boat Good Luck.

  684. James says:

    Love the book, love following you guys. 10 years ago I was a skipper for a charter company in Greece and the Bahamas, and that was my dream and loved every second of it – all 3 years. However, life called – If I wanted kids I couldn’t be a charter skipper, and like holding on to a rope of that ever ascending hot air balloon, I had to make that decision to let go.. I now I’ve a beautiful wife, 2 lovely kids, but a shitty job! Hey ho.

  685. Lucy Gregson says:

    Hi guys, i know you’re mega busy but i thought it might be a good idea to cover the stuff in your guide and add to it on a video? I’m sure you have enough clips from the last 3 years to use and i think you could probably cover a lot more?
    I have become addicted to flotilla holidays as we aren’t in the position to buy our own yacht yet, but we have been in some extreme weather, v-scary. Keep up the good work, love you guys 🙂

  686. Mark Colchin says:

    I loved your pamphlet. Short & sweet….no BS. I follow you two and several others. Maybe some day I can convince the other 51% of my partnership to untie the lines. I spent a couple years in Sicily and Sardinia many years ago and would to go back there and likely on to the Eastern Med.

  687. Robert says:

    Really enjoyed your thoughts and comments on life and what to do and not do sailing around the world. I do hope to have my shot at cruising soon!!

    All the best

  688. Gordon says:

    Hi Guys
    Have enjoyed you short guide. It gave a good overview of what to look out for and what to expect. Your UTube videos fill in a lot of gaps your guide misses. So keep on making them. You guys are awesome. 🙂

  689. Holger says:

    Hi, I loved following your journey on YouTube! It is a great Inspiration. I for myself traveling arround in europe by car and most times by motobike. From the northcape in Norway (absolute spectacular nature and lovly people up there 🙂 ) down to sicily in south Italy – from Spain to Croatia. Over 400.000 KM in the last 20 years. I dream to see the coast line of this countrys from the water side one day. Great to see you in the mediterran see now!

    Good Job – also your little book is awsome.

    Always fair wind in your sails and water under the keel.

    Greetings – Holger (Germany, Frankfurt am Main)

  690. Marc Malet says:

    Risley would you be kind enough to be the next president of La Vagabonde island where all the enthousiastic people whose written their love and their joy to follow your
    partying could be the citizens of a place where a group of humans share the same target peacefully .
    We can try to rent for the next 99 years an place in the Phillipines on which we build plywood epoxy catamarans and Elayna’s music for income matters.
    You can say I am dreamer but with you 2 am not the only one.
    Let’s put this new dream for the next step of our lives, when it will come obvious to change something.
    Alfred wants to open a school for new fischers coming from foggy places.
    Gros bisous a vous 2 Marc
    Concerning the guide ,after your crossings you are obviously credible on sailing matters, I read in french and english yacht world writters that all is complicated and sailing is reserved to a small few, you ,you sailed and explain to all that it is possible for who dream about it.
    Therefore you desserve the love you met with your subscribers.
    Keep your spontaneity far from spoilers and be aware of money.
    Marc Aix en Provence.

  691. eric pomber says:

    I liked it a lot, very simple and straight forward. I can see where your book will not only answer questions for a new sailor, but inspire them to ask many more. I have sailed my whole life and really enjoy seeing new sailors learning to enjoy our sport. Your lessons learned is a nice gift to your followers. Well done.

  692. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to download the booklet. I filled in email and name, that apparently made me sign up for some subscription? But no downloadable booklet as promised. I’m disappointed. I had no need to subscribe, just wanted the booklet. Smells like clickbait.