Drone Fail on La Vagabonde!! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 65

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WELL it was bound to happen. Boats and drones don’t really mix well, do they? How do you even fly a drone of a rocking monohull? Or you just don’t? Anyway. Join us on our 140nm sail from the magical Beverage Reef to Niue. We see our first Humpback Whales, and have a whale of a time. Stay tuned for the mastering of this new, strange, alien flying camera thing. Elay & Riley xo


00:10 – Harry Storm – Sense of home
01:00 – Gotam Sen – Look After You
02:00 – Rye – In our Nature
03:00 – Destination Space Station – The Dim Men
03:54 – Belinda BEE – River Phoenix
04:20 – Vilar – Finally
06:03 – Joe Mungovan – June+July
08:50 – Belinda Bee – Drift Away
09:45 – Andrew Rothschild – First Bloom of Spring
11:50 – This Forest was once on Fire – Andrew Rothschild (I love you)
13:21 – Dust to Dust – Early Morning
15:45 – Adam Yoo – Johnny Had A Gun
16:23 – Dead Leaves – Simple Song

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  1. Great to watch another video and glad to see you as always safe and sound. Too bad about the drone. I have been thinking about getting one in the future. Any ideas of what brand to get would be helpful. Keep having fun. I love you guys…as always fair winds and calm seas. God Bless. Capt Dave on s/v “Morning Star”.

  2. Hey you guys, just discovered your blog, you really should try dive planning with a simple, home-made scrap plywood board. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, since I was your age. You will love it. No need to buy a pricey, over-complicated patented board with lots of lines. A one-line board you make yourself is better. I’ll send exact dimensions of my best (after 20 or more prototypes) board. If you have not discovered dive-planning, you really need to try it.
    Matt Bracken
    Florida, USA


  3. i just recently bought a drone from hubsan it has g p s and is very user friendly ..you might check it out its the h501c model is reasonably priced but quality keep having fun u 2

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