It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.. [#289]

Join us for an up and down few days. The ups of exploring places like Porto Santo in the beautiful sun and the downs of some difficult sailing whilst pregnant, feeling seasick, homesick and stuck on board with a screaming toddler – haha! It’s funny now but oh my goodness, I don’t know how I survived that trip. The ups definitely outweigh the downs but nevertheless, this is full disclosure of the nomadic life.

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Song Credits:
00:05 – Caravãna Sun – GAIA
03:33 – Honey Hounds – Spinach
06:11 – Lockd – Heartsease
08:16 – Honey Hounds – Spinach
09:10 – Casual Vice – Something In The Water
10:18 – Chelou – White Walls
11:44 – Jordan Merrick – The Toll
16:42 – Michael Dunstan – Smiling At Strangers
19:08 – Jack and the Weatherman – Instrumental – Belong

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  1. 7 years..Wow. I can see how you have a longing for a real home. Too much of anything , and it’s not fun anymore. On a side note,,,,wouldn’t it be easier and more fun to have another couple help on your ocean crossings ? I’m sure you could ask for volunteers from different and experienced Patreon couples every time. Anyway, they would love it. Just a thought.

  2. Fabulous episode #289 – great videography, excellent eye for seeing what worthy of shooting, excellent editing. Your videos are so much better than other sailing vids.

  3. Hi,
    I just discovered your channel….has been a blast watching you and your family. I sailed around the world with my three kids and was-band on an Outremer 45. was awesome !!! Your footage is many familiar places and feelings…thanks for sharing. Look me up if your ever in New England. I live on Block Island, Rhode Island and will surely find you a mooring….
    Fair winds,
    Kerri Gaffett

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