Finding a REFUGEE BOAT at sea ? so sad.[#290]

What a crazy week! This is not what we expected we’d be doing when we arrived exhausted into port. There was only a few hours after waking up and I was back out in the Atlantic. Can I just say the refugee situation is a very complex one and between the 3 of us, I mean Lenny is still learning what one plus two is so he hasn’t been real helpful at all to be honest……it’s very difficult for us to cover every angle. I am aware this topic can be divisive but I hope it encourages you to discuss it with your family and friends and even people who don’t share the same opinions as you. There’s no one simple solution but if this video is able to raise awareness and encourage people to research and discuss the situation, then that’s a step in the right direction. If you would like to take one more step, we’ve setup a GoFundMe page to raise money for the non for profit organisation featured and a second organisation who does great things for refugee children:

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05:49 – Michael Dunstan – WFS
11:06 – James Walker – The Great Deceiver (Instrumental)
14:47 – James Walker – The Great Deceiver (Instrumental)
16:23 – Chlelou – Real
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  1. In January 2020, I was on a 10.5 day delivery of an Amel-54 from Preveza Greece to Gibraltar. The owner is an emergency medicine physician and good friend while I am a retired health care executive. When he put the crew of 6 of us together, he warned us that as we passed south of Sicily, we may come upon migrants abandoned at sea. Further, we were warned that if we picked them up and brought them into Italy, we would be subject to arrest. This was our opportunity to bail out as crew as the owner made it clear he would leave no refugee to fend for themselves. I am proud to say that none of us bailed out and, in fact, kept an “eagle eye” out for refugees as we passed through this area. I later learned that a captain who had saved refugees was arrested, tried and convicted in an Italy court, only later to have her conviction overturned by a higher court. Until I saw this video, I was assuming that refugees still were crossing the Med. To know now that they are going into the Atlantic is just heartbreaking. As a US citizen, I am appalled and embarrassed as to how our ex imbecile of a president treated refugees these past 4 years. At the end of the day, I cannot imagine a life where putting myself into a small boat on a big ocean or crossing a desert is a better option than remaining at home. The desperation these folks must feel is absolutely unfathomable to me. I will be contributing to this cause and I thank you Riley for not only the light you have shone on this issue but also for your actions in trying to make a difference, if only for a week.

  2. I repeat what Allen said above. Thank you Riley for not only the light you have shone on this issue but also for your actions in trying to make a difference.

  3. Hi I dististinctly remember suggesting you to go to the canaries. I had no idea what was going on there. It had nothing to do with the current refuge crises and everything to do with fun. But You have shown your colors in your true concern for people in harms way. I want to thank you for it and to say that It is no small feat to rise to the occasion when it’s asked of you to do. Thank you. Sometimes it’s not easy in this world. But with great gifts come great responsibilities and youv’e helped us all to rememember .

  4. Economic migrants do not have a valid claim for refugee status by international agreement. Part of the same international agreement also requires those seeking refugee status, must make their claim in the first country they get to other than their war torn home. Guess what? None of these places border USA or the EU. The USA already admits more refugees than any other country by a long shot even with our “imbecile of a president”. The majority western European countries of the world, (USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and western Europe proper) cannot simply throw open the doors. We need immigrants, but we want to choose who we let in.

  5. I want to thank you for putting a face to this problem. We hear about it but never get a real picture. Thank you for making this real.

  6. A huge problem with no clear cut solutions. Labeling these refugees as being ‘economic’ refugees borders on the absurd. No one climbs on one of these boats for merely economic concerns. Only those facing horrendous situations would ever consider this extremely dangerous choice as a viable option. As long as extreme wealth and extreme poverty exist the problem will remain. Greed and self-interest are the plague of the 21st century. I salute Riley, Elaine and all those that do not hesitate to reach out to these victims of a world with mostly self-centered thinking.

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