BOAT LIFE: We did THIS for our Son’s 2nd Birthday![#292]

This is boat life and our little Lenny is not so little any more, we’re having a special day for his second birthday. His addiction to wheels has us sailing to find a road, any road, to play with his new present, and the Canaries is kinda making that a bit difficult for us.

We’ve attached Captain Jack to the helm as we get on a boat to the lonely island of La Gomera. Join us as we get back to the boat and find out the plans for the big Atlantic crossing. We’re changing it up with some late changes to the line-up so stay tuned for the big news.

And could it be, a miracle cure for seasickness? Just stop saying placebo or it won’t work dammit… ?

Song Credits:
00:00 – 01:58 Jack and the Weatherman – Till The Sun Comes Up (Instrumental Version)
01:58 – 03:26 Young Robin – Tropical Punch
03:27 – 04:04 Redeemin’ – All I Want is a Condo In Lap – Epidemic Sound
04:20 – 05:52 Jack Bratt – Spades
05:53 – 06:23 James Walker – Reoccurence (Instrumental Version)
06:44 – 08:16 Jack Esme – Get to Me
09:06 – 09:48 Beulah – Little Ship
09:49 – 13:13 Mojo JNR – Peach Out
13:45 – 14:17 Chelou – White Walls
15:00 – 16:36 Jobil – Rare Rocks That Look Like David Letterman
16:51 – 18:03 Cat – Very Much A Lot
19:06 – 22:36 Gotam Sen – The Flowers
23:38 – 24:49 Jack Esme – Bitter Light

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  1. Just a wonderful birthday! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years! We all sang ‘happy birthday” with you guys too! The crossing will be (is) better with friends, Jack Andre will add extra eyes & brains to the sail! God speed, God bless! Many more adventures to come.

  2. Lovely. Hang on with Lenny, he is about to blast into a new dimension of Lennyhood. Trust me when I tell you it is a blink of time.

  3. Ah, than was so sweet of you! It almost made me cry, haha. Thank you for sharing your life with us, you inspired me to go on my first yacht trip! We have already booked a yacht with, we cant wait!!!

    Have a great day!


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