Goodbye For Now![#293]

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It’s time to go. Elayna and Lenny are staying in Belgium while Riley, Jack and Andre are taking La Vaga for a full 20 days of sailing. While it’s been lovely, we’re very keen to get out of cold Europe, and we’re hanging out for some stereotypical palm trees and cocktails Caribbean. Even though this is the 3rd sail across the Atlantic, everything about preparing for these trips wracks the nerves, making you prone to existential crises while staring at apples at the shops. We’ve got our flares and emergency fishing gear and about a dozen litres of curry, fingers crossed that’ll be enough. Thanks once again to our viewers, supporters and Patreons, we love bringing you these big sails and this experience, and it’s all powered by you (and some decently strong Atlantic trade winds). Enjoy!

Song credits:
00:00 – Jordan Merrick – Dangerously Sincere
00:47 – Axel Thesleff – Eco
01:48 – Rag The Times
02:33 – Jordan Merrick – Dangerously Sincere
06:46 – Mojo JNR – Peach Out
10:41 – Casual Vice – Hanging By A Thread
13:55 – Axel Thesleff – Eco
15:33 – Axel Thesleff – Eco
16:36 – Jordan Merrick – Dangerously Sincere
19:18 – Gotam Sen – The Seeds
21:07 – Gotam Sen – The Seeds

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  1. WTF? Are you serious or just being a troll? How is your comment relevant to anything other than being judgemental fool.

  2. A Aussie bloke having a laugh mate !
    Go to Australia and enjoy the people and the light hearted attitudes, which pat obviously does not ???

    1. This is one place the rest of us, I presume, don’t want to hear of the skanky side of life. Enough is enough. We go to sea to escape all that crap!

  3. Pat your comment is really stupid. Why do you even care! Just don’t watch it if you don’t like it.

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