When you spend so much time together in such close quarters, you really notice when they’re missing. Riley wasn’t feeling himself during the last few months of Europe so it was great that he could relax with all the help on board. It certainly means less worrying for me when I can’t be there. I’m sure he was missing my bread baking skills on this trip – haha!

Song credits:
00:07 – Axel Thesleff – Piya Mora
02:48 – Axel Thesleff – Piya Mora
04:59 – Michael Dunstan – Above The Falls
06:47 – Alle – Break Strong
17:02 – Michael Dunstan – The Wind Blows
19:06 – Michael Dunstan – The Wind Blows
21:44 – George Sidiropoulos – Beyond Reach

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  1. Jack, this IS their real job. If you’re jealous then you should try and get one you enjoy instead of being such a misery guts. These people bring others joy and inspiration with their stories and adventures, which is more than negative commentary achieves.

  2. Jack has a point…. loved the videos in the beginning when Elayna edited them… however, I too have seen multiple comments on people praising how well these vides are put together.. it seems a guy called Johan is editing them? If so, why isn’t he getting the credit? A job requires you to do something… if Elayna isn’t editing , then what is it that you now call the ” job “? …

  3. Harsh, they have been open about the challenges and creating a job opportunity for someone. You can’t edit without content and these 2 create hours of content and stories. In addition to shooting raw footage on various cameras, I can’t imagine spending hours on a heaving boat with generator power, an infant/ toddler, editing, while your partner keeps the sailboat and passengers from harm. That La Vagabonde has created a business model to keep sailing is to be admired. We produce videos at a small endeavor and struggle to create a couple every year. Every week would be impossible.

  4. Wow, some hating going on. Why does it matter who is doing the editing? They are the stars of the show. With the logic above, the the actors (who are the draw) of any movie or television show who make by far the most money, with the exception of the producers, should do everything? If it bothers you that much, stop watching. As for the disparaging bikini and side boob comment, where do you live, the Bible belt? Just stop.

  5. For people commenting about the editing, I don’t blame you for questions it but it just shows that maybe Riley & Elayna haven’t accurately shown how challenging everything they do is. But then again, if they tried, they would be blamed for complaining or whinging. There’s so much more to producing a video than what you think. If you believe it’s easy, I suggest you give it a try.

    For someone to maintain a 45 foot catamaran in multiple foreign countries being responsible for the safety of passengers on board, routing journeys, replacing parts, fixing parts, monitoring weather, updating insurance policies, paying bills, probably requires 30-40 hours per week. They’re living in a house in salt water. Think about how you would go with maintenance living in a house on the ocean. That’s basically Riley all tied up.

    Then you have Elayna who is a mother of a 2 year old child who all he wants to do is run and explore. For anyone who has a kid, you know that this requires 30-40 hours per week minimum.

    Then they have filming, editing, music production, voice overs, sound, animations, managing staff to assist with this, liaising with music artists to get copyright claims removed. All the music artists and editors have been credited from what I have seen which is amazing as no other YouTuber does it like these guys that I’ve seen. Even if you have someone editing, you still need to manage it. If you’ve filmed for a week, how do you think that footage gets from the camera to an editor? It would take a day at least just to watch through it and send the footage which they’re in the middle of nowhere so they probably have to courier the footage in some cases as the internet would be too slow. They essentially run a TV show from a boat with limited access to Internet. Most TV shows have staff of 50 – 100 staff involved. Majority YouTube channels with over 1 million subscribers do not edit 100% of their content. None of them credit anyone, not even the music they use unless it’s an affiliate link to epidemic sounds.

    Then to ensure their fans are happy they need to ensure they are showing their appreciation to them as it wouldn’t happen without the fans. I can see they get merchandise sent out to them so they would have to manage that also. I assume they have someone helping them out as that wouldn’t be easy sending merchandise from their boat every month.

    I can see Elayna has gone all in with her Vaga Bella Swim label with the mission of donating 100% of profits to charity. I don’t even want to think about the time required for this. I honestly wouldn’t know where to start on that project.

    They announced they have an ongoing project to build an emission free boat to promote alternatives to Diesel engines.

    This is just the info that they have made public. I would hate to see how crazy their email inbox is. To be honest, I don’t know how they manage it. There’s no way I could or would do it.

    But it certainly is easy to throw rocks at someone from a distance.

  6. Hi Guys! Chin up, my wife and I ran super yachts for 10 years and they were some of the best years full of new horizons. Now we are 3 kids deep full time jobs. Yes the stability of a house etc is good however I would love to be reliving another voyage with our children. This owning a house shit with the latest gizmos is overrated and no less stressful. The reality is we all need the balance of keeping the zest for adventure in our lives and spending time with familiar family and friends. Having babies on the go is going to be a massive juggle, however stay together, love together and take time out when necessary. Speaking in truth like you have done Riley is raw heartfelt. It shows the true human being you are! Find that safe haven to have your next bambino and embrace the joy of being a growing family while also grounding yourselves to make the right decision moving forward. Remember balance is key and always family first.
    Captain Tristan
    Tug master in
    Port of Brisbane

  7. My two bobs worth.. I think the editor needs to receive credit on both the video at the end and also visibly, on every video’s description. Initially people paid Alaina and Riley patreon fees , because they were editing videos. Dave above is mentioning about raising a two year old and moving the boat etc. I’m not sure why you are mentioning raising a child? Raising a child , is not the financially responsibility of complete strangers? ( US). The editor is fantastic, yet a lot of the original feel of these” home movies” is being lost.

  8. Happy holiday Riley. I really liked this video. beetween the crossing and the alps. Lenny is going to be a well rounded individual with all these adventures so early. Can’t wait to see you guys back in the caribbean.

  9. Wow, I have watched these 2 young people since the beginning . They are Great and Amazing people . Now they have a son onboard and still are amazing people . How they choose to live and work is their business . To throw shade upon them or try to humiliate or discredit them is purely rude , selfish , and completely uncalled for . I lived with my wife in a semi running team for 9 years and living and working together in that close a proximity as with Elana and Riley is truly a credit to the type of people they are and the relationship they have . I hope they continue to sail and contribute to the world as they are for a long time to come.
    Peace people , if how they lives offends your sad existence don’t watch .
    I only wish I was younger and I would be trying what these 2 are doing myself .

    Riley and Elana , you are Great and personally I hope and pray you stay happy, healthy and safe .

  10. Elana, Riley, Lenny and their friends on this channel provide a huge amount of pleasure to those who watch with an open and positive mind.
    If I’m having a less than stellar day all I need do is watch an episode and the world seems a brighter place.
    As said by others, if you don’t enjoy the program don’t watch.

    Thank you La Vagabond crew for all you add to the world.

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