Join us for part 3 of the Atlantic Crossing to Antigua! The boys really get into the groove with some favourable weather. Safe to say there’s a fair contrast to a small village in the snow and sailing at 21 knots across the south Atlantic.

Song credits:
00:01 – Desmond Cheese – Polyfizzal Drizzal
05:53 – MaJLo – ZŁOTO feat. Natalia Grosiak
08:22 – Drop Legs – Shout Out Loud
11:38 – ES_Cherry Tomatoes – Guustavv
15:53 – ES_Tangerine Smile – Guustavv

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  1. Reading your intro – I hope you are not in the South Atlantic – you would be rather off course!

  2. Love watching each week. Liven the dream. Love little Lenny. Hope all goes well with new Bub. I think it’s a girl

  3. Heaps better yarns on here mate compared to the dribble that was spoken round that rotary table ?

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