Our Family Reunited after 16 Days at Sea![#296]

There’s plenty of free time out on the open water for the boys it seems. They’ve got some nice waters on the run into the Caribbean so they’re up to all sorts. Jumping off your floating home thousands of miles from anywhere is a pretty special feeling, it’s another little comfort of having a crew of three to make sure your boat doesn’t float off. Lenny and I are on the hunt for La Vaga. We’re racing to Antigua to intercept them coming in on the last stretch and we’re so keen to be back into the warmth, so lucky I had the Saint Lennon version of our little boy on the trip. We just wanna be home, join us as we finally get the gang back together! Also, if you’re looking for a sailing coach or a skipper, get in touch with Jack! ????? ~ Riley Whitelum: “You couldn’t be in better hands.” Get in touch with Jack via his Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/coachkarger/ OR email jackpkarger@gmail.com

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  1. Every video , people continue to fawn over your editing skills and how talented are you.. meanwhile it is someone else.. a word class videographer, paid for by patreons that is doing the work and the one with the talent… you could be any more deceitful? At least address the comments on youtube etc and let people know WHO is doing the work..

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