BOAT LIFE: Arriving in the Caribbean ??[#297]

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It’s soooo good to be back together in Antigua, and we’re gonna make the most of it. It’s beautiful beaches and beautiful summer sunshine (for the most part). It means so much that we’re back in a familiar port and a familiar area, it means we can properly relax and get to the good stuff. There are some really big things coming up for us so we’re super keen to settle down here at Falmouth Harbour for a bit. And Riley reunites with an old friend spearfishing in search of some truly massive wahoo, and we net a pretty delicious dinner out of it. Cheers George! Plus: Riley tries to work out what le grille means in French as he battles with the manual of our increasingly saline watermaker. Just another one of the hundreds of moving parts to making our sailing home work.

Song Credits:
00:02 – Drop Legs – Vices
03:22 – George Sidiropoulos – If It’s You (Acoustic)
07:19 – Lockd – Lykófos
10:46 – Jennifer Perryman – Shake It Off
14:32 – Michael Dunstan – Lay in the Sun – Acoustic
15:33 – Young Robin – Tropical Punch
19:22 – Jordan Merrick – Rock N Roll Man
21:57 – Movie Silence

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  1. You have a video above title ” what is it like to scrounge online for money” because the truth is you know that is what you are doing right? We keep hearing how hard you work , yet please tell me how you are any different than a young woman with a sugar daddy? Have a look around the Caribbean and Bahamas, there are retirees with boats everywhere.. they too eat, cook, clean and fix their boats… do they ask for money from people or do they fund this themselves? How is taking a few photos and videos, and spending the rest of your time eating, swimming and rollicking on the beach a job? Most call that a vacation.. where is the work involved? Most people on vacation also take photos and videos… to call your videos movies? a movie is usually filmed over months and the ” Actors” rehearse their lines and are actually talented… the problem is we live in a desperate world, where many want dopamine hits, even if that means watching someone paint a wall, run basic chores and in your case, con thousands of people monthly to pay for you to live a permanent vacation… a writer is talented and writes a book, an actor ( or a successful one ) is one who rehearses a character and plays the role well.. a talented photographer sometimes spends 50/50 hours in remote locations looking for the right light… an artist has talent painting, or designing… please explain what is your talent again? what do you teach people on your videos? Most videos are you you simply eating, cooking, walking on a beach and then complaining how depressed or how hard life is for you… get a job and stop conning the masses into paying for your hedonistic lifestyle.. and stop using your gf Riley to have to show off her body to keep the throngs of old sleazy men who gravitate to your channel like perverts!

    1. Tess,
      Don’t knock something you don’t understand. For the rest of us real sailors, we know how much work goes into just navigating and maintaining a yacht of this size. In order to provide new content every episode, Elana and Riley bounce from destination to destination which is not as relaxing as you may think. Try taking a vacation this year and fly to a new city every 2 days staight for a month. That might give you a glimpse of how much work they do to bring us this show. Then add the challenges of raising a child in an enviorment that can be challenging and harsh at times. They pay a huge price to live in paradise.

      As a fellow sailor who is still landlocked with a job, I live vicariously through this show and other cruising shows. I have learned much from this young sailing couple and I admire their courage and hard work.

      If you don’t want to see this couple do what they love then just don’t watch the channel. It’s that simple.

      Captain Joe

    2. Wow, sounds like jealousy to me. The world has changed, entertainment has changed with it. The technology available makes this “reality show” of sorts possible for us. I will never be able to sail across the ocean, I have a lot of health problems. But I can live vicariously through this wonderful family. And to say they don’t have talent it’s not only rude but completely untrue. I find the editing and filming of the videos outstanding and I think anyone in the business would agree with me. Give them credit where credit is due. I think you are jealous because they have found some thing they love, and also found a way to monetize it. How is that any different then doing a different job that you love instead of being stuck in a job you hate. are used to work in a Zoo with thousands of animals, it was my dream job and I would say every day I got to do it was like a vacation for me. I was paid to do it but I am pretty confident they could have found hundreds of people who would do it for free. Does that make my job hedonistic because I enjoyed it? Elena and Reilly make reality TV that is so compelling, people from all over the world band together to pay them to do it. Keeping a boat working order is a full-time job in itself, I promise you there are many days that are grueling and difficult for them. I am sure it is also challenging for them to be bringing up children in this lifestyle also, and they may not always be able to do this job, but they are going to enjoy it for as long as they can. Lastly I would like to mention that they are very thankful of their Patrons, they mention it often, and they know their work would not be possible without them. Just like other reality shows would not be possible without advertisers. I am guessing you have a job you do not enjoy and that is why you are lashing out at this couple. Maybe rethink your life and leave them alone, especially don’t follow them if you disagree with their lifestyle.

  2. Wow Tess,
    Got to the bottom of that “Karen” branded goon bag yet? 1.56 Million subscribers and multiple hundreds of thousands of views per vlog but you go girl. Give them the reality check they so desperately need from your yrs of wisdom. I would seriously love to know how their life choices have made yours so unfair. Life is short, try a little kindness. It makes the journey a whole lot better generally.

  3. Eating fish, doing washing, strolling on a beach in bikini, bringing child on vacation , sailing a boat… dining in restaurants in Antigua = vacation that people usually pay for themselves …

    Eating fish, doing washing, strolling on a beach in bikini, bring child on vacation, sailing a boat, dining in restaurants in Antigua on complete strangers money like a freeloader = Riley ” we are working so hard”

    You are lying and taking credit when the ONLY work is the hard work of editing, that you used to complain about doing yourself… until you used patreons money to pay them to do the work, so you could freeload in tropical paradise..

    People with children also work… can you imagine every parent telling people that raising their child was their job and that complete strangers should pay them to do it? People raise children and also HAVE A JOB.. they do the work, they don’t con people into gifting them money monthly like a permanent government handout.. except paid for by private citizens!

    Absolute grifters!

  4. Tess and John B must be a real downer at parties. Regular television has nothing but garbage on it. The Bachelor brings in millions of dollars and it is hollow and meaningless. I find YouTubers much better entertainment. Millions watch La Vagabond because we LIKE them! No Patreon is conned into giving money. Elayna, Riley and Lenny plus friends are enjoyable to watch. There are many other sailing vids but they may not have the personality or down to earthness that SLV has. I have seen so many places i would never have seen but SLV showed me all these beautiful people and places. I think they are better than National Geographic! So when there is plenty of bad and negativity in the world Elayna, Riley, Lenny and friends make me see something that is great about the world. Sail On La Vagabonde!

  5. Love these two sailors. We are also sailors (albeit retired) and they taught us a lot about what to expect in this lifestyle.

  6. There is no honorable man, who would allow ( and promote) someone he loved to constantly wear very little clothing… click bait thumbnails with Elayna showing too much skin… and about the only content in the film, is Elayna in a bikini…. how sad that you basically use your wife, to make cash so you can continuously sail the world..

    Love? I doubt it…

  7. Tess: Been watching these two (three) since the beginning. Yes they have a life most of us, or me at least, could only dream of. It’s why I’ve watched every episode from the beginning. I guess I’m one of those “sleazy old guys” (68) that you mentioned at the close of your diatribe. An old guy who knows life is short and regrets not taking more chances; accepting more challenges. I admire this couple’s courage and resourcefulness. By the way, the net has millions of videos of women. Do you really think a three second shot of a bikini in a ten minute video rings anyone’s bell, young or old?

  8. Ah well, Tess. No need to rant. I know what provokes here. There is this new world of semi-whorey selfpromotion, and for some it works extremely well. Of course we all know that none of it were possible without the majority of people making all the basics run smooth. We all know that the same majority never get the kind of reward&respect that self-promotion gets. So sometimes, we all get tired of getting this neofeudalism rubbed in our face. Tired of the cream skimmer minority being a thousand times more visible and celebrated, inverting their actual relevanceto all the things they themselves are so dependent upon. You need 10.000 Tess´es to build a society that can have 1 Riley as the icing on the cake. But then – if it wasn´t him, are you sure it would be you? If anything, ask why so many people are miserable and self-degrading enough to live substitute lives watching a youtube channel. It´s the hamsterwheelers who offer the pretty few this way of doing things. Rant on them, not on the irrelevant few that take the offer. Or, even better: unfollow youtube and buy a boat. Or a van or a cabin or whatever YOU want. Peace to all. Chris

  9. I think the simple solution to disapproval of the Rileys and Elaynas of this world is to not watch them and not visit their blog. Unless it’s their very existence you object to. In that case, I feel sorry you are so miserable.

    As to Tess’s definition of a “movie”… most of them in movie theaters nowadays cost $100 million-plus, and what do you get for that? Fantasies about comic book superheroes and/or vampire movies (most of the stars are Australians anyway!). So much for “real life”, Tess!

    When it comes to reality I’d rather two pleasant, good looking, young people, living in sunny, beautiful places, doing things that many of us would love to do (but haven’t gotten around to, for all kinds of reasons), eating healthy food, smiling a lot, being good parents, and making friends wherever they go (rather than killing them by the dozen without a second thought).

    Contrast this with the sour, miserable, unsmiling, foul-mouthed darkness, murder, violence and depictions evil that make up the essential ingredients of the childish fantasy movies you seem to admire so much as representing the enviable products of gainful employment and of a reality-based existence (or alternstively any episode of The Bachelorette), and if you still prefer them to Riley, Elayna and Lenny on a glorious beach in a sunny clime, or helping out Greta Thunberg, without a swear word or a gun within earshot, then perhaps you should consider selling up and moving to Tahiti, Tess.

    You might cheer up if you do. In fact, I guarantee it!

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