BOAT LIFE: Moving Our Family to a New Island [#299]

There are heaps of pros in sailing to the party. You can arrive when you want (allowing 6hr travel time), and you can bring your house with you. You can roll up with enough alcohol belowdecks to make old rum smugglers blush. We’re sailing from Antigua to Barbuda with some good winds so we should make good time. The last time we were on Barbuda, it was directly after a hurricane devastated the place, and we’re looking forward to see the rebuild.

We’re really keen to meet our friends for a birthday party after a punishing 3 days of maintenance. It kinda sucks you have to tear up your bed to get to the motors, and any time you get to one thing the stuff piles up, but that’s just another little part of life on a boat.

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  1. I’m a 61 year old grandma who just discovered your wonderful family a couple of months ago. Watch an episode or two just about every night. Thank you so much for letting me live my life vicariously through yours. Love all the areas you go, your spear fishing, and love seeing how you take care of Lenny. You both are great parents?. I did order a long sleeve T. ?.

  2. Any recommendations on anti nausea sea sickness remedies. I’m fine on our Hunter in bays and fall apart on blue water

  3. I would look into getting a nanny/teacher that can start Lenny when it comes time to homeschool him and help with the baby. Perhaps someone who is native French or Spanish because this is the best time to leach your son , they are like sponges before 5 .

    This allows your time to be freed up for the videos, maintenance etc,

    It might take a while to find a fit. Perhaps someone who wants 3 months on, 1 month off type scenario.

    In any event you will find a scenario that works well for you all. Best of luck. ???

  4. Guys, wow. I’ve never been more happy about ditching cable. I value the countless hours of fun I’ve had watching your movies infinitely more than my two decades of flipping through cable television channels. Day dreaming about sailing around the world is at an all time high for me right now! cheers

  5. Thanks for your great videos. We`ve been sailing in the Carribean a couple of years ago and love to travel there with you now!
    I would recommend a nanny as well. In Germany there is a saying „One kid is no kid, two kids are like three“. And as a mother of 2, I think there is some truth in it. So I think you should definitely get some help.
    Stay save and all the best!

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