A FAMILY OF BANGS! ✂️ [#300]

We’re back in our groove in the Caribbean. Riley has been loving life so much he keeps forgetting to take the camera! We have had a mask with a gopro attachment sent to us but it was re-packaged at least 4-5 times chasing us around the world.. Hopefully the dream of having packages delivered by drone can be a reality soon! And those bangs? I’m sorry but you may need to look away, some may find this disturbing…… haha!

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  1. I like your video and your accent when you talk, it make me happy to know the beatifull couple you are!
    Im from quebec -Canada and talk french here!wear a mask is bécame
    A big reality here, we hope it will finish soon!
    Have a good day in the beach!

  2. Been stalking you since you started, was horrified by the lack of experience at the start, awesome respect at the size of your family jewels, I believe you have thrived due to your sense of logic and your ability to remain calm under pressure. I do feel guilty that I have not contributed financialy to your family, in my defence of not contributing financialy, I bought my own yacht and stopped working my life away so that I could sail it away! You know that ain’t cheap and hope you can empathize with that choice. That being said, for the first few years you were constantly stressing me out, hoping that you were safe, especially the good looking one!! LOL . Wishing you and your family health, joy and prosperity throughout your life, La Vega sets an example of how good life is. Thank you.

  3. What a great haircut! Loved the episode. Yes, it is pretty hard sending you stuff. Someone has to come up with a solution…

    1. I have never left a comment before, but this episode was hilarious. Riley your haircut was a cracker( Curt Cobain look), couldn’t stop laughing at Elayna’s expression when you came out.
      Love watching your series guys keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your experiences. My wife and I laugh and learn so much.

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