BOAT LIFE Family Stuck In The Caribbean [#302]

We’re here in Falmouth Harbour, and we’re learning a lot from our new turtle friends. They seem to have it pretty chill, they’re swimming around so we thought we’d join them. And we may as well withdraw into our beautiful shell of Antigua while we can, taking it slow and steady. We’re keeping active though, pre-dawn dives and seeing if Lenny’s old enough to captain a boat. He’s pretty close we reckon, training up our own little chauffeur.

And we’re joined by an all-star cast of friends while we’re doing it. To the Oscars award committee, they’ll accept their awards in absentia, we’re all actually pretty busy in the Caribbean thank you very much.

Plus, we’ve got an important question for you all, let us know your answer in the comments below ?

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  1. Magic magic magic! Thank you for sharing your adventures, truly appreciated and inspiring


  2. Been watching you since the beginning. You make sailing look fun and easy , but we all know it’s not easy. Love little Lenny and can’t wait to see him as a big brother. I love the sea but could never do what you do . Love sharing your adventures.

  3. Hi guys glad to see you all together having a great time in antigua, lisa and I went to the lake montauk area and I recognised your vids there. Went to get a bite for me birthday had a terrible time camping in the rain with a leaking intex air matttress which we tried patching three times. It was a beautiful pink moon though and we saw a family of sea otters and heard a whipoorwill (Very rare) . Here’s wishing you all the best luck with marlyn and the new boat design. peace out. Stevo

  4. Just a little g’day from an Aussie in NZ with our boat stuck in Leros (Greece) and no sailing again this year! Great to watch you guys and keep it coming, we all love living vicariously through you. Enjoy that blue blue water as we head back into winter here 😉

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