BOAT LIFE: We Ran Out Of Water [#304]

Our fate is now in the hands of the gods. Because, in the hands of Riley, the watermaker had no chance. But luckily we’re in Antigua, and the community came through for us, big thanks to some locals who help us out with our water problem. We’re always amazed at the types of characters and lives you find by the sea. For some it brings out the generosity in people, others the ingenuity and craftsmanship like with our amazing friend OJ. 

Join us for our adventures, it’s always a pleasure. Allow Lenny to show you a few of his favourite finds. And come hear the tale of the slipperiest chicken in the New World, Marcel. Renegade, Rabble-rouser, Visionary. Enemy of tyranny everywhere. Enjoy!

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  1. Great video, have really enjoyed following your family on your adventures and revisiting many places I spent time cruising around in the 80s.

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