Packing up our Boat Forever.. (we’re moving!)

Moving out of home continues and just to throw a spanner in the works, Riley suspects he could have covid-19. After making the decision to have our baby in Australia, being infected with covid could ruin all our well thought through plans. The long process of cleaning and packing kept us busy. Every item we packed away brought back a story or a feeling. There’s no better time to reflect on the years gone by, the goals achieved and prepare for the exciting times ahead.

We’ve been going on a LIVE stream frenzy with all this time at home with baby Darwin if you’d like to join us for a chat. Last week we discussed everything baby related and the recording is still available to view. This week we’re discussing everything boat related; selling our current boat, building our new boat and any other popular boat topics you’ve got for us so if that sparks your interest, be sure to join our Patreon before Thursday. ? Look forward to chatting with you then!

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  1. Hi riley Elayna Lenny and now Darwin. Also Andre and Iona. So happy to see you dealing with life instead of life dealing with you. Thanks for sharing these videos. Onward and upwards. I’ve learned so much from all the stories over the years. If everyone in the world was like you it would be a much nicer place. I use to use this as my sort of barometer as applied to myself. Today I apply it to you very excited for you ! Best of luck always Stevo

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