WE HAD A BABY! (Father Helps Deliver Him ?) [#312]

Say hello to our new baby boy! 

… eventually. He’s taking his sweet time to arrive, probably enjoying the journey not the destination like his folks. All well and good little fella but let’s get a move on! In the meantime we’re doing our best to pass the time but there’s not much you can do when you’re expecting at any moment. But it’s certainly worth the wait. Darwin has come into our lives as a beautiful healthy boy and isn’t he just the cutest little thing. We can’t wait to show him the world and Lenny is already best friends with his little brother. 

Join us for a really special episode and welcome to the story of how our crew gets just a bit bigger. And I reckon it’s about time for a new intro hey…

Watch the extended version here

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  1. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little boy ….My Daughter Darcy was
    Born on this day also……just awesome two little salt life boat boys growing up together….priceless…

  2. Congratulations on the safe arrival of wee Darwin. Welcome to the world little one!

  3. Major congratulations, you two! The wife and I are so excited for you both. And Darwin is just so perfect!

  4. He looks a lot more like Elayna than Lenny who was also just darling in this. What a sweet kid. You guys all have such noteworthy cool. Congratulations and easy sailing into a your adventure! Not gonna be easy but then you guys were never about easy, really though bestest of luck and determination in all situations.

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