La Vagabonde Crew Back Underwater [#313]

How did we not know about something so beautiful that was in our home state? We’d actually never heard of this Kilsby sinkhole until we saw a post from our friend Adam’s Instagram account. So we recruited some help and headed off on a road trip. Normally around 5 hours to drive to Mount Gambier but add a toddler and baby and managed to do it in 10 ?

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  1. I have a few respiratory ailment suggestions (including covid 19) haitian bittermelon plant mix with ginger and honey. another is star anise mixed with tequilla lemon and cayenne powder or honey if you can’t handle the cayenne also Ibenectrin also regeneron is in a asthma medication. Beautiful footage of the old stomping area. Peaceout

  2. I so enjoy your videos! Take a break and enjoy your beautiful sailing family! You so deserve it! ?’s from Orlando, Fl

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