Back in Quarantine AGAIN!

Just when we thought we’d escaped a lockdown in Adelaide, we get advised mid flight to Perth that we would be sent to quarantine for two weeks. Not ideal for a family who loves to be outside exploring but we were adamant we would make the best of an unfortunate situation.

If you’d like to hear us talk more about the two weeks quarantine and travelling in Australia, we discuss it in one of our recent live streams on Patreon

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  1. Ahoy!

    Just a tiny message from a quite silent viewer, recently diving again in your inspiring videos, giving a certain glimpse of freedom, really. Preparing the mind and soul to raise the anchor one day, maybe. To entertain you one single minute during your quarantine, I decided to draw you a little illustration, hope you’ll like it ^^(and sorry for this ‘vulgar’ GoogleDrive link but I couldn’t decide how to share this with you):


  2. The good news from the US is that every state but 3 have Banned vax passports. The blessing of ‘State’s Rights’. Now, just for fun, here is your NSW official touting vax while being attacked by Bell’s Palsy from vax! And yes, that’s Bell’s Palsy, all right. I know, cuz I had it many years ago.

  3. Hi any news when next episode will be posted? Last seen was August 17th.. just wondering if anyone has heard anything

  4. Hi What is you chocolate broccoli spinach kale popsicle recipe you gave Lenny? Those look great and such a smart idea!

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