Moving Our Family back onto our Sailboat!

Join us back on our beloved La Vagabonde (2.0) with our friends David and Laurah. You would have met David in the episodes leading up to Lenny’s birth. He has been an absolute lifesaver with the help he’s given us preparing the boat. La Vagabonde has been in Charleston since we left earlier this year. Fortunately, the boxes never left for Vietnam so we were able to go through them and bring back on to La Vagabonde.

Thanks to The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina for having us whilst we prepared La Vagabonde. They’ve been amazing to us.

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  1. Are you still in Charleston now? (08 November 2021)?? I’d love to meet you! I live in Mt. Pleasant. I also have a spare room, and I work out of town 1 of 4 weeks if you need a place.

  2. I’m an oz living in Canada; was a liveaboard for 4 years then partner died.
    We were allowed to stay in the Bahamas for only 3 months; how did you get an extended visa?
    Love your journey and you guys!
    Enjoy your journey and thank you for sharing. Much love.

  3. Welcome Home as we say at woodstock reunions. Welcome home guys! May the sun rise up to greet you. and the breezes happily meet you. Happy sails! The new and improved La vagabond crew and family.

  4. Hi there guys, following your channel since ever.
    I live in Nassau, the Bahamas,
    If you ever need a vehicle, logistical / shopping assistance, i.e. concierge covid testing on vessel of any kind let me know.
    Glad 2 help your tribe at no charge other than a smile and a beer.



  5. What marina in Charleston would you recommend storing a 38’ cat on the hard? I remember you guys loving a couple of marinas. We are in search of a hurricane hiding place. We are in the Bahamas inspired by a long dream and watching you guys making your way. WOW it’s lots of work, the videos can’t begin to describe what it’s really like. But thanks you so much For the can do attitude and the passion you have for it!!!

    Any tips you have north for for marinas would be great!

    Thanks again for all your hard work and sharing your wisdom> It blows my mind that you have time to make videos / sail/ have kids and run a big crew….WOW!!!

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